Watching The Sunset

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Warren1967, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Summer is now upon us. That means that the sun will be shinning brightly and everyone will cool off by hitting the waves. For me, the best part of the sun is when it begins to set. I would sit in a comfortable play with a drink in my hand and watch the orange haze of the sun as the day ends. I feel relaxed knowing another day is over.
  2. I love watching sunset and sunrise. It makes me calm and ease the pain in my heart. Every year, when summer is coming our family is going out to go to beach. We bought foods to enjoy scenery. I love every waves,the sun rays and the sand.
  3. kirbycorpin02

    kirbycorpin02 Member

    Watching the sunset will make you in a better mood throughout the day. You will see colors that you never knew could exist in our world. It will make us be grateful that God gave us a beautiful world. The sunset will bring us peace and it's a little slice of heaven.

    Sunset symbolizes the passage of time. As the sun sets, it is the time to end the day and take a break. The awesome beauty of the setting sun also symbolizes the beauty and mystery of life. Humans love to watch the sunset. It inspires us and offer relaxation that all our troubles and difficulties of the day are laid to rest in the beauty shown in the sky.
  4. emax2000

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    Watching the sunset makes me feel brighter inside.
  5. Samanthaj18

    Samanthaj18 New Member

    This is definitely one of my favorite things! It's a relaxing, peaceful few moments of the day where nothing else matters except the beauty in front of you. Also each sunset is completely different which I find so beautifully fascinating, it's like a unique piece of art everytime.
  6. Watching the sunset holding hands with the one that you love on a beach is heaven on Earth ❤️
  7. dobusinesswithclb

    dobusinesswithclb New Member

    Sunset marks the end of the day and the beginning of the night. The calmness of ending your day with watching the sun goes down never ceases to amaze me. Imagine your day not starting well. You got stuck in the traffic, got a good 5 mins scolding from your boss and to top it all lost your wallet and you think "God, just let this day end." You go to nearest park at 5:55 pm then wait for the sun to disappear and you realize you're actually blessed because at the end of the day your actually at your point in your life that you have a job - most people struggle to find one - you have money - most people don't even have a cent - and although you lost it you have the means to work hard and earn it again.

    Sunset marks the end of the day and the beginning of the night or maybe its God's way of showing you to appreciate small things and not take it for granted.
  8. elliethegypsy

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    Watching the sunset is one of my favorite scenery especially when I'm traveling. Whenever I go home from work, I always make sure that I get the spot beside the window on the bus so that I'll be able to see it. It helps me relax and put me in a good mood. I always take time to see it while listening to my playlist.

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