Watching movies with or without girlfriend.

Discussion in 'Movies' started by apolinske28, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. apolinske28

    apolinske28 New Member

    What do you prefer, and why, when it comes to watching movies with your girlfriend or wife at home? In a movie theater, because other people are around, couples tend to keep their chatter down, but at home it is different. Would you prefer to watch a movie alone, or does it seem like you have to explain the movie too much if you watch it with a girlfriend?
  2. Salamentor

    Salamentor New Member

    Well I like watching with my girlfriend so we can share different perspective and I also love looking at her eyes whenever she feels a certain emotional connection to the movie. It is beautiful.
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  3. vivekvalsan

    vivekvalsan New Member

    For me its with my girlfriend. The best part is she comes along with me even if she doesnt like the genre of the movie. Its the same with me. So there is lot of love and understanding which comes along with it as we accompany each other even with our differences in taste of movie
  4. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    It depends. If it is something that we both like then we go together. It makes it more enjoyable. If it is something I like but she doesn't then I go alone. She understands and I would do the same for her.
  5. bnjgzmn

    bnjgzmn Member

    I suggest that you watch movies that interest you both. Do not ever force her to watch movies that she does not like. You will just end up arguing or she will just bother you with questions about the movie. Me and my girlfriend watched Inception and every time there is a twist or a mental part of the movie, she keeps on bugging me what is going on and I just end up not knowing what is happening and I try to shush her and tell her to watch the movie so that she can understand it. And of course she did not listed and the cycle continued and we both did not understand the movie and we have to google what happened.
  6. moemen55

    moemen55 Member

    I love watching alone. because I'm lonely. give me a girl and I'll change my mind.
  7. tpoet388

    tpoet388 New Member

    I would choose to watch movies with my girlfriend. Watching movies with my girlfriend will making the movie more exciting to watch. It will great to spend time with your girlfriend it makes the relationship between you two better.
  8. jaykenth

    jaykenth Member

    I rather be with my girlfriend when watching. It is better for me to have someone you can talk to during and after the movies, you can share different views of the movie and talk about something the other one that might have missed from the scenes. Also it is better to have someone to cuddle with during the movie.

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