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what's you favourite ?

  1. television

  2. youtube

  1. ghaliagentile

    ghaliagentile New Member

    Watching your favourite tv show sitting on the couch or everywhere you can on your phone ?
  2. SabinMgr

    SabinMgr New Member

    I prefer youtube because we can watch almost everything from shows to live broadcast. We can watch videos, listen to your favourite music and other bunch of things like learning, gaming, interacting with other. We just have to search for it and you are ready to go.
  3. Iamroniloc

    Iamroniloc New Member

    I prefer to choose YouTube why? Because I can easily watch drama, anime, teleserye etc. , without advertisement . And we are updated what is happening around the globe. It's very useful and make us comfortable because even we are in our room or out off town we can watch wherever , whenever we want.
  4. Ottepp

    Ottepp New Member

    I go for youtube. In youtube you can search for almost anything that you want to watch. You can watch live concerts or animes or movies or news.
  5. Rob26

    Rob26 New Member

    I prefer YouTube. YouTube has everything you want to watch. There are tutorials, gaming, shows, cooking, and entertainment. I could spend hours watching YouTube videos. What is best part I think is that you can watch it at any time and not worry if you are going to miss it.
  6. flynn_joy

    flynn_joy New Member

    Youtube! Its the best!

    Youtube allows you to choose what you prefer to see or watch. It offers a variety of options. Same functions with the television in giving us entertainment, only that the tv generates om its own programs without letting you choose. You have to wait for the schedule for you too watch a next episode. Unlike the youtube, its one click away.
  7. A15Mv2

    A15Mv2 New Member

    Youtube is a better source of visual entertainment in my opinion. The best thing about Youtube is that you have control over it, which has dozens of millions, even billions of different videos unlike TVs which displays videos based solely on time slots. Although both Youtube and TVs may do live broadcasts, Youtube offers a comment section which you may use to interact with people online which will broaden your perspective regarding the video. Lastly, Youtube is easy to access and has videos from sports news, tutorials, game guides, music videos, movie trailers and many many more compared to a TV which only offers the videos from those who bought time slots from different channels.
  8. Toroba21

    Toroba21 New Member

    For me, youtube is like a restaurant full of my favorite dishes. I can pick and taste it abruptly. So i am going to choose youtube.
  9. Toroba21

    Toroba21 New Member

    In my own opinion, youtube has a lot of advantages for it provides entertainment, news, movies, music, health talks and opportunities of getting a job not just in our country but in the whole wide world. We also be able to comment, like or unlike the videos we played.
  10. jaymax360

    jaymax360 Member

    I like to watch videos from youtube because in tv you cann't watch the video that you want in a given time but in youtube you can watch any video you want in your on your own time.
  11. Shandy

    Shandy New Member

    For me i prefer YouTube, one of the biggest social media platforms, in the year 2016 and it is accumulated that over one billion active people go on youtube in one month. As a person who has had both cable and Youtube in their lives I would chose Youtube over cable anyday. Don't get me wrong I am still an avid TV lover but it has gotten easier to watch TV on my computer with so may options. And nowadays many people have started to make a living of YouTube.
  12. mr.edan09

    mr.edan09 New Member

    For me both but Youtube is the best for me because if I don't know one thing I'll go on Youtube and search what I want. Unlike on TV there are limited movies or etc. that you watch. There are more videos in Youtube I am very thankful to their site because without Youtube I can't do my projects in school and learn new things through watching videos on their sites.
  13. paul0000

    paul0000 Member

    This thread is much more related to Books vs Google. Televisions and Youtube are both beneficiaries. For me, Youtube is way better than televisions because youtube has a search engine to search what kinds of any videos and movies you want to watch. The most important thing is the resources of the videos on youtube at first comes from TVs. But we cannot neglect Televisions because there will be no Youtube if there are no Televisions. In other ways, Youtube contains some various misinterpreted pieces of information. So, I prefer watching televisions instead of youtube because sometimes we all know that there are some credible sources of information available on TVs.
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  14. Janine2199

    Janine2199 New Member

    Both of them are good but Youtube are more detailed than television. Why? It is because you can search the information you want to see about like news, you can search it on youtube but before they uploaded it youtube they vied at the Televisions. But we cannot say that Youtube is the main source because Television before Youtube. I prefer television than youtube because some cases youtube uploaded some fake news than television while on television uploaded some not detailed but they analyze it.
  15. JM04

    JM04 New Member

    For me, all I watch in television is news. I always use youtube simply because I am in control what type of things to watch and it's more interesting to use youtube to learn stuff such as recipes, DIY's and more.
  16. Mister Abel

    Mister Abel New Member

    It depends on what you mean by "TV". Does that include streaming services, like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video?

    If we're talking about streaming services counting on TV, I'll choose that over YouTube any day of the week. It might be the old school person in me but I much rather prefer to select TV shows to watch than rotate through new content that is released by the content creators I'm following.

