Ways to help someone with depression

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  1. kiaaancarlos

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    These thread is about ways to help people who suffers depression.

    > Give them time to open up to you
    > Be patient to them
    > Understand them
    > Always be with them
    > If there are bad signs seek for help
    > Always say to them that you are there for them
    > Love them
    > Care for them
    > Talk to them about life
    > Talk about how important he or she is
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  2. GailM

    GailM New Member

    Having dealt with mental health issues of a loved one, I would the following:
    • educate yourself about depression and its symptoms
    • encourage a daily routine
    • help create a low-stress environment
    • take care of yourself
    • be patient - recovery will take time
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  3. Steven Sass

    Steven Sass New Member

    I have dealt with depression with close ones my entire life. My wife, my mother, my cousin the list goes on and on. While medicine does help in many instances, I've found if you just listen to them and actually try to help them with the things their dealing with, might be the best alternative. Sometimes it's hard to gain their trust, this is why you must maintain patience. After time give them your opinion very careful of their feelings.
  4. Yoon Hee

    Yoon Hee New Member

    Listen and be patient. Do not add fuel to the fire by telling the person he/she is just overreacting because the person is not. Try to put yourself at the person's situation, be careful of the opinions you throw off, and sympathize with him/her. Lastly, try to convince the person that life is so much more until it sinks in.
  5. Ryan33

    Ryan33 New Member

    Ways to help someone with depression?

    1. Pray for his/her recovery.
    2. Touch the heart. The person will never listen to any advice unless you haven't touch the heart.
    3. Sometimes they do not need advice, they just need company.
    4. Don't feel pity for them, just treat it in a normal way.
    5. Let them do the talking (Talking Therapy) and decipher the action.
  6. emoxigh27

    emoxigh27 New Member

    How to help someone with depression?

    Give your time and understanding. Most of the these people wants to be alone, but being alone can make everything worst. Don't let them think that no one cares for them.

    Be patient and try to understand their complex attitude. Don't force them to be happy, rather help them feel better.

    - take it from the person who suffered from it.
  7. Jejo Fabila

    Jejo Fabila New Member

    If your depress right now you can pray . Pray to god . God knows how to conquer that and help yourself too . Forget and forgive, keep moving forward . Continue your life its blessing from above
  8. Meljean Cantre

    Meljean Cantre New Member

    I'm a psychology student and has background on this topic. There are lists of ways you can help a person suffering from depression. One way is to be there to listen, depressed person would really appreciate that someone is there beside them to talk to. Family should make time with them, it's the best way to avoid suicidal attempts. But the best thing someone could do to help someone with depression is to know depression, to learn what it's like to avoid saying wrong things. Sadness and depression are not alike. The latter is far more dangerous than the first one. Learn depression, it's the best and most effective way to help someone with it.
  9. Patricia A Henley

    Patricia A Henley New Member

    Thank you for posting this, I suffer from depression and anxiety, that's why I am unable to work, thankfully I have an understanding husband. But many people don't know how to deal with someone who suffers from depression
  10. amichellepnd

    amichellepnd New Member

    I've been suffering from depression and anxiety for years and it sucks, I always feel like I'm already helpless and cannot get help from anybody because I know that it's going to be me who can help myself. But, the best help that we need from people close to us is always company, we don't need you to pity us or comfort us in such things that we can remember the things that we suffer from, but we need all the positivity, fun thing or activities together is a big point, or just a simple conversation is already a help for us. We don't want people to ask us to tell them what we feel or think, we will open up things when we want, but we don't want anyone to always ask us. We will do the talking once we know that we are ready to do it so. Understand us, yes. Because our situation is not easy, it's like battling of two minds inside one head. It's a tough battle, we just need accompaniment from the people we love.
  11. nino gerson

    nino gerson New Member

    Ways to help a person who is experiencing depression:
    1. Pray for that person who is suffering and pray also for yourself to be used by God to reach out to that person.
    2. Talk to the person show him or her that he/she is not alone that you care..
    3. Listen with your heart let him/her pour out his/her pain towards you..
    4. After that person release her/his pains tell that person that there is always someone who cares for him/her it's not only you but GOD. the bible tells us Psalms 34:18 "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted(Depressed)" and also remind that person that GOD cares as it is written in 1 Peter 5:7 " Cast all your anxiety to him because he cares for you"

    Remember God Loves you in your UPS and DOWNS of your life!!

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