Unique benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing

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  1. Rachel Hobbs

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    Before I discuss the benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing, I would like to clarify the difference between these two terms. Despite performing the same function of conveying brand message to target audience, digital and traditional marketing differ from each other. Traditional or physical marketing use print ads on publications like newspaper, magazines and printed brochures along with TV & radio commercials and billboards on the road side.

    In contrast to these businesses also hire digital marketing company in Singapore to develop business website and paid advertisement campaigns across all the digital media and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. The best way to benefit with both the marketing tactics is to use them wisely. However, digital marketing is known to offer additional benefits over traditional marketing tactics.

    • It enables businesses to develop a huge customer range without spending money to create physical presence in the market.
    • It support customers to directly interact with their favorite brands.
    • It has eliminated time and geographical restrictions for both brands and customers and allow them to communicate anytime anywhere on the go.
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  2. jeffzod7

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    Digital marketing offers numerous advantages compared to traditional marketing.The Internet totally revolutionized the way marketing was done.Emails greatly contributed to the tools that marketers had.With advent of social media and platforms such as forums and chatrooms marketers have unlimited accessto billions of people.Traditional marketing such as print, radio, billboards and posters can only reach a limited number of people.Facebook currently has a daily huge number of users logging in.They are 2 billion users who log in to Facebook everyday.Youtube has 1.5 billion users who log in everyday.Digital marketing offers a cheaper way to reach billions of people worldwide.
  3. robertrex

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    Of course, we are living in a digitalized world.small businesses have been migrated to world wide web that is the positive sign for the digital marketing industry. Surly, Due to the emergence of digital marketing now we can get each and every good at our doorsteps.
    It is also a true fact that for the establishment of a strong brand is not easier as before, now companies must have to hire the professional digital marketing company for their respective business.
  4. g33koftrades

    g33koftrades New Member

    I agree with you on the benefits of digital marketing. It has definitely helped the smaller companies get their names out there without having to spend the much needed capital. There are benefits to be had, however, from spending some of that capital on some local, traditional marketing. If you run a drop ship site, you might not need it since your company is internet based. If you run an artisanal coffee roasting business out of your garage though, you might consider using some local advertisement in order to get some word of mouth going to increase the demand for your product locally so that you can start stocking it in local shops instead of exclusively on your website.
  5. LoloyCabiling

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    There are advantages and disadvantages in both category. While it is true that digital marketing is now the most widely used strategy to promote businesses or products, we could not also deny the fact that the traditional marketing still commanding a great demand in our present society. Or else, these big TV networks and newspapers outlets had already packed and jumped all together to set up an online advertising company. There are still businesses and products that are mostly suited in the traditional marketing.
  6. Timothy Pangilinan

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    Digital marketing provides a lot more benefits over traditional marketing.
    First, it only requires an entrepreneur a shallow cost. Those advertisements flashed on televisions and printed on newspapers cost a massive amount of money in which newborn entrepreneurs can't afford. However, online advertising can be availed by fresh starting entrepreneurs and saves their pennies. Another benefit of digital marketing is, it owes you an actual time result. In traditional marketing, a lengthy period of time to wait for results is something to be bothering and sometimes can waste your done actions. In digital marketing, every means can be seen and monitored in actual time. The number of guests in your website who are either active or not, the rate exchange, and the percentage of visitors per session can be monitored.
    In traditional marketing, you cannot interconnect with your intended viewers and audiences. You have to wait for a certain feedback before embarking into a next step of action or decision. However, in digital or online marketing you can actually connect and interact with your audiences in real actual time.
  7. kendyke

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    Traditional marketing is the conventional methods of marketing that include the use of Television, Newspapers, Radios, Bill boards, flyers, Magazines etc. Digital marketing is the use of internet in marketing activities. Digital marketing, therefore, has huge advantages over traditional marketing system. In digital marketing a huge number of people is targeted and reached in a most efficient manner. One can reach his audience using platforms like Facebook, You tube, Emails, Blogs etc. Using these platforms reduce cost in marketing. Digital marketing is also result oriented, accurate, quick and it saves time.
  8. Lauren Ferling

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    The major Difference of Digital marketing and traditional marketing is Digital marketing is a revised version of traditional marketing. In an old era there is lack of Computers and INTERNET but when the technology is revised than Digital marketing is born in this new era. Digital marketing is done by best digital marketing companies and traditonal marketing is done in news paper, T.v news etc etc......

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