Water or Coca Cola

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  1. good101

    good101 New Member

    I prefer water Coca-Cola make you thirsty when it's hot
  2. visplay

    visplay New Member

    It's not that bad to drink cola once in a while, just don't drink too often.

    Water is indeed important to us and one should always drink 8 glasses or more a day and it does help us regenerate our cells and make us healthier.
  3. Carol0502

    Carol0502 New Member

    Water is way better than coca cola.First because 60% of human body is made of water, there is no what you call coca cola in our body. Second is water has so much benefits to offer in our body it helps you loss weight, it helps you cure and prevent from most illness which dehydration is number 1. It's safe and drinking water is very important especially when you drink lots of water in the morning. And it doesn't contain sugar or lots of sugar that coca cola has, It's bad for your health and also sugar makes you fat.

    if I'm going to rank water from coca cola, water is 101% the best and coca cola is -00000.
  4. Jaynshi

    Jaynshi Member

    Water. Its good for my health as it is as well recommended by doctors. I take coca cola once in a while. I actually like coca cola but i avoid it since am not aware of its health benefits.
  5. Feia2018

    Feia2018 New Member

    The question is like asking if you want to be healthy or you want diabetes. Of course who wouldn't want something cold and a great thirst quencher? However don't let this sugary drink fool you, or any other liquid that has artificial sweetener even though the box said 100% real fruit juice. Water is the best and most people might say it but still all the benefits they know will be thrown out of the window when they see a can of sparkling soda in front of them. There's so many benefits in drinking enough water everyday. I've done and proved it myself and is continuing to do so. The warm water every morning? It feels good it helps me wake my senses up if i wanted to be a bit extra i add lemon and honey or sometimes just plain warm water that soothe my empty stomach. It really helped me on loosing and maintaining my weight as well i always keep in mind that i should drink a glass of water before and after eating and the result never disappoint since i'm preparing for a wedding i was invited into. Anyways, drinking soda is alright as long as you have it in moderation and don't forget to drink water afterwards.
  6. StayDicey

    StayDicey New Member

    I prefer water because its healthy and safe to drink and our body needs water we cannot live with out water. We can live without coca cola cola is bad for our health guys, we can drink cola but we must think twice especially if you are drinking it everyday that's bad for our health and not good for our body if you love yourself then drink moderately we can drink cola but not every day because it can cause our organs to fail and function so guys drink 8 glasses of water everyday.
  7. bleach123

    bleach123 New Member

    I prefer water than Coca Cola or softdrinks. Water is very hydrating and keeps our body energized. It also quenches thirst and is good for our skin. If you have acne-prone skin, this can help to make the skin clearer. Drinking 8 glasses or more of water is highly recommended. It aids in blood circulation and enhances digestion, so if you have constipation, then you have the solution. For you to lose weight, drinking water will help. Cola or softdrinks have a very high amount of sugar which is dangerous if you are used in drinking it every day. You will be in a high risk for diabetes and could lead to more serious complications such as high blood pressure, heart problems, and kidney failure. You can suffice your cravings just once in a while (once a week) but it is a big no-no if you drink it always.
  8. Melody1865

    Melody1865 Member

    I must drink water rather than coca cola.. basically to be healthy we need water in our life and water is life.. but I'm just a human also and honestly I am also drinking coca cola but not all times , when i just want and if there's an occasion at home..
  9. dhiejay

    dhiejay New Member

    I prefer Water because you cannot live without water but you can without Coca Cola and the water is too healthy and Natural drinks. Cold Water for summer is the best.
  10. AMIYA000

