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Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by Thonette, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. Thonette

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    How to write fiction story? I am a writer in wattpad, yes I'm a beginner but I gain a hundred plus reads in just 3 days..

    Once you are writing a fiction stories make sure that the title is unique and can hit the audience because we all know that the first thing that the readers will see is the title. If the title is so interesting then assume to have lots of readers.
    Second is the story description, make sure that your story description is intense and makes them hung in the thread.
    Third is don't write a so clingy story. Remember, a so clingy story makes the readers feel bored, been there! I don't like a story with a so childish pov.
    But the most special is don't write a story because you want to impress people, yes we want them to appreciate our work but always set on your mind that you are writing because that is your passion, you are writing because that's what makes you feel happy. Don't mind the people opinion about your story. As long as you're happy by what you are doing then that is all that matters.
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    Can I have your wattpad usename?
  3. MrsSBeaumont

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    I've never written in wattpad. Most of what I write is kept secret or shared with only a few friends. I agree that it is best to write for yourself first. If you don't like it, then why show it to anyone else?
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    Ive never written in wattpad but i read some of the famous and most read stories there. I write fiction writing based on what my readers want. But if they want the same genre, there are many writers out there that has almost the same ideas but different plots which will be quite boring. I want to inspired others, share my opinion on how the world works, and how discrimination and oppression can't be stopped. Why i write fictional stories? Because i want to express my opinions, change the view of others and i just dont want to see others be oppressed because i experience being oppressed and that feeling of being avoided by others because there are certain things they dont like from you.

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