Two Rules for Successful Online Dating

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  1. Authority

    Authority New Member

    Online dating is a relationship initiated through the internet. While it has a lot of potentials, there are risks associated with it. It is, therefore, necessary that certain precautions should be taken to attain the purpose. This write up is narrowed those looking for serious partners to marry.

    First, your profile photo should be as simple as possible. In as much as it is necessary to look good, but heavy makeup should be avoided. You should make the profile photos look sharp and natural. Also, use photos that do not show off affluence, high degree attainment in education and nudity. If you want the love that flows from the heart, then keep those qualities away at least for the start. This is because most potential partners will be influenced by those qualities instead of who you are. Connectedly, when you display nudes, a potential partner will not take you seriously because it makes you look like a prostitute.

    Second, your profile description should talk much about you especially qualities that can captivate your potential partner. You should make it simple. Expressions like ‘I’m an open person’, ‘happy and always want people around me happy’, ‘ease going person’, ‘sensitive to my partner’s needs’, ‘ easy to forgive’, ‘like having kids and spending time with them’, ‘like sex,’ ‘like to cook’ should be highlighted. Surely, a potential partner will be attracted by good qualities.

    In conclusion, online dating can be fun and promising if the above rules are put into consideration. They help you focus on the purpose.
  2. lmgtfy

    lmgtfy New Member

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I've often thought about online dating, as my social circle is quite small & I rarely get the opportunity to meet people. But I've been put off by the privacy implications; these sites need so much personal information to match people, and as we've seen with Ashley Madison their security isn't always stellar. I'm also worried that the harsh economics of dating websites (the better your product is, the less of it people will need to buy) could lead them to sell this data.

    Which sites are the most reputable? How do people in the online dating community deal with these issues?

    Edit: I also would like to point out, when the above poster says posting nudes makes you "look like a prostitute," they're not expressing a judgement. There are a lot of prostitutes on these sites, and you may literally be mistaken for one. Tread carefully!
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2017
  3. cerwidion

    cerwidion New Member

    When dating online, you have the choice of using a paid site such as, or you can opt for a free site such as or Having used both the paid and free sites, I can tell you there is no difference in the quality of people.

    You attract what you put out. So if you're looking for a well educated partner, then your profile will need to reflect that. Spend some time thinking about what you are looking for and write a good profile that accurately represents who you are and what you are searching for in a partner. It's also important to upload some recent pics as you'll get a lot more replies.

    Keep in mind that online dating is a lot like going on a blind date. You will talk to and possibly meet people who are sincere and are who they say they are. But you will also run across people that are simply looking for a "good time". Always use common sense when talking to or meeting someone you don't know. Online dating takes a lot of work and patience. But it is possible to find someone you really connect with.
  4. vashk

    vashk New Member

    Online dating is still dating at the end of the day and with that said, my best advice to anyone looking to start online dating or currently dating online would be to keep it real. Make sure to get your feelings across to the other person. Online dating is a better forum than face to face real time dating the awkwardness of dressing up, behavioral changes and expectations are some of the things you dont have to worry about. You can get to the really important things like values, personalities and characters. Besides, you get more communication time than face to face dating. So make the most of it and be as calm and subtle as possible. At the end of the day, too much shows way too much effort and way too less shows lack of interest. Just be you and show much of that as possible. Lastly, be open minded. You just might get that compatible partner to walk the path of love and companionship with.
  5. Gethsemane Geling

    Gethsemane Geling New Member

    Just be honest and be real to someone, do not lie and do not use any photo which is not you. Always show your face to someone that youre interested in, its a means of showing that your a real person. Be open minded and be friendly. Always have some good topic or discussion that could help you get to know more each other.
  6. julius201

    julius201 New Member

    Sounds great! But bear also in mind that everything you put in your profile is what describes you for who you really are. Most of the people are exaggerating. If you only post a little but reliable, it could take a little risk of failed relationship.

