Unscripted television: ETHICS OR ENTERTAINMENT?

Discussion in 'Television' started by Dearlynaveed, May 14, 2019.

  1. Dearlynaveed

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    To state that unscripted television shows can be "ethically loaded" in their practices is putting it mildly. Publicizing and, basically, commodifying individuals' lives, unscripted TV dramas raise moral issues by barging in on their particpants' protection and by controlling their members' conduct—just for the reasons for affecting tattle, tears, and dramatization. In any case, are unscripted TV dramas so ethically vexed that they ought to be abrogated? Or then again, in the event that they are to remain, under what rehearses and moral confinements may unscripted TV dramas reasonably work?
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  2. cozhart

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    Honestly, this was a good question. Some television shows makes me uncomfortable due to the fact that they publicize their issues live on the screen and some even include children! However, it is a form of entertainment. Why you ask? It's because viewers are being inclined to watch due to the interesting scenarios they produce on screen. It makes the show realistic and in a way, the viewers can sympathize with the people in the drama. I think people who participate in those tv shows are asked first if they were willing to do so on live television because if not, it would be demoralizing and would break the personal ethics. If these shows were to be eradicated, should boxing, as a sport, should be eradicated as well? Because I don't see the difference between these entertainment shows. Boxing is unscripted fighting that also raises ethical questions like "Why would people hurt other people for entertainment?".

    To summarize it all, I don't think unscripted TV should be gone because it is a form of entertainment and I think people involved were asked for consent? Personally, I don't like these types of entertainment because I don't like seeing people get morally degraded of physically hurt, but for some reason, I don't think they should be gone for good. Maybe it's because this shows has always been a part of my culture and a lot of people's as well. They also help shape individuals to become who they are today.
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    Even if it is unscripted, the producers will edit it to show a certain angle of the truth but not the entire truth.
  4. cozhart

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    Sadly, yeah... We really don't know what happens behind the scenes. Honestly, people would do these stuff for money and it really saddens me a lot.

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