Waste of time or not?

Discussion in 'Television' started by cabanatanjr_d, Mar 15, 2018.

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    Television is really part of our daily lives. Back to our past, there is no television but they are happy. We used our spare time in watching television. The good thing about television is we can use it for entertainment. The person who is a discipline knows to limit and use television for productivity. News is the main purpose why most adults watch television. We can admire them because we learn something of current events, dollars exchanges, etc. Science channels is also a good way to gather information and use it for studies. Lastly, waste of time or not? It depends to a person if he/she will use television to waste his/her time or not.
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    I think that entertainment TV shows are a waste of time but News Channels are not. Entertainment channels tend to show false realities and give people unrealistic ideas of what life should be like. I don't think that you get any useful knowledge or experience from these channels which intern makes it a waste of time. News Channels on the other hand aren't a waste of time because they keep you up to date on world and community issues. These channels can actually benefit you with knowledge.
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    Some times not. If you watching a news or a educational program watching tv is not a waste time because you learn something in that way. But if you addicted to something in the tv show or what and you time is not productive that's bad and you wasting your time.
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    Well I can definitely say that watch television is a massive waste of time and money..especially the cable when there is kodi or Netflix. The things you can accomplish are worth a much more, instead of speeding time hypnotized for hours is incredibly disabling, basically if you cut down even one hour of television a day .. eventually adds up to seven hours a week where you can focus on your passions like art, music, sport.. what you can ecomplish in those 7 hours might just be worth giving up that one hour a day of television. I personally stopped watching completely in order to focus on my business and on my passions in life as well as my self . Some time I watch just to rest but I can definitely say that I have become much more productive and have ecomplished so much more with my valuable time.
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    Television is one of the most important inventions of the century. Almost everyone owns a T.V set at home today. Be it educational or entertainment, life would be so boring without one these days.
    First of all, thanks to television we have the latest info of what is happening around the world without leaving home. In fact, television has also made learning at home possible because some T.V stations dedicate their programs to specific interest.
    A further advantage is that old people living alone find television a very good company.Television nevertheless remains one of the most interesting inventions. Carefully controlled viewing makes it an indispensable instrument in our daily lives otherwise, it can turn to an addiction with harmful consequences.

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