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  1. Aflowers13

    Aflowers13 New Member

    Forum Post Count

    I suppose there may be a thread somewhere that addresses this elsewhere but I scanned several areas and didn't see it. And I wanted to be sure to share this idea with other new members...

    Have you been counting the posts as you make them? Some of you probably are anxiously counting down the posts until you can get to the real business. And hey, I would to if I was able to. But realistically, unless it's the main source of income, I have to plan it in between my other responsibilities. I planned for the application... A 10 post audition was certainly a surprise to me though!

    Needless to say, I wasn't counting my posts. I had no clue how many I had made, barely remembered which topics I decided to post in (it's been a super long day! ).

    If you click the search bar, you can choose to filter posts by user...

    Lone behold I had made 9 posts! So I truly hope that my 10th and final post is valuable to other new members. And I wish you all luck, because sometimes it takes luck to have your talent discovered before you give up.
  2. Aflowers13

    Aflowers13 New Member

    Though I am now a bit discouraged because coming back today and that search only shows 4 total posts... I also discovered that you can see # of messages by clicking the username.... But it only shows 9 total.. when this thread should have been #10, this message #11 .

    I'm am truly becoming very discouraged at many of the "fast" money making resources that I have tried out. I'm finding that many of them have hidden requirements that draw out the process or keep you from qualifying or simply not valid anymore. To the point I have considered returning to traditional work. But I'll keep trying as long as I can.
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  3. yham2001

    yham2001 New Member

    Tips and tricks.. For me tips and tricks are helpful depends on how you apply it. Some tips are good, some are bad. Good tips are helpful to us because it can save our time/effort, we can easily do the task correctly. For example, in watching tips on how to do your make up properly, we learn how to do that in an easy way. And from that we can learn many things in a short time. Tips are like teaching strategists where you can use make things better than before. Tricks for me are entertaining and unbelievable untill you discover. Im just curious about it. I want to give around of applause to those people I consider genius enough to learn those tips and tricks.
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  4. vy rose

    vy rose New Member

    That was really thoughtful of you, I must say. It is good to know that I'm not the only one who has experienced a really long count. This is encouraging though. Good luck too!
  5. Alex Rodriquez

    Alex Rodriquez New Member

    Seems like a good way to weed out the bad posts in my opinion. With over four million users, there's bound to be competition.
  6. sweatt6

    sweatt6 New Member

    To be able to pass the review here in postloop, first is your english grammar. I'm not that good in english but I'm doing my best to create a better post. This is my first time in postloop and I'm struggling with my words, I even dug my chest of english words to be able to survive this challenge... Google is a big help, you can search for spelling and meaning of words you are not familiar with. It helps me a lot. You can read other's comments for you to have a better idea about a particular topic. You can also search some references to generate more ideas to use in posting. And another impotant thing is, only post to topics that you are aware of. Avoid posting too short comments like one or two sentences, it affects too much to the points. And to top it all, post an informative and helpful comment that makes a lot of sense.
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  7. April797Star

    April797Star New Member

    I am also a new member and i am really in need of extra income. A person can get really anxious while waiting for approval. But because i am in love writing, i actually find myself enjoy sharing my opinion and thoughts here :)
    So my tip would be to not get overly worried about our approval and just focus on our messages content and relatability.
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  8. MacRingel

    MacRingel New Member

    I'm a new member here who wants a legit extra income by doing what I love. Before I enter this forum writing job, I really have lots of questions such as what if I'm not qualified to do that task and other questions like that. But after I watched online tutorials and being guided by it, I finally decided to create an account. At first I got a little bit shocked when they say I need to have 10 post to determine if I qualified. As I thought about it well I guess, its not that bad cause having them screened my post and garnering points and trust can build my confidence in this job so I accepted the challenge. As I post in different forums that I'm interested in, I'm starting to enjoy what I'm doing and forgetting to count the post I'm making. Sometimes I read those threads and not posting anything cause I want to have a new learning specially on the field I didn't know. My tip is to just enjoy what you're doing so that you'll not feel tired. "Love your job so that you'll never work in your life", this might sound to cliche but I guess it's true because once you enjoy what you've been doing you'll forget about the negative thoughts that are discouraging you to do better. Plus loving what you're doing also helps you to finish your task faster.
  9. KimElevene

    KimElevene New Member

    Same to me.I was stuck on the point that how to get in there.How am i supposed to do this first 10 posts.Until now,to be honest.This is my 9th posts out of 10.
    And I guess we all has long way to go.
    Good luck to each of everyone!
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  10. evan10593

    evan10593 New Member

    Honestly the 10 posts was surprising to me at first, but the requirement makes sense to me. After completing the 10 posts, I must say that it didn't take nearly as long to do as I thought it would. It was also more enjoyable than I expected, which gives me a great deal of hope with postloop moving forward.

    In the spirit of continuing the tips and tricks, I will add another way to make life a little easier on others.

    If you hover over your username, a box will pop up, clicking on "Your Content" will show you every post you have made, along with a count if you scroll to the bottom!

    Just another option for other users. Good luck to you all, and I hope you all do very well here!
  11. jasminemay

    jasminemay New Member

    Tips is the way we can do something we wanted to do with the advance knowledge on what we are going to do or let's say it is the idea on what to do. And Tricks is on how the way we can do things fast and accurate.
  12. Digicashceo

    Digicashceo New Member

    The only way you can fail is if you quit! There are hundreds of ways to make money online. But only a few dozen that are legit. And they ALL involve: HARD WORK, A LEARNING CURVE and PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE! YOU can DO THIS! Don't give up! God bless!
  13. josborne1981

    josborne1981 New Member

    My best tips for writing are to implement flow into your words. In general, what you write should be easy to read. If your spelling is bad, or if your grammar is poor, it 'clashes' with the reading experience. If you are able to give a good reading experience, you make forums more enjoyable for other people, which is the theory behind what we could be paid to be doing.

