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    what is your unforgettable part of a movie and give the reason why this is the unfortunately part of a movie for your?
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    Movies is undeniably one of the best entertainment that you can get pleasure with and its hard to choose from a pool of great and meaningful movies because there's a lot to choose from but to be fair , I think I'll just choose the recent movie I've seen and its Inside Out which was released by Disney and produced by Pixar Animation.
    You may think that its just a cartoon movie but the part that I'm about to tell you hit me hard on my chest. Just quick brief of the movie: There are 5 governing emotions in Riley's head and these are Anger, Disgust, Fear, Joy and Sad. Joy governs a lot of the child's head so that the girl enjoys life every time so every core memory the child makes, it must have happiness in it. Now, Joy didn't know what to do with Sadness and with the turn of events Joy finally got the purpose she was looking for which eventually came to the part.
    When everything was falling apart, Joy was determined to bring back the consciousness of the child and let her see the joy for every situation and in order for that she lets Sadness take over as the governing emotion to the child which eventually release the true feelings of the child towards change.
    Seeing that in a movie makes you think and say that why do we always experience when there"s an avenue for us to be happy? and that what makes the part unforgettable. We need to always embrace sadness, pain and failure for its the only avenue for us to strive for happiness and success. No matter how rain barrage you with catastrophic wawter, always believe that life passes at the good end of everything.

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