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  1. Edwin Montañez

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    For me, the Tips and Tricks is important, it guide you how to be more efficient and effective. The only thing that I want to suggest is to read first the terms and conditions for you to be able to not over think and be guided for what you will do. Secondly is to be patient for all the works that you will do. Third is take it one step at a time, don't be nervous and just do it with your heart. Fourth is be patient. And lastly is to believe in your self.
  2. jodylee2023

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    Ill always check tips and tricks about games.
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  4. Xhainelarjie

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    Definitely correct! I really wanted to earn at home and help my husband in the process of writing contents that I really enjoy writing! Thank you for wishing us all Luck, hope you do the same! Hope this site would be valued by all members not just to earn but also a way to help each other excel and lift anyone who is struggling! More Power.
  5. veb

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    tips and tricks are useful especially if you are newbie like me. We have to read and follow every tips and tricks that the more experience one gave, it is how we learned and be an expert someday. We should not take for granted the tips and tricks that we see or hear, because we never know when, where or how can we apply it on the situation that were into. They give tips and tricks for free so why dont we take them seriously. Cant wait to be an expert so I myself can share tips and tricks to newbie.
  6. marwin44044

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    Let's begin with your degree as a writer, in this post you will learn on how to be more accurate by choosing your writing capabilities. from beginner, intermediate to advanced, and learn it starting today by reading through books in its every model texts and doing the exercises. Whether you need to improve your writing skills for everyday jobs, for thesis or communicating effectively with others, you'll find hard at the beginning but making those practical readings and lessons up to doing it for daily activity might help you to perform it freely someday.
    Start with deciding on much time do you have for a writing lesson in daily basis and choose a writing activity that will surely boost you up to do it from beginning to its end, from that you will now be able to do more effectively and now you will starts to build your confidence it in a very simple way.
    When you do the proper exercises by doing that on easy way will make you better at writing, from scratch to a quality writer now you will able to perform it easy but in a very efficient way.
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  7. mystique07

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    Thanks for the tips. This was really helpful. Hope everyone has some fun while posting their comments/threads in this portal
  8. Kkolish

    Kkolish New Member

    I've been looking into work from home type options for earning an income that I'd be able to live off of for quite some time now. The truth is there are actual legit ways out there, they aren't going to be easy and they are going to require real work. Nothing in life is free and you need to be realistic in the way you think about things. This is another one of those opportunities that you can grasp onto but you will have to work to get there.
  9. alyopsis

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    Ten posts isn’t so bad. You just have to buckle down and do them. It’s one way to weed out the non English speaking gentlemen / lady in the backblocks of Senegal trying to get by with Google auto translate.

    I tend to use a lot of colloquialisms and need to watch that. I like them because they add colour to language but a lot of them don’t travel. In my last post I was going to use the phrase “in my neck of the woods” which makes perfect sense to me and means “around where I live”. But I suspect to many readers it will make me sound like a gentleman from Senegal trying my luck with auto translate.

    I’m eyeballing (colloquialism) the phrase at the start of my post, “You just have to buckle down on do them”. Will everyone understand it ? I think I’ll leave it in. It isn’t that difficult to understand. And it’s colourful. And I should never start a sentence with “and”.

    All of which has given me an idea. For my last tenth and last post I’m going to start a thread, “slang and phrases that don’t work when using a site like this.”
  10. elirose7890

    elirose7890 Member

    Why do people keep copying and pasting from the dictionary? Anyway, yes the phrase 'tips and tricks' is used sometimes. I think that tip in this situation means a piece of advice, or maybe a suggestion on how to improve the way someone is doing something. Now for trick... well say you are doing something, for example cooking, and then someone gives you a small piece of advice. If you listen to that piece of advice and then change your way of cooking slightly, and then the food you make starts getting nicer... then the thing that you changed can be called a trick. Do you follow? Actually it's difficult to explain.

    Maybe this will make it clearer:
    We usually say "I'll give you a tip". We are speaking to the other person, just giving them advice.
    For trick we say "I'll show you a trick", the trick is an action.
    That's what I think the meanings are anyway, hope this helped.
  11. Tehilah27

    Tehilah27 Member

    I had no idea that your post count could be different from what is being credited to you as a result of stipulations made by the admin. Thanks for letting me know that as it will save me from worrying unnecessarily when that happens to me.

