To Blog or not to blog

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  1. Kleo

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    The answer is definitely up to you! First, you should determine why you want to blog. Do you wish to earn money from it? Or is it really just for past time? Second, ask yourself what you will blog about. There are millions of things to blog about in this world. Most people start with a personal blog; blogging just about anything in their personal lives. But some people chose to blog anonymously. If you choose to blog anonymously, you must choose something that doesn't require you to divulge information about yourself.

    Now if you already have ideas, don't just jump ships and dive into the blogging world. It is very important to study. Learn about how to start a blog the right way. The thing is most people make blogs out there hoping to earn some cash but they don't have enough knowledge how to do this and that and they end up giving up. Blogging is not as difficult as some might think. It just requires a lot of your time especially when you're just beginning. But proper time management can help you reduce the amount of time you spend in blogging. In the long run, you'll get the hang of everything and just enjoy blogging!
  2. ynaed

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    It depends what you're hoping to get out of blogging! If you have the time and the thoughts to share, definitely go for it. If you're just considering starting a blog because "everybody's doing it" though, then maybe find another hobby you enjoy more!

    I definitely shared your fear about having my personal life so public, but researching before I started my blog, I found the following tips (I know, I'm a nerd...):

    1. Remember that your blog probably won't be the next big thing. Even if you're publicizing it, there are so many blogs out there that if you end up famous, it still won't be "Kardashian" famous. I found this really reassuring!
    2. Only start fights you're willing to finish! Try to avoid posting anything controversial unless you're willing to have it become A Very Big Deal.
    3. Decide who your audience should--and shouldn't--be. If your biggest fear is that your mom/boss/spouse will read your blog...just make sure that the content is all appropriate for that person!
    You got 'dis. Good luck deciding!
  3. HalfDemon

    HalfDemon New Member

    I understand where you're coming from. When I got involved with bloging, I wanted to be private as well and not have people (random people on the street) come up to me because they may have seen me on my blog. I'm sort of that way now about video. And webinars. Because I can express myself MUCH differently through written word and not as effectively as I would like through those other avenues.

    But, I think blogging is worth it. It's a really great way to truly express yourself and have your voice heard to the audience you want hearing it.
  4. darryl01

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    for me Blogging is the new way of saying the things that you want to express or feel about the things that you're experiencing. It can also be a source of income that you can post it online like Youtube, Facebook and etc... because the more views and likes the more money the you will have. It can also be a diary of the memories that happened in that day that when you watch it you will reminisce at some point. So, I prefer to Blog! Instead of not doing anything and wasting your time.
  5. jwlsmacray

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    Go for it! Lots of good advice on here. I love blogging. I find it fulfilling and relaxing. I have no real set schedule but blog when I feel the urge. :D I blog about whatever interests me that day. I follow lots of bloggers and they range from information blogs to a simple one liner of "I feel like crap today". :D It's your blog, write what you want. I find the more I blog the more I want to write which improves my writing. Best wishes to you!
  6. ColtonPruitt

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    I would suggest signing up for a platform that allows you to control the "Private/Public" option on your posts. This way you can use your blog as an outlet and write freely, but you don't necessarily have to post those feelings for the world to see. You can have the best of both worlds!
  7. raamontero

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    If you have an interesting topic or subject to share with the world, you should. Making blog is amazing, you can reach the world and share your thoughts. You can also help many people to make decisions base on your thoughts on a specific topic. Blogging can also help you develop your communication and creative writing skills.

    If you make a blog, you are providing information and contribute to the growth of the internet.
  8. ann2195

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    Me too I have a dilemma whether to blog or not to blog. Because I always asked myself what to blog? What could people learn and interest them so I continue to blog? There's a lot of questions I asked myself that I could not find answers to. But maybe one day it will strike me back and get over my dilemma to blog. But if you really want to blog might as well visit some good bloggers out there and get some ideas, I think I have read something that they have the same dilemma as we have right now so I think it should help us to decide? But I could not recall the site,it is random.
  9. internetchameleon

    internetchameleon New Member

    I would not worry about the privacy feature. Most blogs are not very popular, and even when they are, most users are after that content of the blog post, not the author. I might suggest a program like WriteRoom to journal and free write, and a social network like Twitter or Reddit when you want feedback about a certain topic. Monetizing a blog is very difficult and takes a lot of hard work!

