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    I have seen many magnificent plays in my life, some of these are done by the professionals and it motivate me to do kore and strive harder to make my own concept of play magnificent as well. Here are my tips on making plays.

    First, be open to the ideas. You should not only going to think what is given on the situation you should think outside the box, do more than what is expected. Also, you should not enclose the idea for yourself, seek help for your members and from there try to recreate your concept.

    Second, tiny details matters. Tiny details I am talking about is not just about the tiny details of your play but the tiny details you encounter in your everyday life because you can get inspiration from there to create a great concept, I do not say you do the same thing as what you saw, do not plagiarize thier work. You could get inspirations to the commercials, youtube videos or show in the t.v but be sure to just use them as inspiration.

    Third, always remember to catch the audience attention. You could not force your audiences to listen to your play all you have to do is to your play interesting by inserting Comedy, Romance and giving a highlight to the climax of your play.

    Lastly, be a great actor. Great concept will be a great trash if it is not done well. The actors will make the connection to the audiences noy the director or script writter or any of the cast. So remember to be a great actor or choose a great actor that can internalize the concept of your play.

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