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    Ever since the world became a global village as a result of advancement in technology especially in the social media networks, we have witnessed a lot of social media applications that encourages communication with millions of people all over the world with the use of gadgets like computers, laptops or mobile devices through the aid of internet connection.

    There are so many social media applications that provide communication apparatus for different people but my focus here is on Twitter. Twitter happens to be very close to Facebook, if not equally used the same way Facebook is used. As users on Facebook become friends, on Twitter they fellow one another.

    But just like on Facebook there are so many dormant friends who never likes, share or comment on your post are normally dealt with by blocking them, on Twitter all you have to do is unfollow them. It's very stressful checking all that unfollowed you or that doesn't add anything to your tweets, technology advancement have made it easier by programmers developing an unfollow application that will help you to detect easily all those whom you followed that unfollowed you and unfollow them as well.

    You can download this Twitter unfollow application on Google Play store and Apple store as well.

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