    The truth is that there is no fast way to make money anywhere, you must be willing to put in the work and the time.
    It is always important that you enjoy what you do because if you enjoy it, you will keep at it and the urge to quit will be absent when you are not getting the results you want as fast as you want them. If you keep at it, you will eventually see the results you desire.
  12. aljay2386

    aljay2386 New Member

    It will be good to be accepted but expressing your thoughts and opinions is good enough. just be your self expressing your ideas and helping others is good as having points.
  13. Cio

    Cio New Member

    As a beginner it is important and very useful. It can be an instrument to fully accomplished the work and it can be lightened the work as a first timer.
  14. bbon1125

    bbon1125 New Member


    I'm new here and I'm looking for something different and I found it out. 10 forum? Am I not mistaken or 10 comments?
    I saw some tips and tricks but I'm looking for where I am going to start? I am not a good writer, but there's a lot of idea that like to come out in my mind. I don't really know how and where I am going to start.

    Thank you.
  15. gabe951

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    Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this topic. I am a new member and I am having fun reading and interacting with the many different forums. I am excited about the opportunity to earn income while working from home. I enjoy sharing my opinions with others. I understand that the biggest key to success here is to have patience.
  16. divinegores

    divinegores New Member

    I joined recently, and already had my rating. Sad to say there is no other active sites to subscribe. Is there anyone here that has the same situation? No idea how to increase my points. Thank you.
  17. rlmedalla31

    rlmedalla31 New Member

    Same here. I received my ratings recently. The site available is saying that my rating is too low for me to add comments or to subscribe.

    4 start rating.
  18. cly1212

    cly1212 New Member

    Hello from 2019! This also my 10th post, I was anxious about my first three posts worried they might not get counted, posted them and edited them too many times. But as I go on, it didn't really matter, now I search for topics I'm interested in, and share my two cents.
  19. Mia09

    Mia09 Member

    This post are two years ago. I wonder if this site is still working.
  20. Mia09

    Mia09 Member

    How do you get you ratings?
  21. jilibido

    jilibido Member

    please!somebody! help us newbs here!! we're more than willing to learn if somebody could only atleast have the heart and ample time to point us to the right direction.

    C'mon guys, pay it forward please??
  22. amritam

    amritam New Member

    tbh i am not surprised that they are making us write 10 posts, as it is our position to write comments for other ppl. So i get it :)
  23. Teachergeorge

    Teachergeorge Member

    It is tempting to keep on counting as one writes posts. Personally i have to count in order to meet the guidelines.
  24. Chris719rod

    Chris719rod New Member

    I'm a new member not used with writing to much so I'm just giving it a shot to see how it goes but does anyone know how you get rated or how long does it take for you to start getting graded how many post do you got to put up like I said I'm new to this so I'm just curious if my writing is even good enough to be on here.
  25. Chris719rod

    Chris719rod New Member

    Well at first I made an account than I read that you have to do the 10 post thing to see if you qualify and to be honest I was a bit discouraged. Being that this is my first time trying this writing thing but to be honest once I started typing I seamed to forget all about being scared if I will qualify and just started worrying about my writting. You see for the first time in my life I happen to be doing something I love I get to say what's on my mind and to be honest it dont really matter to me any more if I get excepted or not anymore all I care about is being able to express my self and my opinion so I'm just grateful for the experience thank you.
  26. cfulton33

    cfulton33 New Member

    I am very appreciative of this post topic. I have made over 10 posts and so was surprised that I have not received notifications yet that state I have passed the review. I also used to get paid to do freelance editing, so I would be surprised if it was due to my grammar. Maybe it is my post length? I wish they had more guidelines!
  27. donald78

    donald78 Member

    You have to exert effort on posting here at Postloop because we all know at the end will paid off. Just continue to do so, follow the instructions, make some research on blogs, and be patient at all. Things will gain you the most of this app. Make some space along your way and don't get into a rush.
  28. josuel10

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    Tips and tricks is the best tutorial guide, It consist of having to know the right idea that you can possible cacth up and posess in the same time.
  29. yusufhashi

    yusufhashi Member

    Inkastoo ay degan tahay xaaladda Degmada Beled Xaawo ayaa waxaa dhinaca kale degmadaasi ka soconaya barakac ballaaran, oo ay ka wadaan dadka deegaanka

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