Violence in video games

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by annie2911, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. annie2911

    annie2911 New Member

    It is not a lie that human beings are influenced, directly or indirectly, by the activities they perform, by their habits and hobbies. The topic that draws my attention today is violence in video games.
    Games with violent material are very popular in the world, and I dare say they are even fun, but do they encourage violence? Is it possible that they negatively influence the behavior of some people?
    I'd like to read your opinions.
  2. Nico2017

    Nico2017 New Member

    Yes I think it really affects the person because when you play Violent and bloodier video games you are exposed to aggressive feelings, you tend to imitate and what you see on the video game, You learn to use the violence to solve all your problems, it affects the emotional part because it becomes you on an anxious person with anger problems, when you play this you have an excitation state and you can have changes in your body, It also teaches kids how to use weapons.
    A lot of this problems doesn't appear immediately it takes a time to see the damages. I do not agree with this video games I prefer the educational games. I like some violent games but i didn't play it too much.
  3. tishirak

    tishirak New Member

    Actually, yes. Of course it depends in the mental state of the person. I mean, logically, kids will get easly influenced by violence if they get exposed to it. Also, an adult with tendency to be unstable or agressive is also easily influenced.
    I think videogames must be played under supervision and i highly support the fact that videogames are rated so the people who buy them get to know if the person who will play the game is mature enough the understand and face the content without being affected.
  4. Serbjit Kang

    Serbjit Kang New Member

    Well I have played games for over 20 years and I would say from personal experience no they don't make you violent. I would never go around shooting people or anything else that is just stupid. It's a GAME. However I do think that the violence in video games has made me desensitized to violence. Thing I know logical to be bad and I should be upset about it just makes me feel meh and I carry on not giving it another thought. Or maybe it might be because we lived in a messed up world.

    I do think that games should have an age restriction on them and it should be enforced. This one is the fault of the parents, people need to learn to say no to their kids.

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  5. ergeiz1

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    I've been playing video games for a while and I'd say the bloodier ones are more interesting, they take up my time more. Now having said that i still don't think they can influence your behavior. That still depends on the persons state of mind while playing or reason for playing. Some people play violent games to relieve stress etc.

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