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  1. mazherazt

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    I have met some people who does not want to be part of the world of internet technology. I was surprised to know that they seldom use internet and social media platforms. They believe that people have become over dependent on internet and, as a consequence, lost their natural desire to do things on their own. The quest for knowledge and wisdom is decreasing as people think that they can get any information any time just by surfing the web. What do you have to say to these people?
  2. eegee88

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    Now a days, the power of technology has set the bar in communication process. This powerful tool is being used at its maximum level in terms of connecting individuals. The access to internet technology is now considered as part of human rights. However, internet is also connected in some crime related cases which the world should act immediately. In Humanity, let us use internet in making this world a better place to live and be responsible. Think before you click!
  3. zMoog

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    What do I have to say to these people? I would tell these people to "Get with it!" The internet has quickly risen to become a mainstay in almost every home on the planet. You can't even walk down the street anymore without seeing some sort of internet enabled display. What's keeping these people from diving in? Fear of the unknown? Fear of looking dumb? Imagine if people decided, "Nah, we don't need cars. I like my horse just fine." We'd still be stuck in our hometowns until we die or take a 4 month ride to the next state. I think we all need to embrace the internet for what it is. It keeps us connected more than ever.
  4. Jeff Zod

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    Information is usually published on the internet to facilitate global access.The internet can be addictive but it is also a critical part of our daily lives.Our modern lives are tied to the internet inextricably.
  5. Macqyu

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    Using internet in our technology is very accommodating and its very helpful now. We can also use this for communication and other uses. And the internet now has a big help to our country!
  6. chrischan14

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    Internet serves as a big help , other than communication . Internet also help us into search someting we didnt know , For example the one of the best search engine "Google" , Imagine studying without surfing in the Google is a big hustle . Internet also help us in transaction or in E- Shop . But let us remember always the motto "Think Before Click !"
  7. Jedo

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    Uses of Internet for Teaching and SharingKnowledge with others. The Internet is a very important tool for educators. The Internet and its application is user-friendly and make students life easy. A teacher can use YouTube channels to teach students around the world.
    Whether surfing the Web, sending and receiving email, playing online or network games (with a game console), or downloading various content, all activities that use the Internet contribute to your usage.
  8. virtualjsb

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    it's their right if they don't want to use the present technology. If they don't want to do it the easy way and do it the conventional way, so be it. Having internet makes our life more productive if we'll use it the right way. But then, it also might be cause of problem if it's falsely used.

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