    NOLI OPEDA New Member

    Well, online dating is really a risky selling of yourself. You are not sure whom you are talking too coz only the picture is posted on the site. Although, some people patiently devote their time searching, there came a time they were lucky enough to find a real one and end up for a happy life. But take note it seldom happened. Some were scammed and end up frustrated.
  8. lorelyn manuel

    lorelyn manuel New Member

    Online dating is not easy. First thing you should do is, keep it real. Don't pretend like you're somebody that you want to be, because that person you're dating online will learn to like the person you pretended to be and not the real you. Second is to make sure that you are really talking to a real person too. Video calls is very important just like the saying, "Seeing is believing". Seeing the person through the video call is also another way of making sure that you are not being scammed. If it starts to involve money, like the person is starting to ask money then it's a scam. Third is constant communication. You need to spend more time talking to that person and not just talking to them when you're available. Online dating works for me, that's how I met my husband. While we are still talking online, we both treat our relationship a real relationship. No secrets and lies.
  9. Taquan1231

    Taquan1231 New Member

    I totally agree. Those are the two obvious. I personally won't even write or repsond to profiles without a pic or misspells every other word in their two sentenced description of themselves. Another main key thing to me is to be respectful.

    A lot of women don't respond because they're not interested or they penalize then next guy for the last. As a man to men, yes, some of the first thoughts that pass our mind are sexual, but must we let our primal urges override our common sense and intelligence? Would you like a creep to show up in your daughters inbox saying some things along the lines of, "Hey sugar, can I be your sugar daddy? I gotta big ***. Hey, how about you let me *** your *** and even*** *** ***"...get my drift? But, what if she obliges? Now your son-in-law to be is giving your wife the eye. Oh believe you me, I can go further. But all jokes aside, the thought of it isn't so pleasant.

    As for myself, I know I was raised to be respectful, but I was also raised by women my whole life. I'm no Mel Gibson, no I don't know what women want specifically. Commonly, I do know, as a human being, to treat an individual as I would like to be treated. And, you shouldn't treat your girl like how you're treating the guys during a good 'ol game of football with the fellas, full contact, screaming out "No remorse for wussies!". Even if she may be cut a little sharp around the edges, women come with an imaginary warning label that says handle with care. Be respectful.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2017
  10. Allan Fegi Olaivar

    Allan Fegi Olaivar New Member

    Online dating is not easy, it's risky, why?because you do not know personally those person you gonna be dating. He/she is totally a stranger.The good tips to someone who wants to go to online dating is that make sure those person you are dating is good by checking a little bit his/her personal information on facebook,twitter etc.Make sure also to go on date in a safe public place like mall,don't ever dare to go with him/her if he/she invites you to a place you don't really know or else you are subjecting yourself into trouble.
  11. Romelee Galura

    Romelee Galura New Member

    It's been a year I dated online well it's difficult from the start but you have to work with it because that's the life you choose to be in a relationship. Be sure that you will be always be cautious and vigilant in chatting with someone you just met online dont give your full trust. It's fun to know someone online but as i have sad be carefull.
  12. Girlet79

    Girlet79 New Member

    I met my husband online. I was in Singapore, and he's in the Middle East. We're both Filipinos. Although there were ways then of meeting someone, most of the Filipinos in Singapore then were either too young for me or married. I have been actively chatting online and meeting them offline but nothing actually worked with anyone. I mean I had relationships with someone I met online but it didn't work out. Still, I did not lose hope and continued chatting. I was being pressured by my mom to get married already since I am getting old, and she doesn't want me to end up an old maid. One fine day, I met him. I asked him a question which I have never asked anybody else before, "Are you ready to get married? Or let's not chat at all!" He was surprised, I was surprised that I said it too but I was becoming desperate. Well he said, "Yes". Of course, as a pessimist, I do not believe that right away. Three years since that day and we're now happily married with the loveliest daughter anybody can ever dream of.

    Now enough for my not-so-short-story. I believe there are not only 2 rules but quite a few more rules to follow when dating online. But the most importants are:

    1. Have a standard. Do not talk to everyone who wants to connect with you. Like for me, I prefer Filipinos so I didn't really entertain other races. Not being a racist and all, but this is also to not waste both of our time. Since Filipinos are family oriented, I feel then that my family would accept another Filipino rather than other nationalities.

    2. Don't believe everything they say. If you begin to find someone interesting, then research more on their profile. Google and Facebook will help you on this.

