Water or Coca Cola

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  1. Millyn

    Millyn New Member

    it is not new to us that water is basically one of the essential needs of our body. but sometimes, people tend to choose the taste over the nutritional benefits, and i am guilty of that sometimes. however, i always make sure if i drink coca cola then i should also drink water equally or more than afterwards.
  2. lhanz

    lhanz Member

    I prefer water, cause coca cola is harmful to your body. More coca cola more harm you give to your body but when you drink water it is good on your body.
  3. Assa

    Assa New Member

    To be honest, I love to soda drinks than water, however situation makes me realize what's really important after i got sick and the main cause is a lack of water in the body, as UKou add age you'll see the importance if water as a human. When we drink lot of water we could feel that our stomach is full but it help us to clean our internal organs that we can't do by ourselves. Water is the one thing that exempted to the saying that "anything too much is bad" . Water don't consist any kind of chemicals or preservative that mah cause us harm but we also need to be sure that the water we going to drink is clean enough to drink.
  4. SChesson41

    SChesson41 New Member

    As a child, I grew up watching Coca-Cola commercials on television they had many celebrities promoting the soda. I can remember smiling as I watched the television and Billy Dee Williams would take a drink of Coca-Cola and let out this huge satisfying gasp. My parents watched a lot of television this was our family favorite pastime.

    My parents could easily identify with a lot of the celebrities that they saw on television because these celebrities were in the same generation as my parents they were very close in age. Therefore, when dinner time came around we had Coca-Cola. Sometimes, my parents would use the Coca-Cola to substitute for dessert so we usually did not ask for anything sweet after dinner.
  5. SChesson41

    SChesson41 New Member

    I personally think that they should have more commercials with celebrities drinking water. You have many children and adults that look up to celebrities. If the general public sees that the celebrities look healthy and happy drinking water this might actually encourage more people to drink water during dinner time instead of soda. Drinking water will probably be a better substitute after dinner time because it has fewer calories. Maybe you could substitute the soda with a small piece of cake or fruit instead. Both of these choices may offer less caloric or sugary intake than a soda

    Whenever we were outside playing and running around we were given water if we became thirsty. My mother would not let us drink soda when we came inside from playing. As a child, I could not understand why she would not let us have the Coca-Cola when we were outside. Now that I'm older I do understand that water is the drink of choice when you are exercising and you need to be properly hydrated and replenished. Sugary drinks like Coca-Cola seem to make you feel thirstier after you exercise. In my opinion, Coca-Cola for dinner time is a good choice but drinking water is a better choice when you are exercising or playing outside.
  6. Millyn

    Millyn New Member

    of course, water. it is one of the basic needs of humans to survive. with enough water intake everyday, we can avoid certain diseases. so we should always make it a habit or way of living to consume as much water as we can daily.
  7. kstanuch

    kstanuch New Member

    Pretty funny that this is in the Cell Phone forum, haha. Water is best although nothing can beat Coca Cola with a hamburger (except maybe beer...).
  8. veggie201

    veggie201 New Member

    Coca-cola is a once and a while drink for me when I want to feel a nice sugar buzz and get a caffeine rush, its awful for my body and very addictive to my mind but quite the experience with all the bubbles popping off of my tong. Water is the preferred choice as it is the perfect beverage for your body and I feel as if I actually love my body when I drink water.
  9. dzonyfox2

    dzonyfox2 New Member

    Water! Our organisms need water. They request it. It is in our nature to drink water... Before everything else comes our health! I am studying medicine, so believe me that, water is far away from just important for our health: it enters into the composition of the cells, it is necessary for chemical and metabolic reactions, for transport of nutrients and removal of waste and for the body temperature regulation... Pure water is the best for all functions of the organism...
    And beside all that, Coca Cola is sugary, so if i am thirsty, drinking Coca Cola won't help me that much... I would still be thirsty... So, water for me, definitely!
  10. Litz

    Litz New Member

    i rarely take water,so instead i use coca cola to quench my thirst and i also like sweet drinks,therefore coca cola does help alot...i also feel refreshed whenever i drink it .
  11. Imaginepowers

    Imaginepowers New Member

    It's a good question you ask, Coca cola may used as an alternative way to drink it may have taste or rather it have sizzling taste in your tongue but taking coca cola everyday may causes disorders in your body such as in your bones or kidneys because coca cola in my own knowledge had ingredients of sugar that is more than 10 grams so I will prefer Drinking Water that coca cola FYI Purified Water not a Tap Water because tap water may hold up bacteria that can harm your body.
  12. Poster2019

    Poster2019 New Member

    Coca-Cola is a great option for special occasions, extremely hot days, or relaxing. However, I would suggest to drink plenty of water, and drink 'coke' not more than biweekly. Water is good for hydration and regular usage, but if you are low on sugar, Coca-Cola is the better option.
  13. Zhinco31

    Zhinco31 New Member

    Water of course! Water has many benefits to our body. Water is essential to life.
  14. jonjon1980

    jonjon1980 Member

    Water because it cleanses our entire organs of our body all toxins rid off while Coca-Cola is full of caffeine with sugar that causes diabetes and even high blood pressure
  15. engrjay

    engrjay New Member

    Of course water because you cannot live without it. You cannot take shower or wash your ass with coke right? Can you?
  16. Teezoe74

    Teezoe74 New Member

    Coca-Cola has way to much sugar and artificial additives. I haven't drank a coke in years. Nowadays I drink mostly water. If we go out to eat I prefer water because water doesn't overpower the taste of the food like coke does with all that sugar and artificial flavoring. Water is the better healthier choice.
  17. ManBearPig

