To work from home or office based?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by nanjb12, Jan 26, 2019.

  1. nanjb12

    nanjb12 Member

    What works best? Is it to work from home or going to the office?
  2. Mariane24

    Mariane24 New Member

    I prefer to work from home. Because for me it is more convinient working at your own home less hassle, you don't need to travel or to commute going to work.
  3. nanjb12

    nanjb12 Member

    I agree too. What is the best home based job nowadays? I heard about online teaching...
  4. anita27

    anita27 New Member

    i prefer to work in the office , because it motivates me for career growth , even though you have supervision and restrictions, but you also have knowledge and support from your bosses and colleagues that would help you a lot and specially you will have social life which is very important to us.
  5. nanjb12

    nanjb12 Member

    Valid point. Given that you have the autonomy on how work should be done. But home-based jobs can save you a lot of money right?
  6. djGit

    djGit New Member

    Hi guys.

    I like to work more from office. I am naturally competitive guy and love my work. It's much more motivating then at home and communication with your coworkers is very important. It is much more interesting talking on your job and see them how are they doing then over the Skype.

    Only bad thing about working in office is that i can't take my dog with me. :( :(
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  7. kimfamilara

    kimfamilara New Member

    Both office-based and work from home have their advantages and disadvantages. Office-based works gives people security and act as a reference for future promotions. Although one major disadvantage of working in the office is related to transportation, I personally view it as daily challenge and opportunity to meet other people and do good to them like giving seats to the needy. And when it comes to transportation, it is the major advantage of working with in the home. In addition to this, most works are flexible and dependent on the workers themselves. Here in our place, freelancing is not considered as worked experienced to be written in your resume.
  8. saif190

    saif190 New Member

    I think work from home is best because you don't have to go anywhere. Nowadays the best way of working from home is freelancing, and in freelancing, you can work on your own will. That is why work from home is best.
  9. MartinVu

    MartinVu New Member

    I am currently working office based. I can understand why it is important to actually see and communicate directly with your coworkers (i work in app development), but I sure wish (and am working towards) being able to work home based. It's just much more comfortable with flexible timing, no office politics and just much more motivation.
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  10. nanjb12

    nanjb12 Member

    It is actually considered to be a working experience to work from home and you can put it in your resume. I have done it. I consider more to work from home specially if the salary is good. It can save me money. But I can also consider work from office, the disadvantage is you have to spend for transportation, clothing, and somehow you have to act like you are always up and running. In home base you can look whatever you look like and the bathroom is just near. :)
  11. nanjb12

    nanjb12 Member

    And there is no strict rules. There is a relaxed feeling when working from home, no competition, no office politics. And you can go on bathroom breaks as long as you need to.
  12. MartinVu

    MartinVu New Member

    You can even bring your laptop to the bathroom!
  13. nanjb12

    nanjb12 Member

    That was funny! Like it!
  14. Sharmaineggt

    Sharmaineggt New Member

    To work from home is a rare special opportunity, Being free from traffic and crowd is rewarding. Being able to manage your time and acting like a boss in your own business is satisfying. Everyone can apply and access but surviving the consistency of discipline in working at your comfort zone is the challenge.
  15. Michael07

    Michael07 Member

    I really prefer working at home because it is more convenient and hassle-free. I don't need to wake up very early to do my work because I am the boss of my own time. I can work anytime I want and I can also rest anytime I wanted to. Second is that I can save more money because I don't need to spend a lot in commuting. It is also less stress because I don't need to think about the traffic and what time I need to leave home. Lastly, I can earn more because I have the opportunity to do multitasking work without any restriction from my boss and I can choose the work that I am very comfortable with.
  16. gobbledygook

    gobbledygook Member

    I've worked in an office for more than 5 years but I always prefer working from home even if I haven't done it as of yet. Sure, working from home has its downs as well (distractions for example) but it sure beats the hell out of working in an office. I guess I'm a bit biased though since I'm an introvert. I don't mind working alone. I prefer it more actually. I don't mind not having work mates at all.

    Working from home is more convenient. You don't have to commute to and from work. You don't have to wake up early, prepare yourself and travel just to get to the office. You don't have to deal with nosy co-workers or whatnot. But I guess it can be a little bit boring for some.
  17. Jenilynhagonoy

    Jenilynhagonoy New Member

    I prefer to work at home. I have worked for the last 10 years in an office base environment and it has taken its toll on me. The long commute hours, the traffic and going home very late have become very stressful. Before when I was still single I don't really mind the long hours of working in the office but now that I am a mother it has become very hard being away at home for many hours. I barely see my daughter and spend time with her. During school days I get to see her for just 2-3 hours a day. Working at home will allow me to spend more quality time with her and at the same time earn money.
  18. Rejoyce

    Rejoyce Member

    If I'm going to choose, I'd rather work at home, so that I don't need to brace the traffic. However, the internet here in the country is really slow and the customer service terrible. They won't take action asap. Plus, gadgets are really expensive.
  19. mariebernadette

    mariebernadette New Member

    As a mom, I prefer working at home since by doing so, I can still take care of my baby while earning. Who wouldn't want that right? I can rest whenever I want to, and I can eat whenever I feel like eating while of course still being productive. There's no need to sacrifice family time anymore.
  20. pceug17

    pceug17 Member

    I prefer to work in an office. Working with people and interacting with them somehow relieves stress. You got to interact also with your clients.

    We can't deny the fact that I am more comfortable when working at home. But working at home distracts me and makes me to procrastinate more. Home for me is my resting place.
  21. Tunaturkeydog

    Tunaturkeydog Member

    In our country, the Philippines, it would be best to work at home. The traffic here is notorious. A 5 min walk can be a 30 min drive and it's getting worse. Not only you save money on clothes and food, you get to spend alot of time with your family. Though the perks of meeting new people, brainstorming and getting involved in events are things you will surely miss.
  22. shaamei

    shaamei Member

    Definitely work from home, less hassle and worry free. I am more productive with less distraction from other people and with comfy clothes like pajamas.

    Do anyone here have suggestions where I can apply jog online? I am currently looking for a job I can do at home.

    Thanks in advance.
  23. Venchy

    Venchy New Member

    I prefer to work in my home. It is very comfortable and you can manage your time easily.
  24. romilda

    romilda Member

    I love work from home so that I can still do our household chores while working.
  25. Todo123

    Todo123 Member

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  26. vlucob

    vlucob New Member

    :):):)Working at home is way more convenient for me. It's worry-free and I won't need to prepare myself as much as I prepare when going office-based. Anyhow, we have our own preferences.
  27. eddilee28

    eddilee28 New Member

    For me, I prefer working at home, because instead of consuming money to commute, consuming your car gas, anything. Instead of doing that repeatedly, try to work at home, you can feel comfortable and you can sleep anytime, fewer worries and stress if your working at home.
  28. fadhilbshr

    fadhilbshr New Member

    Speaking as someone with a lot of experience working from home, I honestly believe there is no bigger delight than getting to decide your own hours and working in a comfortable and familiar environment, surrounded by your dear and near ones. For these reasons, among others, I would prefer to work from home if given the choice. It is really heartening to see that more and more employers are offering this option these days.
  29. quercitron

    quercitron Member

    It depends on the type of work and type of schedule you are involved with. If it's something that consumes most of your time and energy just by traveling to the workplace, leading to you working less efficient. Then it would probably be best to work at home. Same could be said for part timers or working students with a very hectic schedule. Although if the field of work involves mainly hands-on activities with corrosive materials or something that needs to be addressed physically, it would be better to avoid home-based work.

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