Water or Coca Cola

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  1. ruthc

    ruthc New Member

    Water, it help cleanse our body and flush out the intake toxins. It helps to regulate our body system. Keep hydrated full day to avoid diseases. 3 liters a day to keep the doctors away.
  2. yhanmar08

    yhanmar08 Member

    Of course water. it is the most important liquid that our body need plus it has so much benefits in our body. Unlike softdrinks it can damage your body like you get so many disease with that. Yah it.has a good taste but it is not good for you. So i think that water is the most effective way to replenish our body plus it has so many benifits like taking away the toxins or bad elements that our body dont need.
  3. TreyLoWrenn

    TreyLoWrenn New Member

    My body would really appreciate the water. I want the coke.
  4. Water is the best drink of all time. We can live without food but we can't make it without water. It helps quench our thirst and helps cleanse our body. It aids digestion and helps us hydrated at all times. Coke can quench our thirst only temporarily and may contribute to sickness since it's full of sugar and more chemicals.
  5. SasaGamilo90

    SasaGamilo90 New Member

    Water ofcourse is the healthier choice, but if you're in the mood for fun care free time then go straight for the Coca-Cola.
  6. Kiyen96

    Kiyen96 Member

    I love drinking soda specifically coca cola but as always we choose safety than pleasure so i prefer water, makes your body in a good condition, having a good health, preparation for future there is a saying that what you saw is what you reap. So start to drink a lot of water for a good health in future.
  7. makseu

    makseu New Member

    Personally I prefer water. Why? because water help to increase brain power, improve complexion, boost immune system , prevent headaches , etc. It is a must to have water instead of cola or any soda because of high sugar content of those drinks. Drinking sodas instead of water can turn you look older than your age, make you lips dark, etc.

    So better drink more water everyday to live a healthy life.
  8. devincci

    devincci Member

    I prefer both, but I drink soda once in a while because drinking too much soda can cause a negative effect in your body. And of course drinking more water is healthy, and it gives a lot of benefits in our body, whenever we get tired after finishing tasks or activities water helps us avoid having dehydration.
  9. Rozkov

    Rozkov New Member

    Coca-cola taste great, but if i drink a bit too much, i just don't feel right, and i seem to gain weight easily when i drink coke. There's this time when i stopped drinking soda/carbonated beverages for four months, and after that four month when i drank coke again, i had a really painful stomach ache. Today, i prefer drinking water than any other drink available even if other drinks taste great.
  10. XirZyX

    XirZyX New Member

    Water absolutely. I can drink water all day without worrying of kidney stone failure and mostly that's what doctors normal advice.
  11. Daisy13

    Daisy13 New Member

    Of course, I will choose water instead of coca cola cause aside from it bring good benefits to our health its also make you feel that you are not thirsty and you can taste the food well and based on study it can decrease the risk of colon cancer by 79% and can remove a bad toxin from our body and this make hydrate our body.
  12. kumarsunil123

    kumarsunil123 Member

    I prefer water better than Coco Cola. Water is most importance to human being. Without water, we can't live but Coco Cola is harmful to everyone. Water has many benefits in our body. We know that water is Life and we drink water daily. We use water day to day life in every work. It keeps us healthy and strong. We use water and clean toilets, wash clothes, take bath, cleaning the house and cooking food also. Coco Cola has 50% suger in bottle, it is harmful to us.We can live Without Coco Cola but We can't live without water. So, It's very importance to us.
  13. elliethegypsy

    elliethegypsy Member

    Of course water. Any beverages like Coca-Cola can relieve your stress in some ways but water can avoid you from getting dehydrated. Our body is consist for almost water and that means, without it, our whole body will not function well. You can drink juice or any colorful drinks but don't forget to drink more water. In that way, you can prevent yourself from getting illnesses like diabetes, colon and kidney failures.
  14. simonko

    simonko New Member

    I drink tons of water every day but sometimes I drink some cola or sweet drink. I really like lavender syrup. If you reply I can give you a recipe.
  15. Natasha20