    ManBearPig New Member

    I don't normally drink any soda to begin with so I would have to say water. Although I should also probably drink more water than I do now. I drink a lot of coffee and tea.
  18. Brilliant

    Brilliant New Member

    Water is always good for everyone. When I go out to eat, I always order water. When I am at
    home I always want something with flavor in it. We all know that the high content of sugar in
    cola will cause weight gain, and other health problems. Therefore, let's try to take care of ourselves.
    Drink more water.
  19. gabgab1218

    gabgab1218 Member

    Of course, Water because it's good for everyone.
  20. iamjoann06

    iamjoann06 New Member

    Before I always wanted to drink something that's always sweet or flavored drinks like cola but as I grew up I realized that its not healthy,So now I preferred drinking water everyday lots of water even when eating outside I preferred not to order soda/cola because I value more now my health than my cravings.
  21. Jamisen

    Jamisen New Member

    Water or Coca Cola? This is between us, right? You won't tell my Dr?

    As you can see by my questions above, this is probably a conversation my doctor and I have had a time or two. My Dr. is a strong proponent of water and all of the benefits that it provides my (fairly dehydrated) body. She reminds me that my muscles, kidneys blah blah blah blah (where I usually tune her out) for an all around healthier me! I promise to try to do better, and leave with the bottle of Coca-Cola I have with me always.

    I'd like to say I don't know why I don't like drinking water, but that would be a lie. My shear hatred of water goes back to basic training, with Drill Sergeants screaming "Drink Water" an us responding "Beat the Heat, Drill Sergeant, Beat the Heat" followed by guzzling our canteens until they were empty! This happened so many times, that I swore if I didn't drown myself doing this, that I was done drinking water.

    Does it sound Stupid now, Yes, but will my subconscious listen No, plus I really, really love Coca-Cola! I feel like Coca-Cola is like the nectar of the Gods. If someone says we have Pepsi is that OK, I look at them like they're crazy, because it is definitely not OK! I have numerous restaurants I do not go to because they do not have Coke.

    Anyhow, as you can see, Coca-Cola takes the prize, over water, which I despise!
  22. JMoira

    JMoira New Member

    Since, I'm not as soda drinker I would probably choose water. It gives refreshing feeling and fulfillment inside me everytime I drink it. Moreover, it is much more healthier option than soda. It doesn't contain sugar that could kill us. It helps us detoxify our body.
  23. m9c290

    m9c290 New Member

    Soft drinks remove Calcium from the body, causing an excess amount of Calcium that tends to be deposited in the kidney, resulting in kidney stones. Drinking too much soda (approximately five cans a day according to a USDA research study) has been shown to upset the body's calcium/phosphorus ratio. Under these circumstances, the body attempts to maintain balance by drawing calcium from bone. Over time, bones can become fragile and more susceptible to fractures.
  24. faithjose822

    faithjose822 New Member

    I think the answer is already obvious. Water is the best drink ever. It is better than coca cola. Water is natural drink created by God. Coca cola is man made.

    One of water’s many benefits is an increase in brain power. The brain is 73% water. Drinking it helps one think, focus, concentrate, and stay alert. As a result, energy levels improve. It also prevents and relieves headaches often caused by dehydration. Medical Mews Today explains that a dehydration headache occurs when your body loses essential fluids to function properly. Dehydration can cause the brain to temporarily shrink from fluid loss. This mechanism causes the brain to pull away from the skull, causing pain and resulting in a dehydration headache.

    Water also impacts metabolic function. It aids in the removal of fat by-products and can prevent constipation. Water has also been shown to reduce the risk of bladder cancer by rapidly flushing toxins from your bladder.It acts as natural appetite suppressant, which can help loose weight if necessary. Drinking water is great for your skin. It helps to moisturize it, keep it soft, and removes wrinkles.
  25. MoiraDeLeon

    MoiraDeLeon New Member

    I probably pick water rather than coca-cola because I’m not a soda drinker. In water, you don’t have to limit yourself from drinking it because it’s healthy and it helps to detoxify our body. Unlike in coca-cola, you aren’t allowed to drink as much as you want because of its sugar and acid. It can harm our body and can lead to diabetes. In water your skin will be hydrated that could give you undeniably glow. It is also good for the circulation of blood. It will help our brain to function even better. Furthermore, it helps to balance the fluids in our body.
  26. chinita1208

    chinita1208 New Member

    Water of course it is very essential for our health . You cannot live with out water for a long time all of us knows that for a fact.. but how I loved coca cola! hahaha :) so sometimes I drink Coca Cola to satisfy my taste buds ..
  27. Charlotte03

    Charlotte03 New Member

    Water. Water is good for your body, it cleanses, detoxify and is good for your digestion. An experiment shows that when you pour coca-cola in your dirty toilet bowl it will remove all the dirt like a toliet cleanser. It shows how much acid there is in a coca-cola drink. Imagine drinking that much acid.
  28. SeKai18

    SeKai18 New Member

    Water has numerous benefits that are good for the body. Coca Cola on the other hand poses numerous detrimental health risks such as Diabetes due to high sugar content.
  29. cheychan

    cheychan New Member

    Of course, water by all means. But then, drinking coca-cola or any type of soda can be of help sometimes. Specially, if you have low blood sugar and if you need caffeine or would do some strenuous activities. It is okay to drink soda, but then it requires moderation, as always. Everything that is too much, is never good for the body.
  30. DianeBorg

    DianeBorg New Member

    Definitely water, no sugar, it helps you to be hydrated and it cleans your body from the inside.

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