Video games or outdoor games?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Meshack Bwoyele Keya, Jul 10, 2018.


What do you choose between video and outdoor games?

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  1. I do not know which to choose. One spoils the eyes and make you lazy. The other makes you exercise and keep fit. I do not know what to choose.

    Long time ago there were no video games. We danced in the village square and played games. There was tug-of-war, hide and seek and many others. Laughter was great and we looked young and healthy. Between video games and indoor games, it is hard to choose the better one.

    Video games are digital. They show how civilized we are. We do not get dirty and we are always indoors. We may look somehow gloomy and zombie-like but it is enjoyable.
    Do not laugh at me because am pale with sunken eyes. I will soon refresh up. I played my favorite video game the whole night. I do not know what to choose between video and outdoor games.

    Choose for me my dear friend. Which one is better between video games and outdoor games!
  2. Millen

    Millen New Member

    Despite living in a world of technology, my vote will always go to outdoor games. Don't get me wrong, I also enjoy playing video games but there's something amazing about playing under the heat of the sun and interacting with playmates that are real. There's something about the sweat that trickles down your neck while playing basketball or the squeal you made when your teammates tackled you on the mud right after you scored a goal, resulting a victory for your team. There's more to explore and experience when you choose to play outdoors because we're talking about engaging in real life situations, not just interacting on computer screens. A whole new world outside your house is waiting up for you to explore and life does not merely revolve on computer nowadays just because the world we're living right now is full of technology and besides, that's the point. We already forgot what's life outside computer screens and the pure happiness of playing outdoor games.
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  3. enchongrenz

    enchongrenz New Member

    I like video games a lot, actually I'm an online gamer and I'm pretty good at it. But as I grow older I realized that outdoor games is more important, I realized that I'm gaining weight and by doing outdoor games like for example: basketball, tennis and other physical activities will help me loss weight.
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  4. zgecolea1797

    zgecolea1797 New Member

    I really like both. I don't know what to picked so I would say both. Video games are pretty good especially when raining because obviously, you cannot play outdoor when raining. Outdoor games are pretty good because it gives you the exercise you need.

    There are benefits of playing video games. Video games make us relax. We can also socialize to other people like when playing outdoor games. It also stimulates our brain and help us to think faster. There is a different world now where video games are very popular. They also said that playing video games can make autism gone or reduced. There are surely benefits of video games. I could not name all of it but these are some examples.

    There are also benefits of playing outdoor games. Exercise is one of the clear benefit of it. It really helps our body to function well. Playing outdoor will also help you to open your knowledge on what is happening in the real world. Being in the outdoor will help you seek a lot of knowledge.
  5. Allyzza1125

    Allyzza1125 New Member

    In the modern world where we live today, it is more important for us to play outdoor games. Playing outdoor is like an exercise for us, it strengthens our body, it boosts our thinking skills, creative skills, physical skills, emotional, and social aspects of our mind and body. It also enables us to enjoy the natural environment and learn to take care of it. You can make a lot of friends in playing outside, and friends also help you a lot. Playing outdoor will gain you more knowledge and wisdom, knowledge and wisdom that you use to cope in this world.
  6. Kenneth Pangilinan

    Kenneth Pangilinan New Member

    Well personally i like outdoor games. More importantly if this question is going to implement to children now a days because growing up in a video game or virtual game comparing to a actual game that held in outdoor the difference is very big. Well if a child grow up playing outdoor games there's so many skills that the child may developed. Like the motor skills and also the communication skills on their playmate personally also the coordination. Unlike the virtual one the child may be grow introvert or shy because the communication skill or to talk somebody personally is not developed on a their young ages that's i like outdoor games.
  7. rayangelo_laylo

    rayangelo_laylo New Member

    It is very hard to choose from those two since I play outdoor sports and I love to play video games. But I found one thing that made one stand out from another is that it gives health benefits that is why I'm going to choose outdoor games over video games. Well as you can see, as our generation pass by, more and more people get obese due to lack of eating healthy foods and lack of exercise. One factor is Video games since most gamers tend to chips and drink sodas while playing games and these types of food are very high in calories. It could lead to several health issues which is not very great for one's health. Even though there are some benefits playing Video games, it could not really stand out with what benefits outdoor games have. I mean the whole body is getting worked in doing outdoor games, It can help the heart and the whole body of a person be healthy since we need to exercise daily and outdoor games is one sort of exercise. That is why i choose outdoor games over video games.
  8. Azkielt

    Azkielt New Member

    I like more play video games, even though I do eseptions, I prefer to play soccer with my friends than to play FIFA or another soccer game, I would like to play airsoft someday but I do not think I would exchange it for shooters games.
    Video games have great advantages for our mind, they develop perseverance, mental agility, logical rasonamiento, reflexes and can improve relationships with other people in online games such as World of Wacraft.
    The games outside improve our physical aspects but for that I go to a gymnasium since I really like to do exercises with weights.
  9. Johnnydoe

    Johnnydoe New Member

    Not falling in line with the majority is what I strive for. Playing video games for me is something more alluring than playing outside games. I am assuming you mean outside games and not sports because if sports, I would still choose video games, it is just I wouldn't be so against it. Outdoor games I assume are things like jumping rope, throwing a frisbee, and the like. I'm of generation Z so my technology and I are of one entity and it goes where I go and if it doesn't go then I stay lol. The reason for that is probably that the digital games have matured to a point where it is just significantly more interesting than most games you play outside and you can generally find a digital simulation equivalent to anything you would do outdoors. Did you know that video games have become one of the biggest media revenue outlet as of 2018 earning over 100 billion in just 2017 alone? That just goes to prove that video games just have that element that real life can never have due to physics, rules, physical limitations, and many other factors. TL;DR Video games rule, outdoor games can't compare anymore and are soon to become obsolete.
  10. justmegwapo

    justmegwapo New Member

    outdoor games that i choose because it helped our body to be healthy and unpredictable and you also have many friend in real life
  11. casnik28

    casnik28 New Member

    I'd prefer to choose outdoor games, I grew up in a time where video games is not that popular. Playing outdoor games with your friends and relatives is much more exciting than playing video game because it will not just help your body to be healthy but it will create a greater bonding with your love ones.

    So that's the reason why I'd prefer playing outdoor games rather than video game.
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  12. Johnwill01

    Johnwill01 New Member

    I really love how you categorized those two. We need these to kinds of games. The one game enhances our mentality and the other one enhances our physicality.
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  13. jb16z

    jb16z New Member

    Good day fellas! I voted for video games. However, I really wanted to vote for both video games and outdoor games, why not? Life would be better if it is balance, right? Having the time playing your favorite video games and at the same time making sure that your making is doing good. Just make sure guys that you are also taking care of your body because you can not be the best on what you are playing, if your body is not feeling good.
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