Wanting to write a webcomic but I suck at drawing.

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by arannpilande123, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. arannpilande123

    arannpilande123 New Member

    It would be cool if someone out here could help me out.
  2. LiaPalasin26

    LiaPalasin26 New Member

    Practice makes perfect, there are lots of comic creator who just improved their drawing skills thru time. Even if you only can draw stick figures, you can make a fantastic comic and tell stories. The web comic hero Xkcd is an example of that. Grab a notebook and start writing short stories first and make thumbnails how you would put them into one page. Comics have a rhythm how a story build up. There is no algorithm to learn it other then trying and playing with time and the relationship between panels. In stead of looking at the art in your favorite comic books read them different. Which shots where used? What techniques the artist used to speed up or slow down time in the story? How do the different panels on the page relate to each other? Try these tricks in your own stories.

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