    If you counted local/cable channels as TV and not streaming services, then yeah YouTube wins easily.
  17. toyamber

    toyamber New Member

    10 years ago I would have chosen TV or television, but now everything is on youtube, even famous celebrities are in it. The advantages of youtube is, you can watch for free, anytime and anywhere. Rather than televisions, it has a lot of commercials and you need to watch in a specific table with cable connection or great reception. Almost all the problems can be solve in youtube, from cooking to budgeting meals, from grocery shopping to styling your clothes. Name it and it will be there. And I would reiterate it that it is for FREE. No monthly fees , no minimum fee or what so ever. The great things is that most of the information there in youtube is tried and tested by real people, rather than staging it on a television show.
  18. Marc Blazer

    Marc Blazer New Member

    Tv or youtube? So I prefer using youtube because if I watch through Youtube I can watch watever I wanted to watch. The videos that I would watch is under my control. So, its my decision to watch either productive and informative videos or tutorial videos. Also when I get bored I could watch my favorite anime and cartoons to make my self enjoy.
    Compared in watching tv your choices in watching is limited and yes, you can choose which channel would you like to watch but every channel has a designated time of what is played and what will be watch at a certain time. Then all you can do is to wait for the time to come to watch what you really wanted to see. In conclusion there is a big differences between TV and Youtube and I recommend that you use Youtube .
  19. natta

    natta Member

    For me, youtube
  20. W130SN

    W130SN New Member

    I prefer to watch on Television if I am watching for Entertainment, although I don't mind watching on YouTube if the subject is Educational.
  21. Iamroniloc

    Iamroniloc New Member

    Tv before but now I watch my favorite teleserye through YouTube because our tv was dead. Now I love YouTube because you can control your time to watch and no long advertising .
  22. angelo nepomuceno

    angelo nepomuceno New Member

    For me there were Tv shows that you can't watch on youtube but there also a video on youtube that you can't watch on tv, so i think i depends on you lifestyle whether you want a tv show or watching videos on youtube, for me i just want to watch on youtube because all movies or video that i want is on already on youtube.
  23. prince21

    prince21 New Member

    You should be the first pick. As I use YouTube, and I don’t think I’m alone, I use the subscription and favorites features not to share my tastes but simply as bookmarks to keep track of things I may want to look at again.

    This can be seen in how YouTube creates a channel — essentially a profile page — for all users when they establish an account or sign in using their Google account. This page, which is open to anyone on the Internet, by default, lists the other channels you subscribe to, the videos you mark as favorites and the playlists you have made. Users can remove these sections from their channels, using a rather complex page buried in the site’s options.

    There is no requirement that you use your real name in your YouTube user ID or post any identifiable information on this page. But users may well leave clues to their identities on their profiles without knowing how they may be used.
  24. I prefer youtube because I can search and watch what I want like korean drama, Philippines drama, tutorials, science, etc. And when I missed out the series on tv, I can easily search and watch it on Youtube unlike in TV's. Watching on tv is so limited unlike in youtube, you can watch again and again.
  25. mariacarlapozon

    mariacarlapozon New Member

    I love youtube because of so many things that you can watch upon. It has all of the variety that you can choose from and it's unlimited. It has a wide scoop of videos that you can really watch upon that even things that cannot be shown on television can be easily seen in just one click. Also watching from youtube has no limited time frame. You can watch it anytime you like, anywhere you want and anything you like.
  26. Emoxx09

    Emoxx09 New Member

    TV in my opinion is so boring. You are limited to content that are always redundant and you always see repeating concepts always used in TV. But in YouTube, there is variety. Sure there are content creators who copy from others, but the point here is that there is variety, a wide variety. You don't get bored and you learn a lot in return.
  27. jaymax360

    jaymax360 Member

    Let us see the difference between television and youtube by starting with Television.A television (also known as a TV) is a machine with a screen. Televisions receive broadcasting signals and turn them into pictures and sound. The word "television" comes from the words tele (Greek for far away) and vision (sight). ... Computers and mobile devices also can be used for watching television programs.But youtube is a free video sharing website that makes it easy to watch online videos. You can even create and upload your own videos to share with others.
    For me i prefer to watch video in youtube to tv because in youtube you can easily search the video you like and see it but in tv you can wait for a certain time untill the that your waiting for start,also another thing that i like from youtube is that you can creat your own channel and start sharing some of the video you wish to share for example i have a channel named "Maxtech tv"where i upload different videos on how to make money online but in tv channels are owned and managed by few individuals in our society,Another reason as to why i prefer youtube to tv is because tv channels contains alot of advertisement from different sponsors.
  28. jiaan25

    jiaan25 New Member

    As a man always in front of computer youtube is one of my necessity. Unlike television on youtube, you can watch anything like commentary about certain topic or tips and life hack that not show on television. on youtube, you can find a news also and it's updated because some tv station has a podcast on youtube besides on television. All in all, Youtube has overtaken the television.
  29. Asterfighter

    Asterfighter New Member

    I prefer youtube because you tube ads have a greater reach than TV Ads.YouTube is an excellent platform for personal use such as sharing videos with friends & family , It’s not intended to sell the products and the services , It is a popular video sharing website that open to the public .

  30. StylusYourGame

    StylusYourGame New Member

    Youtube has a lot of genre wherein you can choose from, so I think youtube has a lot to offer than TV nowadays

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