    For example, I tried to keep a semi-regular blog on my website but I noticed that I was only picking up page hits from people I knew in real life and from bots.
  10. anndiaries95

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    This is a question I asked myself before, so I completely understand you. Blogging is really fun and may even be a source of extra income, but it's not for everyone. It's easy starting one, but it requires a lot of effort and determination to maintain it. However, after having stumbled upon this wonderful travel blog, I got so inspired to start one. It's amazing how somebody else's experience can be of some help to others. And I wanted to be that somebody.

    Regarding the privacy issue, you can keep some things about yourself private. I, for instance, use a pen name and does not divulge any information about my personal life beyond what I choose to share. I really recommend starting as soon as possible, because there's no other perfect time than now. Good luck!
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  11. Starmz

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    Being a blogger myself, I'm probably biased but I would say go for it! Taking new opportunities is important to making the most of our short lives, I think, and I don't see there being many downsides to this.

    I can completely understand not wanting people to know too much about you, particularly if you're divulging your deepest darkest thoughts online. For some strange reason, I'm more comfortable immediately opening up to strangers than I am to those I know in-person, though! I think it's because the use of an alias reassures me of my privacy. I think in my case this reassurance is a bit false, since my most commonly-used username can be easily linked back to my real name, but I don't post anything too incriminating so in the end, I don't really mind. :)

    Sure, it would be a bit embarrassing if someone in real life found out all my secrets and emotional rants, but that would only be temporary. So even on the off-chance that a friend or acquaintance links your blog to you, would it really be life-destroying? I also think it's nigh on impossible to go viral while you're being cautious about your actual identity, so I definitely wouldn't worry about being recognised in public!

    On the other hand, there are clear upsides to creating a blog. You will have created an outlet for you to express yourself fully, however you like. Self-expression is huge to me, and I think it's helpful being able to look back on what you wrote and reflect on who you were and how you've changed. Additionally, it can be a platform to share your writing for feedback if you are too shy to do so in real life. Blogging could also be a stepping stone to journalism or editing if you're interested in a media career. Finally, even if you don't gain anything positive out of the experience and you find out you absolutely loathe blogging ... At least you know that about yourself now! See? I really do advocate self-awareness.

    P.S - Tumblr is the easiest way to stay anonymous because you can control all the personal information you share with your viewers. Nobody needs to know your name, age, sex, whatever unless you choose to write it on your blog!
  12. ShanMichael57

    ShanMichael57 New Member

    Actually having to start your own blog is easy but do you really have the interest to continue? yes posting 1 blog is really easy but if you think about it. If sometime you'll be bored doing it you don't have to start doing it. remember this. if you really want to do something you have to have a full mindset to do it. otherwise you'll just be bored and stopping what you've started. blogging is not just about sharing something you want to share. it's about giving your knowledge, your experiences, your thoughts. To the audience which is the people around you. having a blog is really great i myself have one but fail to update new post every now and then. but if you're not like me then you should be blogging. you will never know what you want until you start to do it. start by introducing yourself what interest you the most, and what would they expect on your blog. you just need to motivate yourself to succeed on what you want in your life. start today. you'll see the results tomorrow.
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  13. marsraine

    marsraine New Member

    I started having the urge to do blogging since 2005 but until now I still haven't made one. At first I want to try just to have an experience in managing a website. But I failed to make one due to lack of ideas as for the contents of my blog. I really relate to those who said they hesitate to start blogging because of being a individual who values privacy. Although its true that nowadays there are many contents to be included in a blog but almost all of it have become common concepts for many bloggers which reduces the public viewers interests. Well, I hope I can find a novel ideas for blogging.
  14. uwichii

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    You know guys for me it is worth if you learn how to blog because in blogging it gives you money in the sense of adsense so you can make money online by blogging. And blogging gives you experience if you are an it student. There are so many platform in blogging but I use wordpress because wordpress is easy to use and I am comfortable in wordpress. So try to blog and create your own niche and start making money online.
  15. Schnoz

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    I think bloggin it's a very fun thing to do and also it can be a job,if you wanna start blogging definitily go for it!
  16. I believe you should blog if you feel you have some sort of original content that would help other people's life, either through some education, counselling of sharing your own experiences. Otherwise, the internet is filled up with so much nonsense and repetitive content.
  17. DoItDifferent

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    To Blog or Not Blog is totally up to you if you have the skills and potential to get content for your blog and if you can do that every day then you can definitely do blogging. You should have the passion for providing valued content for your readers otherwise you won't get any profit out of what you're doing. First, you have to spend some money to build a professional looking website to enhance the look of your blog post so that the reader's engagement will be more. Doing blogging can cast so much of your time and creativeness if you have those all inbuilt in you never hesitate just jump into the field and start blogging.

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