Water or Coca Cola

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  1. ewi102

    ewi102 Member

    water is the best.drinking coca cola its not good for our health beacause it contain a lot of sugar and other chemical that can cause cancer and other deseases.
  2. Ayhie

    Ayhie Member

    Water is LIFE. Our body is made up 60% of water. And it helps us in our daily life.

    Drinking water has a lot of benefits while coca cola does nothing for your health except affect it negatively.
    Coca cola is loaded with sugar and calories. Drinking coca cola can lead to weight gain and other health problems like diabetes, cancer, renal failure and more. While water hydrates skin, weight loss, aids indigestion and more. So ditch the coca cola and reach water instead.
  3. Aleona

    Aleona Member

    Our body needs 8 to 10 glasses of water a day not only to rehydrate but also to cleanse our body from toxins we intake the whole day. Coca cola and other processed juices contain those toxins, too. Another thing, it is proven that water contains a lot of benefits to the body and to our health. So yeah, I'd go for water.
  4. bayinnah12

    bayinnah12 New Member

    No comparison! Water is the thing of life. Coca-Cola cleans off battery acid and unclogs drains!
  5. iwisting

    iwisting Member

    Water. If it's for my body, I only want water. In fact, I've been rejecting sodas recently. When I go to a fast food chain, I opted for their service water than the soda.
  6. selectra

    selectra Member

    Definitely Water because is very good for Us. personally i drink 2 litters of water everyday but i also drink coca cola occasionally, like once in 3 months. I just find coca cola delicious if it wasn't bad for my health, i would definitely drink more.
  7. Rijumon007

    Rijumon007 Member

    A person can survive for weeks without food but only for a few hours without water.....
  8. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    You can't compare water with cocacola it's absolutely not possible ,for me even if I drink two bottle of cocacola its can not satisfy my thirst for water,so there is no way you can compare water with cocacola.
    I see someone talking about sugar in cocacola as one of the disadvantages drinking cocacola but let me stress out this point for you there is this coca-cola that is sugar free and come with low colaries,but even to this there is no way water can be compared to cook . Its natural liquid that God created for manking to satisfy his need for thirst.so I go with water.
  9. archiejay

    archiejay New Member

    I will choose water because it is healthy to our body. Around 60% of our body is made up of water. It has no sugar, no side effect and safe to drink even in a large amount. You can avoid dehydration if you drink water and could easily stop being thirsty. Excessive consumption of Coca-cola can lead to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay.
  10. donald78

    donald78 Member

    Water is for having dehydration and cola is for refreshments. We need water a day, and we can't survive without water. There is a difference between having water than coca-cola. Water provides and boosts skin health and beauty in regulating body temperature. It flushes body weights and it helps maintain blood pressure. However, cola dulls the sweetness, enabling us to keep the drink down. Blood sugar increases dramatically within 20 minutes of drinking the cola. The liver then turns the high amount of sugar circulating our body into fat. Technically, this is why we need water to flush the toxic waste in our bodies.
  11. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    Water is for dy-hydration and cook is for re-freshment, cook can never satisfy the thirst for water, we need atleast 4 litters of water daily to survive as medical expert said.

    Water can serve so many purposes when it's get to your body system,it's cleansing the bowel and removed toxic from your body,but drinking too much coca-cola can increase your blood sugar level which is harmful to health so I prefer taking water for thirsty and cook just for refreshment they all serve different purposes.
  12. Litt

    Litt New Member

    I'll go for Coca Cola, water is found in almost everything we consume including Coca Cola. But there no greater feeling like having a cold Coca Cola after a long tiresome day. The feeling is priceless especially when you need the energy and focus, Coca Cola will do wonders for you. Since my fav fruit is watermelon, I usually consume a lot of water eating the fruit, so if I'm offered water or Coca Cola, I'll go for Coca Cola.
  13. Lorey99

    Lorey99 New Member

    WATER!! I mean our bodies cannot survive without ,but I believe that we can do without COCA-COLA....
  14. RenzG

    RenzG New Member

    Definitely Water.

    I honestly don't like sodas or any other sweetened drinks that much. Plus, water is pretty cheap and will do your body better than those carbonated drinks

    SARSUNI New Member

    Off course Water.

    It is an essential part of your life but you can avoid cola but not water.
    It lubricates the joints. ...It forms saliva and mucus. ...It boosts skin health and beauty. ...
    It cushions the brain, spinal cord, and other sensitive tissues. ...It regulates body temperature. ...
    It flushes body waste. ...It helps maintain blood pressure. ...The airways need it.

    People consider sugary drinks to be a significant contributor to many health conditions, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, and tooth decay. Research has shown that drinking a can of Coca-Cola can have damaging effects on the body within an hour.

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