Watching movies online or going to cinema?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by RisaMy, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. RisaMy

    RisaMy New Member

    Watching movies on the big screen with well surrounded sound is a good way to unwind and forget about the stress we are getting from our day to day job. We even get very excited to go out and see the movie together with our colleagues and friends and arrange a good movie date with our loved ones perhaps.

    But, apart from all of these we can't also ignore the rising trend of watching movies through Netflix at the comfort of your own home or anywhere at your convenience. We can't deny that nowadays, some people tend to avail this kind of movie online streaming because it is cheap you only have to pay it in monthly basis and watch as many movies as you want, it gives you more privacy and other people may find it more convenient in terms of time availability.

    Well, for me, I personally still prefer to go to the cinema. Reason being is that, you always get a different kind of feeling and experience. Yeah! love it watching together with my family! it always get me that kind of excitement.. Lol
  2. jack18

    jack18 Member

    I watch a movie at home, you miss out on the “Cinema/Theater” experience. You don’t get the floor-to-ceiling length movie screen, you don’t get the eardrum shattering surround-sound, you don’t get the over-priced buttered popcorn, slushie, and other famed snacks, you don’t get to hear the reactions of strangers who are also watching the movie, you don’t get to experience the movie with strangers, and you don’t get to see the movie while it is “new”. But, that’s about it as far as “missing out” is concerned..
  3. Aranell

    Aranell New Member

    It all depends on what movie it is and how eager I am to see it. If it's the latest sequel to a franchise I've been a Fan of for years, and I'm not able to see it in the cinema, I will most definitely watch it online at home.

    That's not to say that I don't love seeing movies in the theater the complete silence the gasps and laughs from people around me it's great.
  4. I prefer watching online its because you can save money and you can watch it anytime and anywhere u you want.
  5. Tendz

    Tendz New Member

    I like watching movies online more than going to the cinema. It's more convenient, I can play and pause the movie anytime, there is no distraction from other people, and it's more comfy at my home.
  6. AvadaObscura

    AvadaObscura New Member

    I prefer going to the cinema, especially in the opening days of major films. I truly enjoy hearing the reactions of others when we all react to whatever is happening on the screen. I feel having that kind of environment really makes you feel like you're part of the experience that the movie is trying to offer. However, if I've already experienced the movie in-person, then I have no problem with watching it online from home.
  7. Moni

    Moni New Member

    On the one hand,I would like to go to the cinema to watch the latest movies with my familly or friends to have a good time together,but on the other hand,I would like to watch movies at home too because I can save some money and I can wear everything.
  8. Flamelily

    Flamelily New Member

    It depends really, I love going to the cinema with a group of friends as watching the film on a big screen, being part of the audience, and discussing the film at interval while buying your popcorn is all part of the experience and enjoyment of a day or night out. If I am with my partner then I enjoy a night in with an online movie, where we can get comfortable, stretch out and snuggle and choose the film that appeals to us both, also the fact you can change the film should you not be enjoying it, is also appealing.
  9. melvinjavate

    melvinjavate New Member

    it depends. Sometimes i watch thru online if i don't have enough money to buy a ticket. But if i can watch it on cinema, I prefer to watch it on cinema because you will literally feel the movie and enjoy it.
  10. alan.e.o

    alan.e.o New Member

    I love going to the theater to see new movies, especially if they have epic scenes. Experiencing a movie on the big screen with pro sound can't be matched at home. Unfortunately, movies are so expensive now that I usually wait to them to come out online and watch them at home. For me, the convenience and choice of online movies has trumped the superior experience of theaters.
  11. leonkilat21

    leonkilat21 New Member

    I really prefer to watch movies on cinemas because of the surround sound but if I am low on cash I will just wait for it to come out online then watch it. There are some sites that have HD quality movies that I can watch for free, so it is still worth the wait.
  12. Stanido

    Stanido New Member

    They are 2 different experiences and it really depends what I am in the mood for. Streaming allows me to stay home and curl up, but the movies is a more social affair. I don't laugh at jokes when I'm at home, but at the cinema I find myself roaring with laughter. Sometimes I find this disturbing. We are sheep.
  13. althealoui03

    althealoui03 New Member

    I usually movies online, although It takes a few months to get a movie with high quality the wait is worth it. I can watch it in bed with my computer and play a lot of movies until I fell asleep, the best way to spend weekends.
  14. joybitzee

    joybitzee New Member

    I prefer watching movies on cinema rather than watching online if I have an extra budget for it. Its more fun and more relaxing and it is also a way to get away of stress from work & home. Going out for cinemas makes me and my family have a bonding moments together. It is also the best bonding moment or date a couple may have.
  15. netherwin

    netherwin New Member

    i prefer the cinema because i get much more draw into the movie. at home i am often distracted, by my phone or things happening around me. in the cinema i get to relax and focus on the movie. recently i saw the action movies mission impossible fallout and the equalizer 2, even though i would never watch any action movie at home i did enjoyed them in the cinema.
  16. andras.nagy

    andras.nagy New Member

    I think these two things are almost completely separate these days. I usually go to the cinema to meet up with one of my friends or if there is a new movie that I'm actually interested in (happens very rarely). Watching movies online has truly become the norm not just because of netflix but because of all the torrenting sites and low quality online uploads.
  17. Brye

