Understanding the Many Facets of SEO Consulting

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    The passion of Internet marketing The Az Code Review runs very deep in the hearts of many but when the rubber meets the road few have the stomach to see it through. When I first became involved in Internet marketing, I must admit that I too was caught up in the hype, listening to people who were fortunate enough to earn a six figure income in their first couple of months and then as time went on and I met more and more Leaders who shared their stories with me. It was obvious that life was no picnic and it would be impossible to implement the Laws of Attraction in Internet marketing without a measurable amount of time. I say this to the thousands of people who see the exceptional performance of a few and compare it their own performance and become instantly deflated by there own lack of success and subsequently drop out, and rationalize to themselves that the deal is a scam and they took my money.

    If you have ever heard of person by the name of Mike Dillard, and purchased any of his training materials he freely admits that he didn't make any money for the first three years, and yes I did state 3 years. Last night I was listening to a seminar and Jay Kubassek co-founder of CCPro admitted that he too was a failure at first until his mentor at that time told him something very simple which I thought it so profound that I wanted to share it to you and with the world. His mentor said this simple phrase" just have 3 meaningful conversations per day about your business". I thought it so profound because his mentor didn't say "just make 3 sales per day".


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