Video games, beneficial or not?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by TitaniaLee, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. TitaniaLee

    TitaniaLee New Member

    I've been living 22 years of my life but not in once that I touched or played any video games. The reason? Maybe it's just out of my field of interest. I've only seen my brothers playing that I think once or twice. So in order to have an idea, I would like to get opinions from video game players who are practically more knowledgeable about it. Would you mind to share it with us? :)
  2. Video games beneficial or not? Well it depend whether why you want to try it? Maybe you’re interested on making video games. Video games are very beneficial on video games creators, designers, programmers, game betas or etc. They make profit out of it or find inspiration for their next inventions. If you want it as an enjoyment like just playing I find it beneficial also since I play some video games. It actually really relieves stress I really enjoy it. I play with my friends or going solo usually online video games. But it also have a disadvantages especially if you’re truly enjoying you don’t mind the time, it’s quiet addicting at times and sometimes I forget my other things to do. But it really depends on how you manage you’re time I still manage on my school activities so it’s all good. If you really want to try it or get opinion about it its best you ask you’re brothers I bet they have a lot of amazing stories to tell you and they will definitely teach you how to play or not if they are busy playing.
  3. Kilamar910

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    Video games, no matter how entertaining it is, can still lead to addiction. I have experienced it myself three years ago and it was like I always have a migraine and a headache all the time. It affects my daily routines, I can't even stand to take a meal. It was like I was the laziest human ever created,and I don't really want to do it ever again. So to answer this question, VIDEO GAMES are ONLY BENEFICIAL if you will be using it for entertainment not to ruin your life.
  4. MrRicky345

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    Anything in excess can be detrimental. I loved games when I was younger, I thought they were great for problem solving and generated good fodder for the imagination. Alas, all things change. I recently finished Doom (2016 on PS4) on Ultra-Nightmare. Back in the day I would have knocked it out no sweat. This last time I could barely hang with it. Maybe I'm just getting old!
  5. kingL

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    video games have no benefits only if you are playing it for a reason .. like play game to earn money or gift cards .. game playing sometime give bad effect on our life .. it is addictive :mad::mad::mad:
  6. tiong8d

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    For me, video games has been very beneficial for my intellectual capability. It helps me hone my skills in competitive gaming. It helps me hone my critical thinking skills in crucial times. It will bring out the best in you in terms of decision making, time management, and team work. Sportmanship will always be a product of these video games. Good times!
  7. Jeffrey Patricio

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    Are video games beneficial? My answer is yes and no. Yes because I remember when I was in high school the year where I started playing video games, most of the English words I learned came from the games I gained lots of friends because of playing. I became more confident about my myself. No, because it ruined my education. That's the saddest part. I think it depends on the person how he or she will handle herself on playing because if you grew up with it? it's hard to get out of it because it's very addicting.
  8. DavidH

    DavidH New Member

    Video games are beneficial and promotes better mental health.
    Yes, you heard that correctly! :)
    East Carolina University published a study that suggests that playing these regular, normal, actually fun video games for 30 minutes per day can alleviate clinical depression and anxiety. Not just for the day, but a month later at levels that rival the effectiveness of medication.
    There is also evidence that video games aren't just good for young people, but that continuing to play (or start a habit of) in older years actually promotes a more positive aging experience, and helps alleviate depression in older adults. So go ahead and play-along!
  9. Cyberhero

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    I suppose it depends on the person and what they consider to be beneficial :D

    For myself, yes. I've heard certain games can improve your critical thinking skills, motor functions, reaction time etc but the reason I find them beneficial is rather simpler, I enjoy them.

    If there is something I derive enough enjoyment from (of course if it isn't too damaging in other ways) I consider it beneficial, it doesn't always need to lead towards some extrinsic goal, life is too short for that. For me video games are one of the most enjoyable and varied forms of entertainment, they can be great for telling amazing stories, strategic gaming and so much more. Of course engaging in them excessively can be harmful but that's the case with almost everything.
  10. polaris

    polaris New Member

    Some experts say, if you are playing video games it would give better benefits to motor skills of the brain and it also gives alertness of a person whose playing video games and more active.
  11. JBenj

    JBenj New Member

    In animals, playing games to their siblings and parents trains their hunting skills
    surely to human, playing video games will also simulates training, but too much
    means bad...
  12. Darkf11

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    Hi I'm Faraad
  13. Darkf11

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    I would say that video games is not beneficial due to the fact that you are wasting your time. Where in that time you could be doing something con constructive
  14. Darkf11

    Darkf11 New Member

    The good thing about playing video games is that it's a good way to pass time.

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