    Brye New Member

    Provided that the movie house is a high quality, state of the art theater, then it is still the best way to watch a movie. Going to places like these are supposed to transport you to the time and setting of the movie you are watching. Watching it on a smartphone cannot do the same thing. Moreover, watching on a smartphone while on the go is incredibly distracting and is quite dangerous specially that you are out on the road while watching it. But if you have a dedicated room in your house, and you happen to own a 65 inch 4k OLED television with matching surround sound via an expensive home theater system, then that is the ultimate way of watching a movie. You will never have to leave the house if you happen to have those.
  18. jpearl2328

    jpearl2328 New Member

    I used to love watching movies in cinema when I was still single, normally with friends and later on with my boyfriend. My preference shifted the moment I have kids. The only time I got to watch movies in theaters are those occasions when there's new animated/cartoons for kids. It became movie and family time for us, but no regrets, I enjoyed spending time with my kids especially now that they're still young. If I want to watch movies of my own choice, that's were online viewing comes in.
  19. pen

    pen New Member

    for me it depends, if who ever you to get together to go on some hangouts staffs, because if my family get together well decide to go watch at home and spend more time to bonding, well if my friends there they decided to go to cinema .. well for me offcourse..
  20. yuri_nagashita

    yuri_nagashita New Member

    My family loves to watch and we often visit the cinema. So we decided to make our room a mini theater or cinema. Now we got the ambiance of cinema in our mini cinema in the house. Using online movies connected to chrome cast with popcorn, fries, hotdogs and cold drinks on the side. Aside from the fact that it's a way of having a great time with your family and friends, it saves us money.
  21. theresajane

    theresajane New Member

    Watching movies alone is what I prefer more than going to cinemas and see the movie with a lot of people. Especially when it is a Marvel movie. I understand that there are millions of Marvel fans around the world, and that includes me. However, when I go to cinemas, aside from the voices of the heroes, villains and screams from people in distress. I hear a lot of murmurs from self-proclaimed Marvel gurus. I'm not against people sharing a lot of information from Marvel, but most people do it in cinemas. They should understand that you go to cinemas to see a movie, not talk about the movie.

    My experience may not occur in your country, but here in our City, it is so common and if you were an ordinary moviegoer, you'll get annoyed. However, I do not totally abhor them. I would prefer talking to Marvel fanatics after watching the movie.

    On the other hand, I prefer going to cinemas to see horror movies. It may sound cowardly, but I feel secured when I see the movie with friends and with a lot of people. I prefer to scream with them than to scream alone or at home. Also, that receding fear when you know that someone's with you through the fear, that's what I feel when I see horror movies in cinemas.
  22. iwannester

    iwannester New Member

    it depens on your current mood and your company, to my mind. I usually prefer online watching.
  23. jimmycrickett99

    jimmycrickett99 New Member

    I really only go to the Cinema if I have people to go with, Which is basically never so I watch 90% of my movies online. the only time I'll go out to see a movie by myself is if its one of the Star Wars movies, one of the Fast and Furious movies, or a really really interesting Disney movie. Other than those there are a few I watched alone but they weren't as fun as when I got my friends and took them with me.
  24. Zircrenzo

    Zircrenzo New Member

    I prefer watching online because watching in the cinemas adds to the expenses. But if the movies have extraordinary visual effects, I would watch it in the cinema.
  25. kacchako143

    kacchako143 New Member

    I think I prefer watching in cinemas however due to I am a student and I don't have the capacity to enjoy my allowance in that then I have no choice but to watch the movies online. I really enjoy watching in cinemas like I feel that I am inside the film. I also love watching and then you feel relaxed because of the cold breeze of aircon in your body. And you shouldn't miss a popcorm in your side that is the ideal watching a cinema.However,if you don't have money like me then we have no choice but to watch online.
  26. ridgeword

    ridgeword New Member

    I prefer watching horror movies in Cinema than in my small screen. Though I didn't like it when some people do get to there seats a bit late and blocks your watching view. When it comes to romance or other movie genre, I would rather watch them in the comforts of my home (it's easy crying yourself down there too). I get too engross to the movie I watch most of the time. For those Marvel or Superhero Movies, I'd rather watch them on on IMAX. Yes, it's expensive, but totally worth it!
  27. imsoooshai

    imsoooshai Member

    Watching movies online is good when you are short of budget or saving. But it is more fun watching in a cinema with friends especially when the genre is horror. It is so exciting to be scared and shout with your friends and laugh after. But if you have no budget you can watch movies online with your friends too. We do that a lot in college at our dormitory. It was really fun and exciting.
  28. rorbu

    rorbu New Member

    I much prefer watching movies online at home over going to the cinema. The cinema is expensive, smelly and noisy. Whereas, at home you can watch movies for $9 a month on Netflix. Furthermore, you are in the comfort of your own home, so you can wear comfy clothes and sit back and relax. To add to this, I have a weak bladder so I constantly need to pee, at home I am able to pause and unpause a movie, whereas at the cinema I have to sprint down the stairs all the way to an unclean toilet.
  29. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Member

    If it's a blockbuster movie then it's off to the cinema for me but if it's not then i'll just opt to stream it at home.
  30. postermichelle

    postermichelle New Member

    I used to be a big fan of the cinema, but lately I prefer to watch them at home for a variety of reasons. I can stream movies at home and make my own snacks at a fraction of the cost. I can lay on my couch, cuddled up with my cat and a blanket. There are no strangers to share an armrest with, nobody talking during the movie, and no line for the bathroom. The best part is that when the movie is over, I am already home.

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