Water or Coca Cola

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  1. Len27

    Len27 New Member

    Water is healthy than coca-cola because coke has sugar and that makes you fat unlike drinking water it doesn't make you fat.
  2. chillea

    chillea New Member

    I am a drinker of both, but water is the frequent one I take. I only drink cola whenever I want to remove an unpleasant aftertaste of a food I have eaten. After that, I follow it with water to avoid sore throat.
  3. Marcosdc

    Marcosdc Member

    I prefer water. At least eight water every day for you to stay healthy.
  4. Venchy

    Venchy New Member

    Definitely water. It is the most important thing to consume to make our body clean. 8 glasses of water a day will make your body healthy and make your immune system strong. It helps you to hydrate and makes your body function normally and makes your brain stay hydrated too so you can think faster and it avoid giving you headaches. Consuming water everyday will make your body and life healthy. Remember, health is wealth.
  5. Bcaluag

    Bcaluag Member

    I will choose water, because i'm not a fan of soda drinks because it makes me more thirsty. Also water is more healthy especially warm water.
  6. JACKZ1029

    JACKZ1029 New Member

    well i choose coca cola for i cannot control myself if i cant drink coca cola three times a day, and i loved the taste of coke and i need it also for me not to be sleepy for it has caffeine content. although we still need to drink water for its needed for proper circulatory of our digestive system.
  7. RebeccaHoof

    RebeccaHoof New Member

    Water, I used to drink Coca Cola a lot but my stomach would bloated and I would burp a lot(!) because of it, I stopped drinking it when I moved out of my parents house and I didn't really bother with buying it.
    Now a days, if I drink something carbonated I would get the same 'side effects' but way much more.
    Also for my New Years resolution I try to be more fit and drinking a lot of water is a part of that.
  8. Wooper

    Wooper New Member

    I'm definitely with you on this one. I rarely drink cola and when I do, it's just a little sip. Aside from the well known fact that cola is unhealthy, another reason why I don't like it is because I find cola too sweet and it only gets rid of thirstiness temporarily. It's like when you start drinking it, you'll want to drink more because of the sweet after taste. That's why I always choose water over cola.
  9. snesz08

    snesz08 Member

    Water because it is healthier than cola. Water can do a lot to our body, it can flush the toxins and chemicals. Water helps our skin to become radiant glow and smooth, gives elasticity and healthy skin. That's why wherever I go, I always bring my bottled water to keep me hydrated.
    Cola can lead you to diabetes and other disease. it is better to stop drinking cola because of the contains in ingredients.
  10. Jeahan08

    Jeahan08 Member

    Water for it is good for the health many benefits to improve our health.
  11. CJPQ

    CJPQ New Member

    When I'm at home, I'd choose water over Coca-Cola. But when I'm eating outside, a hot dog stand or a restaurant perhaps that serves complimentary tap water and doesn't sell bottled water, I would definitely choose Coca-Cola because of sanitation and health purposes. Lately, I've been reading articles and watching videos online and I found out some very disturbing things about drinking/service water served in public places that contained some very disturbing things which I prefer not to mention.
  12. Allanjohn30

    Allanjohn30 Member

    Well to be honest Coca-Cola is big temptation but after I was diagnosed with kidney related diseases I stopped drinking Coca-Cola and live my life with water. Water is just powerful as always, it can cure or lessen diseases and it has a lot of health benefits. Considering our lifestyle today, I would really choose water because at least there is a moderator with our health. We eat a lot different foods every single day and we all know that most of them have chemicals same to soft drinks.

    I would say I cannot forget Coca-Cola because I know in the future I will still drink it, but at least in moderation. Lets just have self discipline always and nothing will turn wrong.
  13. michpiong

    michpiong Member

    Of course, I'll choose water. Though coca-cola is tastier than water, it has bad effects in our body. Cola has sugar that is not good to our health. While water has many benefits specially in cleaning our body. Always think about this quote, "Prevention is better than cure." If you don't want to get sick, then choose water than cola.
  14. zoemarie123

    zoemarie123 New Member

    I drink a ton of water all day long. Drinking water is essential for human life and when you drink more water it really improves your health. Coca Cola should be reserved as a special treat. And while okay in moderation it can be very bad for your health when consumed in large quantities. Especially if you a trying to lose weight its so important to eliminate soda from your diet because of all the extra calories and sugar that soda contains.
  15. nikiii23