    AMIYA000 New Member

    water, water when mixed with different chemical it forms Coca Cola or any other drink. The mix is chemical and we all know the chemical is not good for our body when used excessive. So I would prefer to drink water rather than coca cola.
  11. aizelmagbatoc

    aizelmagbatoc New Member

    Ofcourse it should be water. Clean water is the best for our body. No toxic and no chemicals that can harm our body. Beverages such as coca cola has alots of additives. Yes it really tastes a lot better than water specially when its cold but still its not still advisable to drink it instead of water. If you feel thirsty,water is the primary solution for your thirst.
  12. babyjane12

    babyjane12 New Member

    I choose water because it helps my body to digest foods that i ate.
  13. ps007

    ps007 New Member

    Coca-Cola, no doubt about it! Though it may serve its importance in maintaining good health along with its infinite benefits in general, Coca-Cola's my obvious choice because I see life as a party! Who enjoys bplain water in parties? Who gets thrilled in a glass of boring water (except the tired camels in the desert)? Nobody enjoys water. You need a good fix after a tiring day from work? Coke can give you an instant booze of caffeine you need to keep you going longer! The kids don't want to come to the table for lunch? Give it two seconds until they hear the fizz from a freshly-opened Coke bottle! Battling the summer hell? Grab an ice-cold Coke and you're good to go! I am not eliminating the vital role of water in one's well-being. This is for the sake of real-talk of what I prefer over the other, and not what I need between them. So yeah, tell me when you're finally Coke-proof...'cause I sure ain't!
  14. Kcdeang

    Kcdeang New Member

    Water is better than coca cola, water will clean us and purify us while coca cola might lead us to diabetes. Drinking water a lot makes our skin looks healthier and more glowing, drinking water has a lot of benefits, it could make us thin, could purify our organs and could clean us on the inside.

    Without water our body will fail to function, the organs inside us wont do their jobs
  15. pamz-IZg3

    pamz-IZg3 New Member

    I prefer drinking water than coca cola.. maybe on my younger years I would prefer coca cola..
    yes, the taste of coca cola is irresistible.. specially on hot summer day.. but ever since I watched a video of a person who drunk 1 can of coke for 30 days.. and gained almost 5 pounds.. It made me drink coke lesser and lesser..
    Before I used to drink atleast 1 liter of coke per day..I also notice the belly fat I gained before and after used to drink coke.. since then slowly my coke intake become lesser and lesser.. nowadays around once a week.. yes I cannot deny that I still drink coke, but now I learned to moderately drink coke.. I also learned that it take 1 week to fully take out coke in your system.. also prevents the risk of having diabetes and UTI.. yes from time to time I find it hard to resist the temptation of drinking coke.. but it is always mind over matter..
  16. chreloisa

    chreloisa New Member

    For me its water. Since its summer in here I tend to drink water all the time and I reduced drinking Coca cola a long time ago since I tend to watch my weight now and knowing it is not good for my body at all. But I sometimes drink whenever I'm in a fastfood restaurant.
  17. Jesaiah23

    Jesaiah23 Member

    Water. the fact that it has so may benefits in our body. it helps you to avoid dehydration and reduce chances of heat stroke. Coke is very dangerous to our body because of acidity and its sugar content. Many people suffer from Diabetes because of Coca cola, Yes it gives you refreshment but it can destroy your body. Always drink water to keep you healthy and hydrated.
  18. freda32

    freda32 New Member

    water. I regularly drink water at least 8-10 glasses. It regulates replenish and cleanse our body.
  19. ian141

    ian141 New Member

    Basically its water. Water have a lot of health benefits rather than coca cola which has a high sugar content that may cause some side effects, lack of water/dehydration and health issues. Water cleanse our body it removes the toxin of our body and our body is 70% liquid so we need to maintain it if we cannot maintain it our blood will be denser and it may cause leukemia. Everyday we need to drink 8 bottles of water said the doctors but still its just an average, The fact is we need to drink 12 bottles of water perday so we can maintain our blood density and far from dehydration and far from health issues. It is very rare to drink Coca cola at that particular time. My family also not a big fan of Coca Cola and they have been my influences not regularly drinking it.
  20. InvalidName99

    InvalidName99 New Member

    Water, because it is healthy than coca cola. Water has so many benefits in our health they avoid you from having dehydration and reduce chances of heat stroke especially during summer. Coca cola will just give many amount of sugar that is not good for your body.
  21. troyoyoy

    troyoyoy New Member

    I choose water, because it helps flushing out the waste from our body. For example it helps our kidneys to release the toxins from our bloodstreams. Water also helps regulate body temperature, this is really important because we can die if our body doesn't regulate the right temperature especially if it is summer or winter. Another importance of water would be the help of fighting off illnesses. Overall, being attentive to the amount of water we drink each day is really important for our optimal health. That's why I really prefer water over coca cola or any other sodas.
  22. Yssandra

    Yssandra New Member

    Coca cola has harmful effects towards our body as everyone already knows but still people choose Coca cola because of its addictive property. Despite knowing that colas can damage you kidney and causes diabetes it's alarming that people still chose the unhealthy way.

