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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Mattlead, May 2, 2017.

  1. Mattlead

    Mattlead New Member

    Having started boxing and witnessing the training first hand my question for debate is.
    What is the best activity for a all round workout?
    Before boxing I would have said swimming but now im not so sure
  2. ron010

    ron010 New Member

    From the way you phrase it, it sounds like you're pursuing a physical activity that's the most beneficial for you. While that's a rational way to consider your options, I'd say it's not the optimal way to go about fitness.

    What's important, in my opinion, is that you pick one that's sustainable and one you enjoy. If you like swimming, swim your heart out! If you like boxing, beat those bags up! It's not a binary answer, where one sport or activity triumphs over all others. There are too many variables to give a valid answer on that.

    If swimming was declared the best of all time, and you hated being in the water, you're just going to drag yourself to the pool day after day in pursuit of your goals. Sure, you may have the grit to do so, but I'd much rather go do something that I'm passionate about even if it doesn't have as many benefits. And you can always make up for those shortcomings with other activities too.
  3. Muath Alhaj

    Muath Alhaj Member

    My favorite type of exercise is either some form of weight lifting or some type of body weighted exercise. Anything that involves a lot of physical strength and anything that helps me avoid doing cardio in a normal fashion. With my body type I really benefit from putting my muscles under stress, not only does it make my muscle growth kick into action, my ability to lose weight skyrockets. This doesn't mean I don't do cardio, I just choose to avoid it more often than not.

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