Water or Coca Cola

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  1. demimatos

    demimatos New Member

    Hey, I am the kind of person that drinks tons of water every day. Instead, in my surroundings the people prefer Coca-Cola over water when they are thirsty. Specially because of the sugar and calories Coca-Cola is not for me.
    What do you think?
  2. seech

    seech New Member

    Water obviously ! Safe drink! I used to drink a lot of soda and particularly Coca Cola but I was always feeling like I neeed something else and I had some belly fat and other minor trouble. So I have decided to drink water instead of Coca Cola.
  3. suicune034

    suicune034 New Member

    Basically its water. In most cases water have been a lot of health benefits rather than coca cola which has a high sugar content that may cause some health issues. I regularly drink water at the meal and its very rare to drink Coca cola at that particular time. My family also not a big fan of Coca Cola and they have been my influences not regularly drinking it.

    EMILIO New Member

    Water of course because it is safer and will cleanse the system of your body. Unlike in Coca Cola that is not that safe we heard about a lot of studies about many diseases that are now being attributed to drinking colas and that is a fact. So far I never heard of any studies that disputed this facts. So I recommend drink more waters and avoid colas because it is better to be safe than sorry.
  5. Arnsl Gonzales

    Arnsl Gonzales New Member

    Water would be efficient for our body, since our body needed it to avoid dehydration. There's nothing wrong if you would drink soda, just not too much. Why? Because soda contains some of preservatives or chemicals that may harm our body if we would absorb too much.
  6. Vincent D. Gallardo

    Vincent D. Gallardo New Member

    Water is the best replenish your fluid in our body and it's natural and good in our health. And it's also refreshing and delivers oxygen in the body. Water is a universal solvent and it is easy to find. Soda have many chemicals and more sugar and it leads to diabetes and many complications in our human body!
  7. Mohammed Murtuza

    Mohammed Murtuza New Member

    Of course water. Water is the most important liquid that a human body requires.
  8. eniarrol

    eniarrol New Member

    Water. We all known water is one of the most essential elements to health and is so important that your body actually has a specific drought management system in place to prevent dehydration
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  9. Jeremy De Ramos

    Jeremy De Ramos New Member

    Water. Water helps you a lot. Water keeps you hydrated everyday. Also you don't spend too much money on water because it is not too expensive like coca-cola. Also if you drink too much of coca-cola which is a soda. Coca-cola has so much sugar that can lead to diabetes. So if you drink 7-10 bottles of water you can extend your life every single day.
  10. jeromysalva24

    jeromysalva24 New Member

    Water. That the first aid. All the body need is water. Coke or soft drinks is just killing you slowly .
  11. dwaile

    dwaile New Member

    Water for life. It is everywhere. It's healthy and good for our body. Almost 80% of our body is liquid so it should be pure water and not coca cola. It is not healthy at all. Lots of sugar. It taste good yes unlike water no taste at all just plain but what's the use of it if it can make your health and body in bad condition. Water is free but not the Cola.
  12. maryKD

    maryKD New Member

    WATER........is the most common liquid on Earth
    A human can go for more than three weeks without food (Mahatma Gandhi survived 21 days of complete starvation), but water is a different story. At least 60 per cent of the adult body is made of it, and every living cell in the body needs it to keep functioning.
  13. Cheryl Gutierrez

    Cheryl Gutierrez New Member

    If I can drink Coke everyday, then why not? It doesn't just quenches your thirst but it also makes you feel good because of its sugar content unlike water which has no taste. It's also a good substitute for coffee since it also contains caffeine. Water can be boring.
  14. Luckyalyn

    Luckyalyn New Member

    Water.... It's the best drink ever! Healthiest too. Water is life, we need a lot of in our body for all system to function properly. We can take soda but with moderate amount. It's best to drink water most of the day. I've read water is best in the morning, take it on an empty stomach before breakfast. Drink water before every meal as it helps in your digestion. Drink water after coffee or tea. Drink water before going to sleep
  15. carmeleo29

    carmeleo29 New Member

    Water! It is healthy. Since our body is about 60% water, we ought to keep it constant so that we don't get dehydrated. So we need to drink water instead of other drinks. As I've said, it is healthy to drink water to replenish the water that come out of our body through sweat and urination. to avoid serious illnesses we should drink water. Drink water and stay healthy!
  16. burnett

    burnett New Member

    I enjoyed water not coke. For me, water is the the real thing. Water is highly essential for one to live a healthy life. Water is needed for our body to operate it daily functions. Digestion and detoxing is very important to the body. If you do not have enough water in your system, none of your vital organs will work properly. So must I say more.
  17. Jeremaia

    Jeremaia New Member

    Water because we can not live without water because it is one of the most important things in life. if we do not have water we can not last long in the world. because we value our water just as hard as we can
  18. I love to drink water a lot. I makes me feel that my entire body is clean, replenish on whatever toxins your body have. Water also helps your skin to be more radiant, detoxify your body and somehow makes your body light. By drinking 7-8 glasses of water you are helping yourself to preventing yourself for having some diseases that cost lack of water.
  19. Torpzilogue!