    Natasha20 New Member

    Water is more salubrious and worthy than Coca Cola. Coca Cola can be inimical to human health, if it is drunk abundantly.
  16. CherryMae1821

    CherryMae1821 New Member

    Ofcourse water , Basically it is one of the best solution to take care of your body. Based on study water can cure cancer. It is a prevention for to avoid disease and cancer. Drinking water help you to stay hydrated and healty. Drinking water really benefits the body in variety ways like increase your metabolism and can help with weight loss. Water also makes a great replacement for beverages that are high in sugar and calories like softdrinks, juice, soda and etc. Wehave to take care of ourself by drinking more than 8 glasses of waters a day. To have a better and long lives in the future.
  17. yetyet

    yetyet Member

    Water is life. Water is what our body needs. I consume plenty of water everyday and make sure that I'm on the right track of doing it by installing an application that monitor my water consumption. There is no side effect that we get from water as in nothing, not like colas they offer a lot of sugar that brings diabetes and lot more of diseases.
  18. iwisting

    iwisting Member

    That's easy. I absolutely would prefer for water. I can survive a day or weeks without drinking cola but definitely not with water. I could hardly last a day without water and I can gulp liters of it without concerns because our body really needs it in the first place. But cola, I don't even have to start.
  19. vanky

    vanky New Member

    I prefer water no one live without water.
    Coca Cola also contain water :D:D:p
  20. mhatter47

    mhatter47 New Member

    We all know that water is best to drink than coca cola ,water helps with the digestion of food and the regulation of body temperature .It is recommend that people with spinal cord injuries drink 64 oz.of water.Drinking more water reduce the risk of urinary tract infection.
  21. mbrnrd

    mbrnrd Member

    Obviously, water. Besides from being healthy, colas are too sweet for my taste
  22. glenda18

    glenda18 New Member

    The amount of water is a very calculated percentage that starts in the factory with the syrup concentrate and ends with the mixing of carbonated water and the syrup. That percentage is a proprietary secret and if you have a Coke fountain and the soda taste wrong you call Coke to fix it. They have a special plastic measuring device that measures how much water to syrup the machine dispenses. I can only guess but it's about 25% syrup to carbonated water and I'm sure there is water in the syrup so at least 80% of Coke is probably water but that's a total guess.
  23. moodysamuel

    moodysamuel New Member

    Coca-Cola is simply irresistible. Every time one tries to substitute it with water or with any other watery drink, it fails.
  24. ninotermulo

    ninotermulo New Member

    I prefer water. I don't drink coca cola because I am a little bit lactose intolerant. But sometimes I still drink Coca-cola during parties stuff like that.

    The reason why I prefer drinking water because it is very good in the body. And lasoit has no side effects.
  25. I prefer to drink water because it cleans our body and we need to drink 8 glasses of water in a day so if you will drink in the morning for two and four for the lunch three for night that was not bad! It will help us to stay active and not hungry i already suggest to drink water at morning atleast 2 and it will help you to stay active and wake.
  26. talagirl

    talagirl Member

    No need to state the obvious, water definitely is the best choice. By drinking water at least 8 glasses a day, slowly, not literally you will do it in a day but it take one step at a time. It cleanses our body, flushed out toxins that may cause future casualty in the future. Prevention is better than cure as they say. So drink water always.
  27. raiwenkai

    raiwenkai Member

    if you want to get sick drink coca cola if you want to be healthy drink water much better if you practice drinking hot water every morning before and wait for 45mins before meal it cleans out body and release toxins
  28. Maribeth

    Maribeth New Member

    Obviously, water is far more important than Coca Cola. Water will help your body to function properly. Coca Cola are no benefits for the health.
  29. Amester2003

    Amester2003 New Member

    There are benefits over others depending on the purpose. For drinking purposes, I would personally choose water as it's much healthier and you are putting less junk in the body. Although water may be bland to some, having too much sugar in the body will not do it any good. I think that Coke would work better than water for cleaning purposes. Using coke to remove rust and stains is much easier and quicker than using plain water.
  30. mithul

    mithul Member

    ALWAYS prefer water as it is the best way to quench your thirst.

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