    There are scripts which will highlight your spelling mistakes, and you can draw on your own experience of reading to determine how to make your sentences flow. Practice makes perfect, so keep trying!
  14. larrymae

    larrymae New Member

    for me either the of of that can ba use at the same time..if you want to boost your tips..just add some tricks..for instance on how to preserve a fish..dont just put it on ref..try to add some salt before placing it inside your ref..salt will prevent bad taste for preserving fish and also preventing unwanted smell.
  15. Tamtam28

    Tamtam28 New Member

    I'm am truly becoming very discouraged at many of the "fast" money making resources that I have tried out. I'm finding that many of them have hidden requirements that draw out the process or keep you from qualifying or simply not valid anymore. To the point I have considered returning to traditional work. But I'll keep trying as long as I can.
  16. Amber Cooper

    Amber Cooper New Member

    This was helpful because it reminded me to just comment and not pay attention to the count. This is a new thing for me and I was quite excited to start getting paid, similarly, I was surprised by the 10 post requirement.
  17. Goldilocks

    Goldilocks New Member

    I am new here i don't know exactly how this work what i am sure of is i love writing my thoughts and ideas and i wanna share it to everyone, this is my first post and can't wait to see all interesting facts and to read all comments you guys are writing, best of luck in each and everyone of us.
  18. JBenj

    JBenj New Member

    In some forum site, they wanted people posting a minimum of 3 sentences. Be informative, your reply or post should express your main thougths in the topic and such. First letter always be capitalized (also letters after the period(.)) and proper spacing in lines and paragraphs follows.

    I keep this in mind when writing a comment that as much as possible that don't share any links (even if its in bitly), but you can speak about the site's informations such as their faqs, their "about us" and others related to it.

    I found out that posting your realtime face as an avatar picture on a forum helps too.
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  19. bailenbutucan

    bailenbutucan New Member

    I am just new here, can somebody help me? How to earn in this site? Thanks a lot. Good day everyone!
  20. bailenbutucan

    bailenbutucan New Member

    I am just new here, can somebody help me? How to earn in this site? Thanks a lot. Good day everyone!
  21. bailenbutucan

    bailenbutucan New Member

    I am just new here, can somebody help me? How to earn in this site? Thanks a lot. Good day everyone!
  22. Eckz028

    Eckz028 New Member

    Hello sir/mam. To earn in this site you must make at least 10 Quality post at this site. Posting will automatically be submitted for review of the admins. Then we will just wait up to 24 hours for approval. Admins will review our posts made, and if they are of acceptable quality, your account will be approved to start earning points at other sites listed here at Postloop. Thanks! Hope my explanation helps you.
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  23. jonathan02

    jonathan02 Member

    I'm new here and I want to know some tips how I could earn some here, even I'm enjoying to join to some forums and discussion it was really good if someone give me a special tips how I could earn here, thank you in advance,
  24. Dexterperry06

    Dexterperry06 New Member

    Tips and tricks here is so simple. Just keep on posting and eventually gives you some points and somehow earn from it. Patience is a key if you want to earn more. There is no short cut for success. Keep doing what you want and you love, it automatically gives you tips and tricks as you go along.
  25. Kwisha01

    Kwisha01 New Member

    At firsts I don’t believe in every online job, I thought all of this are scams. And now I’m trying this postloop, to earn money by simply posting my comments, and let us see if it’s legit. To see is to believe :).
    Before my principles are, to become successful is you need to be hardworking, yes it’s true but being hardworking makes you stress out.
    Try to relax and post your thoughts in postloop. You will express your feeling anonymously. :D
  26. K1ssesW1ns

    K1ssesW1ns New Member

    I've been interested in having some extra work to do from home for YEARS now!! There are so many sites out there that fill you with promising prospects of becoming a freelance writer, but it never seems to be as easy as it seems on the surface. At this point I have decided I am still willing to try whatever I can! I have not kept track of posts either, though I do believe I'm nearing my 10th. Typing is a skill I have always excelled in, so I am really just looking to find any way I can to put that to good use! Best of luck to all. :thumbsup:
  27. HiIamHans

    HiIamHans New Member

    I am new here and made some comments too but i read something about doing 10 comments for 24 hours? May I ask if you really must to that to get accepted here because I only made 3 comments then went to sleep and made the other 7 on the other day. And do you need to post in different categories? Do I still have any chance to get approved by the admins? Thank You if anyone would answer my question.
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  28. HiIamHans

    HiIamHans New Member

    Oh my bad, so what I did is, I kinda check my account and I saw an alert saying my account was reviewed last 22 hours. I am sorry my fellow postloopers. My bad:D:(
  29. nekochan30

    nekochan30 Member

    Tips and Tricks be patient and work smarter not harder read all the terms and conditions, watched some blogs of postloop who earn their dollar and follow the steps patience is the key to this earning little by little not bad as long you are dedicated and happy on what you are doing.
  30. SoapboxMotrin

    SoapboxMotrin New Member

    I'm not here for financial gain, I'm here for recreational purposes only.

    In short: Much like Lebron James, I hurt my hand, and decided to quit.

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