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    Introduction to Web Development
    Beginner Series: What Is Coding?
    1. Benefits of Learning to Code
    2. How Coding Works
    3. Common Coding Languages
    4. The Best Place To Start Coding
    5. Introduction To Web Development
    6. Introduction To Web Design
    7. Introduction To App Development

    Web programming, also known as web development, is the creation of dynamic web applications. Examples of web applications are social networking sites like Facebook or e-commerce sites like Amazon.

    The good news is that learning web development is not that hard!

    In fact, many argue it’s the best form of coding for beginners to learn. It’s easy to set up, you get instant results and there’s plenty of online training available.
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    • HTML and CSS. Don't be fooled into thinking these are the easy parts. ...
    • JavaScript. Full-stack JavaScript is hot right now, and it won't cool off anytime soon (if ever). ...
    • Product Management. ...
    • Frameworks. ...
    • Git. ...
    • Test-Driven and Behavior-Driven Development (TDD and BDD) ...
    • JSON APIs. ...
    • Caching.

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