    I prefer water as it preserves our life more than what we think. It helps us regulate proper digestion that aids us to gain a healthy weight for our body. Water is also the best anti-aging food out there as it keeps our skin hydrated while it flushes out toxins from our body.

    If only water health benefit awareness is promoted people will start to have a healthy lifestyle.
  23. moniqueorlyn

    moniqueorlyn New Member

    For me i'd rather choose water than cola. Water is really important to all of us. When you drinking water it helps maintain the balance of Body Fluids. Our body is composed of about 60% water. The functions of these bodily fluids include digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature. Drinking water also ha a lots of benefits for our body.
  24. Racky18

    Racky18 New Member

    I prefer water over cola the reason is that water cleans and dilute or dissolve every impurities inside our bodies.water revitalized the cells of our body,if you take 10 to 12 glasses of water everyday.We are able to avoid dehydration that sometimes causes fatal stroke.Water cleanse or kidney another organ of our body that filters impurities kidney failures will result to death.The presence of water to our body promotes oxygen circulation.avoid cola the sugar in it will add unwanted calories to your bodies.these are one of the reasons for obesity,when we become obese we could acquire a number of diseases one of which heart disease that will lead to heart stroke. Type 2 diabetes also our pancreas produces enough insulin but the problem it can not circulate to our body it is trap by the fat we get drinking to much cola,water is life.
  25. XIlayPVPX

    XIlayPVPX New Member

    Obviously water is healthier, but lets speak about mental effects, growing up drinking water only can be boring but you will be used to it, growing up drinking coke can cause horrible habits like drinking up to 3 cups whenever you can such as at Parties, Friends and etc
  26. monicaaigan05

    monicaaigan05 New Member

    Technically speaking, we all have to choose water over cola
    Water is one of the most important components to living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Although we enjoy a cool and refreshing carbonated soda from time to time we must limit our soda intake and replace it with more water because soda when consume in large quantities soda can have harmful effects in our everyday life and well being.
  27. AnLev

    AnLev New Member

    No one believes, but I never tasted Coca-Cola. Can not even smell it. Everyone is crazy about this drink and only I do not understand why. Funny huh? I even think of myself as such about this. All my life I've been drinking only water. Do not know anything else. Can not stand other sweet drinks also. In any case it is probably better for your teeth to be healthy.
  28. bienn05

    bienn05 Member

    Definitely the answer is water. I think water is the most important liquid we can take. Water has more use than Coca-cola, if you know what I mean. Water can be used for drinking, bathing, cooling, and many more. Coca-cola is nothing without water. Coca-cola can cause diabetes becauase of too much sugar. Coca-cola is tastier but you cannot drink it for everyday unless you want to have sickness/diabetes.

    I think majority will agree with me because water is the real MVP.
  29. Marycris

    Marycris New Member

    drinking water is very healthy for you. Your body craves water, and even though it might not be the tastiest beverage, you can benefit from drinking lots of water.
  30. luislover8

    luislover8 New Member

    WATER !! The adequate consumption of water is essential for the kidneys to function well, helping them to eliminate waste and unnecessary nutrients through urine, it helps us to improve the digestive tract since water is necessary in the dissolution of nutrients so that these can be absorbed by the blood and transported to the cells.

    The water acts as a lubricant for the muscles and joints: it helps to protect the joints and the muscles function correctly refreshes us in moments of heat, it also relaxes the water is a great ally for the skin helping to maintain the elasticity of the same and its tone.

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