    3. Don't fall in love easily. Try to reserve your feelings until you meet personally, and meet his/her parents.

    4. Don't lose hope. There's a quote in the movie When Harry met Sally that goes: "All I'm saying is that somewhere out there is the man you are supposed to marry. And if you don't get him first, somebody else will, and you'll have to spend the rest of your life knowing that somebody else is married to your husband." -Marie on the difficulty of being single
  13. kennethmargaux

    kennethmargaux New Member

    There can be an enormous set of rules or precautions before you even decide to choose to date online!
    But since we are in a 2-rule rule, I wanted to share with you my first 2 :

    #1 Never even try to go to my second rule if you only want to have your 2nd bae or if you are already committed, Married or even dedicated to somebody else.

    #2 Reading this second rule shall mean you already break the first rule (If you are already with somebody before you even conceived the thought of dating online)

    Always remember that the moment you even think of doing it is already a form of adultery to your legitimate spouse.
    All in all I reallydo not recommend dating online because it can be a root of sin if you know what I mean.
  14. Yaw Owusu

    Yaw Owusu New Member

    Dating is a special friendly time you have with a partner. There are no specific rules towards on online dating. But one can use these tips
    1. Get to know each truly other via text.
    2. Your most frequently used medium of communication should be a video call.
  15. dabodash

    dabodash New Member

    thats nice thanks for the advice, seems to be alot of work, but will surely try
  16. English wordschmidt

    English wordschmidt New Member

    I would concur with the two points of advice. Putting one's best foot forward, so to speak, is always useful until it causes a person to not be him or her self. I saw a quote once at someone's cube at work that said, if you try to impress, that is usually the impression that you make. There you have it. Be yourself. I figure if someone loves me at my worst, then life is downhill from there. As for photographs, make-up, and such, one usually gets what one asks for. If you put your nude body out there for the world to see, then you will attract those of kindred spirit. Don't expect a Mother Theresa if you present yourself like Lady Gaga.
  17. Shamimbilha

    Shamimbilha New Member

    I do not think that there is such a thing as online dating. Can't work, won't work! At least not for me. Correct me if I am wrong but how do you date a virtual human being whom you have no idea about his background except for the limited and customized information that he has so tactfully put on his profile? In this context then, I conclude that there is no such thing as 'two rules to online dating'. Let's just say, 'online dating is 'ambigious'.
  18. Goldqueenie

    Goldqueenie New Member

    Am not a fan of online dating but I think it works for some people so I guess it doesn't hurt anyone to try. I know there are people who have managed to have successful relashionships through online dating others leading to marriage. There are plenty of rules for successful online dating but my top rule would be to communicate frequently ,calling and texting each other often will keep you more interested and make you want to invest in the relashionship. Video chatting is the best way since you will feel closer and get more comfortable, also it will save you the dissapointments of meeting people with fake profiles.
  19. You should have a sincerity first through showing your entire self including your flaws and imperfections. Online dating is not all about picking up someone because we need a faithfulness to someone we're building a connection. Then the second one is the consistency. You should build stronger communication to someone you're dating with to have their trust.
  20. ianvp

    ianvp New Member

    This is very very true, spot on "Authority"! As someone who has met their current partner through an online dating website I spreak from firsthand experience that overdoing it won't get you anywhere. Even if it's just online descriptions, people can still tell, and no one likes a bragger.
  21. alaminhossain

    alaminhossain New Member

    For online dating, it must be needed to approve by you the persons all information is correct by knowing that you fixed a well known public place meet that person first meet might be a short time.
  22. Sandra cancio

    Sandra cancio Member

    Online dating
    You can look a good friend or maybe a lifetime partner but becareful who you meet in online
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  23. Sandy2896

    Sandy2896 Member

    Online dating is not working people there in online dating is rude
  24. Em Jay

    Em Jay Member

    The first rule about online dating is: You do not think about online dating.

    The second rule about online dating is: You do not think about online dating!