    Torpzilogue! New Member

    Basically, it's water. Coca Cola is not a water, it is a carbonated drink. Our body needs water, but Coke is not, it contains many sugar which is harmful if we drink everyday. Also, water is a universal solvent. We cannot live without water.

    Water can hydrates ourselves after we exhausted and/or get sweated. Than the Coke which we drink when in recess or when eat meals some times. All of the experts consider to us to drink water to prevent dehydration especially in summer season to prevent heat stroke. Luckily there's some much water that we can drink, in whole world, but make sure it is clean to prevent illness like diarrhea.
  20. Costa1324

    Costa1324 New Member

    Water is healthier.It's logical to drink more water than cola.Drinking plenty of water during physical activity is essential.Dehydration is the result of your body not having enough water. And because water is imperative to so many bodily functions, dehydration can be very dangerous.So drink water.
  21. Jhay0815

    Jhay0815 New Member

    I don't drink Coke, but i drink sprite because its like water with a taste of lemon. and you put so many ice you can feel a cold experience hehe. But i love water the most.
  22. tedzk26

    tedzk26 New Member

    You can't be serious when you say "water can significantly improve our ability to think and make us energetic too." I don't think drinking water instead of milk can lower your heart attack risk by 50%. One needs to drink water only when one feels thirsty.
    Over hydration can disturb your electrolyte balance and kill you
  23. Ajitesh50

    Ajitesh50 New Member

    Water. Ne excessive sugar. Keeps you hydrated.

    Drinks with excessive sugar in them actually have significant negative psychological affects. High blood sugar tells our brain to maintain a certain level of performance when it detects the blood sugar level. So whenever our blood sugar is lower than the amplified level created by sugary sodas, our brain convinces itself to conserve energy because there's some sort of catastrophic energy crisis in the body on account of lower than expected blood sugar. Therefore, we feel more tired and "spaced out" after drinking more soda. And curing this predicament with more soda is harmful too, since excessive blood sugar levels would definitely harm one's body.

    So, I abstain from sodas in general. They tend to lead one into a downward spiral.
  24. Jangra2314

    Jangra2314 New Member

    I would choose water because it does not have any harmful effects. If I talk about CocaCola, then it has many harmful effects such as it increases sugar level of the body. Another harmful effect is that it contains caffine which is an addictive substance. So it is very harmful for health.
  25. jayDay

    jayDay New Member

    Rather water over soda anyway as myself seen first hand through others who took effect from.Always seem to slip when your at your happiest moments like it's meant to taste better then most.Coke hardly gets a every once in a blue moon knowing what i know now.
  26. lenlen1982

    lenlen1982 New Member

    As obviously soda is not advisable to drink because it has a harmful effect on our body. If you will read the content of soda it is not good for our health. One of the disease that we can get from soda is diabetes so we have to spare our body from taking soda. Water is the best liquid for us to intake. They say too much of something is bad but drinking so much water is one of the best help in detoxifying our body.
  27. merasol mendoza

    merasol mendoza New Member

    Coca cola will make you fat because of it's high sugar content tested by a glucometer its sugar content is 294 and to the extend that it can damage your kidney because of its acid and make you sick. Water , water is the safest to drink it can refreshed cleans and helps you not to get dehydrated it will make your body function well because 95% of our body is composed of liquid so i prefer to say water is the safest to drink rather than coca cola.
  28. I prefer water only than drinking softdrinks like coca-cola. Because cola cola have a 50% (not sure) sugar in a bottle. It can make you sick and have a diabetes. It can also dehydrate you. Softdrinks are cheap but when you already have sick, its so much cost for medications.
  29. jediziel

    jediziel New Member

    Water of course in fact water has so many benefits in our health they avoid you from having dehydration and reduce chances of heat stroke especially during summer.On the other hand coca- cola will give you the opposite things.It has many sugar that can build up fats in your body so probably start avoiding drinking it.Did you also know that coca cola can be used as a toilet cleaner because it has the substance that is also presence in muriatic acid.
    Ps.Prevention is Better than Cure

    HONEYLYN New Member

    I prefer water , it is because it is obviously healthy than coca cola, no sugar and good for the body

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