True story or Fiction?

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  1. moiramohann

    moiramohann New Member

    I love reading a book based on true to life stories, because it's more interesting more inspirational that you can adopt or replicate in your every day life as a human being, specially in our times today that there are lot's of hardships lot's of challenges that we need to tackled just to survive a day in our life, that's why we need to get some inspiration specially to those true stories of triumph and victories from some of the inspiring people that we just happened to know thru their books.
  2. Babylyn

    Babylyn New Member

    I choose true story. True story can do a stories more emotional you can easily imagine that thought in the whole stories that you read. And You can imagine that you are in the story because sometimes the true stories have a same thing that you feels.
  3. iambeth

    iambeth New Member

    If the emotion is real, I don't mind if it's fictional. It doesn't matter even if it's the friendship between a lost alien and a little kid, the love between a beauty and a beast, or the excitement to dance with a friendly ghost. If I can relate and be moved by the sadness, the longing, and the passion that the characters are experiencing then its real to me.
  4. HappyLoyds

    HappyLoyds New Member

    I like true-to-life stories than fiction. I particularly like stories about sacrifice and heroism. We can learn so much from the lives of real, everyday, ordinary heroes. Likewise, it's really amazing when real life is indeed stranger than fiction.
  5. lyryhs

    lyryhs New Member

    Fiction lets you escape this world for a while. Our imagination truly dictates what is happening. For Reading: Fictions has so much variety as we select books that appeal to us and our interest. It is more interesting with fewer boring periods. Reading is for fun! Sometimes if a book contains facts it will be boring. For Movies: Fiction is really great. You will have something to be amused of. Everything will be beyond your imagination. Love stories will be better than reality. Anything is possible adventures, magics , super powers etc.
  6. whlven

    whlven New Member

    Life is way more complicated than any fairy tale. I suppose that true story will give much better realization and guidance to a person on how to deal the struggles one has to overcome in life.

    Since the beginning, we have been brought up with those magical fairy tales where we end up wishing that someday when we are older, we would have the life that this prince or princess lived, or that someday that prince charming will come to rescue us. As we become more mature, we realize that life is not as simple or as magical that we thought it would be like in those fairy tales that we grew up listening or watching to. Sadly, some of us are still caught up with the mystic tales, using these as an excuse for all the not so good things happening in our lives – still waiting for the handsome prince or the fairy godmother to rescue us.

    In the end, it is still up to the person, but one must be able to discern between reality and fantasy.
  7. acd

    acd New Member

    Fiction, because it gives a positive motivation to a reader to strive more to fulfill his dream. There are fiction stories that you can only imagine or dream that are not in this world, but with those imagination it sometimes remains and translate into our actions.
  8. Dracindo

    Dracindo New Member

    I prefer fiction over true stories. For example, if I read about something that happened (or could've happened in real life), I might as well just read the newspaper. Fiction breaks the limits of real life. Whatever is, or seems impossible, could be an average thing in another world.

    I love to indulge in a completely different world, it's why I spent more time playing games than reading books. Because there are more games that have a made up world, or an alternative version of the real world (like a post-apocalyptic world).

    The only problem I have with fiction, is that it's easy to make up some random nonsense to get the happy end everybody wants. Last fantasy novel I read, there was a romance between a human guy and a female creature that could live up to a thousand years. During the story, this human almost died, but one of the male creatures offered his blood during the operation to save him, and at the end of the novel, they bring it up again to notify the reader that the human could live as long as the creatures. It was a good story, but this just felt as a quick moment to satisfy the readers, who assumed for 5 books long, that the female creature could only love the human for 10% of her life, at best.
  9. jamesbaya

    jamesbaya New Member

    True story for me. We live in a real world with real people, so it's only right if we dedicate most of our precious time reading about real people and real events; and not wasting our time reading about fictitious people and events.
  10. Marion102513

    Marion102513 New Member

    I prefer reading true story books because it pertains facts of what the people in the story is feeling, experiencing and we can able to read what the person is thinking in that moment that it happened.
  11. rose61

    rose61 New Member

    Reading a true story gives the reader a chance to relate with the happenings in the story .With fiction one reads knowing well that the order of events in the story is a result of creativity. Real life experience stories have vital lessons for the reader.
  12. mariskien

    mariskien New Member

    I rather choose true story than fiction cause true story can gives inspiration in life that might change our daily lives and also a true life lesson ..
  13. Kyaseyn

    Kyaseyn New Member

    Both have the same impact to me. Wheather it be true story or fiction. In my perception, they only vary in the way they are written. I get bored when the fiction is common and predictable. And when it comes to true story, I get bored when it is verbose.
  14. Misterme

    Misterme New Member

    Well it depends sometimes it is nice to read a fictional story and escape from reality but I must conclude I prefer to read a true account of someone’s life experiences.Thanks Jordan Durante.
  15. C06

    C06 New Member

    I mostly prefer fiction, because as an imaginative person fiction helps me visualize more. I think this is because of how the scenes are portrayed or narrated which for me are more detailed. I also like true story but I think that I would be more in to it if I wanted to visualize something else that is more complex, because I think that true stories are more complex than fictions.
  16. Aeons02

    Aeons02 New Member

    I like both of them. It just depends on the plot. Some fictions have very good story lines with great lessons to learn. Other true stories are source of inspiration for readers like me.
  17. heniagalvezjames

    heniagalvezjames New Member

    I love reading fiction stories, it is not because I don't want a real life situation but because I do love imagining situation, imagining while reading is my favorite part when I'm buying a book.
  18. jpearl2328

    jpearl2328 New Member

    Both true and fictional stories tickles my imagination. I'm always interested in different plot and crave to know the ending, more often than not I try to finish it in one seating.
  19. owenjey

    owenjey New Member

    I like reading comedy and fiction, one reason is that comedy show the hardship of life. Fiction book are interesting but if the plot is not good then it is not worth reading and spending time with it. But both book are amazing and beautiful so just give it a good title and a interesting story.
  20. lavitabrea

    lavitabrea Member

    Fiction is about fantasizing the things. The author of fiction usually will have a very high imaginative mind. If you ever finished a novel in your life, you read the fiction already. There are many genres in fiction itself. Juvenile, Horror, Historical Fiction etc. Coming to parables, they are intended to give an underlying message in form of the story. For example “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George Samuel Clason is a parable that teaches you financial tricks in the context of a imaginary city of Babylon.

    Fiction heals the soul. It always tries to bring human elements into the focus. so fiction for me :)

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