    nikiii23 New Member

    Water is healthier but Coca Cola is tastier. I muself always go with water because I take care of my body, buy I don't judge others who drinks Coca Cola.
  16. marcbarredo13

    marcbarredo13 Member

    Obviously water is more beneficial that coca cola. I don't prefer to drink coca cola because of the sugar and artificial sweeteners, flavorings and aspartame they put to enhance the flavor but it can havoc our body. Regular consumption of coca cola will increase the chance of having diabetes, obesity, fatigue after sugar crash, heart diseases and high blood pressure. Please minimize your soda intake because it will take a toll in your life. Choose lukewarm water instead. It is beneficial in eliminating toxins in our body and it is also beneficial to our organs to function at its highest peak of performance. I hope this helps you. :))
  17. Apotter84

    Apotter84 New Member

    Water for sure. Coca-cola is full of sugar and totally unhealthy. I stopped drinking soft drinks many years ago because of the sugar content and other artificial sweeteners. I lost weight ever since I cut soft drinks out of my life.
  18. Bcaluag

    Bcaluag Member

    For me i prefer water because its healthier than coca cola. Its satisfy my thirst. and i am acidic that's why i don't drink soda.
  19. zmdg27

    zmdg27 New Member

    Lately, I tend to drink more Coca Cola because of the hot weather though I know it is bad. Too much soda can cause a lot of diseases but I just can't get enough it. I try to drink lots of water to dilute all the Coca Cola I had.
  20. BigEyes

    BigEyes Member

    Water of course.Water is healthy and no side effects.and our body needs more water everyday.Like me who is trying to lose weight so I've been drinking water so much.
  21. tinatinay

    tinatinay Member

    If you will ask me 10 years ago I would say "COLA!" But now, WATER of course. aside from its good for our health. Cola have too much sugar content and it makes our life shorter. Water regulates our body temperature that's why water intake is so important. We need to replenish the water that has been lost during hot environment or any physical activities. So yeah! I choose water! "water is life".
  22. marielmarz2392

    marielmarz2392 New Member

    Water. It fills me up, coca-cola and other sodas make me more thirsty. I have my bottle of water with me everywhere I go especially at night, I also have it on my bed table.
  23. joanarc321

    joanarc321 Member

    Water is really good for the body as it also helps boost metabolism. Just recently, I really tried to drink at least 2 liters of water a day so that I could feel healthy and active. It was really effective and I feel like the water I drink cleanses and washes toxins in my body. I feel energetic, less stress, less moody and no more everyday headaches because of too much work. I only drink cola when I really felt like drinking but I always make sure to drink the zero calories cola.
  24. klynne18

    klynne18 New Member

    For me, I would choose water. We all know that water is the main requirements of our body to be healthy. Water has many purposes to our body. It helps us to be healthy in many ways, rather than Coca-cola. Coca-cola contains many chemicals that can harm your body and healthiness.
  25. Mbun5011

    Mbun5011 New Member

    My own preference would be water since it has a lots of benefits and it will cost less. Basing from studies and research that water rejuvinates skin, aside from that it aids to lose weight thus promote the well being and essential in nourishment of the body and mind.
  26. Rlou14

    Rlou14 New Member

    It is pretty obvious that water is better than cola. water is a safe drink as long as it is clean. it actually helps our body to be hydrated. likewise, cola has a better taste but it has a high content of sugar which is not safe to other people. It was also said that it has a strong acid that is why it can be used as a cleaning agent.
  27. Doraymon17

    Doraymon17 New Member

    Water is better than Cola. We can survive on days with just water and no food, Water has lots of benefits to the human body while Cola tastes better but is actually bad for our bodies.
  28. Joel2019

    Joel2019 Member

    We need water to survive, it keeps us alive. It never gets old because it's the fact. Water to live, cola for leisure times. It's okay to have fun sometimes.
  29. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Although I like soda including Coke, water is better. It quenches your thirst and it filters your body. Coke is sweet and the more you drink, the more you get thirsty. It also increases your blood sugar if you drink it. As much as possible, drink water instead.
  30. Catutzy

    Catutzy New Member

    I agree that water is the best especially when compared to Cola.
    I like to drink carbonated mineral water.

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