    Just think of the creepy characters you would meet, the dangers and the risks. There are a lot of sickos out there, and a lot of them would be looking for easy prey online.
  25. Jingkay2018

    Jingkay2018 New Member

    Online dating can be good, but also disappointing. It’s great because it exposes you to hundreds of potential partners you’d otherwise have no chance to ever encounter. But it can be disappointing sometimes, though, because some users are deceiving about who they really are. Dating is messy enough as is, but the Internet complicates it even more. (How can you definitely know who a person is before you meet them IRL? What if they secretly have a face tattoo? Etc, etc.)
  26. Carol0502

    Carol0502 New Member

    Online dating can be really hard especially today that even at online dating sites you can find some scammer. Yes it is possible to be scammed at online dating sites, some are just doing online dating to ask for money or ask you to do illegal business with them and even sexual stuff.

    But when you are nice and have patience and of course being yourself, someone out there is same as you looking for a lifetime partner. Remember we can't have a lifetime partner specially at online dating right away, you have to wait for the right someone for you it takes time and you will encounter different kind of people or even worse before that someone came to you. But if you're lucky maybe at 1 click she or he will be there.

    PS: Me and my partner are 1 of the living proof that online dating is possible, it's our 7 yrs in November.
  27. Edwin Montañez

    Edwin Montañez New Member

    This the two rules.
    Attitude #1: “I’m going to be here for a while.”
    Online dating takes a long time.
    If you’re getting into online dating with the idea it will be your shortcut to love and matrimony, it will quickly disappoint you. Sure, you’ve probably met that one woman, who boasts the story of striking it lucky with the first guy she met online – but that is not the reality for most women. If you’re lucky and take plenty of action, there is a chance you’ll meet someone great in the first 6 months. But, if you’re like the majority, it can take a year or more online to find ‘the one’. Sit down, expecting to be there a while.

    Attitude #2: “I’ll be dating a lot of guys, often at the same time.”
    Online dating is a numbers game. It’s the nature of the beast. It facilities all types of men to apply, which includes all forms of creeps, allowing them to mix in with the good guys and hide their weirdness behind a computer screen. This is something you’re just going to have to understand and accept, if you want to succeed.
    “The average online date has much lower levels of chemistry and much higher levels of awkwardness than the average date with someone from real life.”
  28. MitchYan

    MitchYan New Member

    For me there are no rules for a successful in online dating because if you have rules its like you need to follow your rules and not being yourself and be honest to one another. I met my partner in a lesbian chatroom started way back in 90's. Even though right now we are in a long distance relationship we noticed that we have common friends then we laugh and share some ideas. In 3 weeks time LDR is over i will be going to a place where she is right now and hopefully our 7 months and counting will last not forever but as long as we are living. :)
  29. veeraveera

    veeraveera New Member

    Those two rules make it sound like you should be as generic as possible, which is simply not the case, in my opinion. I agree that a generic profile will probably appeal to more people, but dating is more about quality than quantity. You just need to find that one person that likes you for you! So if you are into wearing heavy makeup, you can wear that on your profile picture as well. It might scare off some of the guys, but they were probably not the guys for you anyway. For the description I would also write something that is not too generic, but tells something about your unique personality. Even if people are looking for serious relationships, they still want to find someone who is fun to be around with, so don't be scared to show your sense of humor.
  30. Jec

    Jec New Member

    Online dating is the process of searching for a romantic partner through the internet. That means less to no physical contact at all. Today, thousands of dating applications that can match you with a partner are easy to access with just a few clicks. Given that the person you found has the right information on his/ her account and fortunately not a fake, here come the two rules that I think could probably make online dating successful.

    First is honesty. Honesty can bring a lot of comfort to your partner. Being honest can make them feel relieved that they are indeed with the right one, especially those who have had experienced of being cheated and lied to. Trust follows honesty. Since you’re honest it is very much likely that you will gain your partner’s trust, leaving them nothing to worry about and feel secured.

    Second is communication. This is not just about talking the casual way but having effective communication. A two way process—you talk and listen. And when you listen, you should understand. This is essential especially when you can’t be with your partner because you’re in a long distance relationship wherein there is no physical contact with the other. This is also a challenge because giving attention to your partner requires time. Time is only limited particularly to those who have work or for those who are really far with each other, having a day and night gap.

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