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Discussion in 'Internet' started by KARTHICK MAHARAJAN, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Tinaya Sallie

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    I have had the same issue. After sifting through all of the scam sites, I have found this site to be worth joining. You can start making money right away, quickly and easily:
  2. Tailz747

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    I agree with Torreyy. Workers board is a great site. its how i found Postloop. It has tons of other work from home jobs listed.
  3. braasch07

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    If you are up to spending a decent amount of time to fill out surveys, and answer the same questions repeatedly on different surveys then I know of a few survey sites that pay out. The few sites that I know pay out, I have cashed out via paypal. One of the sites is, you can cash out via paypal instantly once you have earned 100 points, which is equivalent to $10 USD. The other two sites that I have found have been paid out via paypal usually in about a week, they are, and
  4. torikaruppu

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    You cannot earn much through surveys. They pay only cents per survey. You cannot simply attempt random surveys too. Most of the surveys may not suit your profile. So you can attend maximum 2 or 3 surveys per day and it would take you ages to reach the minimum payout. If you want to earn big money, the only way is to do any legit online business. For example, you can get a reseller account from and start earning by selling domain names, hosting plans, SSL certificates etc. This is one of the safe and secure online business.You can do this business from your home itself. You don't need to spend more time for this business. Just bring the customer for your reselling business. They are providing very good customer service and support.
  5. simplybeingB

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    This actually comes in handy. The only one I've found so far is .
  6. Adtipsy

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    There's a lot of good suggestions here, but most of the websites are based on demand. Meaning, the bigger the site gets the less work you get. All of these sites starts off with the user making a good amount of money, then as the user based grows the jobs doesn't. So, these are not stable ways to earn money. More of a hobby.

    If you want something that never grows out of demand and that has the potential to earn you whatever you want, then you should start a website or a blog and monetize it to make money off your traffic. Place ads on them that are tailored to what your website or blog is about and get paid when someone either clicks on the ads, clicks on it and buys the product or get paid for every 1000 impressions (most affiliate programs don't offer this, but Adsense does. You just have to have a good enough website or blog to making through the approval process).

    This is the only real way to earn a living online. Everything else is just temporary. They start off paying you dollars and it quickly switches to cents. So, don't set yourself up, pick something that you know is going to be around for awhile. Hope this helped, good luck!
  7. delawarevince

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    I have seen this question over and over again. I have found this website that actually invests in taking time to tell you how to make money online. The link is this person posts on YouTube and always recommends or does not recommend websites to go to.
  8. JeTaime Mckinnon

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    QUOTE="KARTHICK MAHARAJAN, post: 312065, member: 172425"]Guys , please tell me any websites to earn , But only legit websites. Came across many fake websites, not yet earned anything. Please tell me websites to earn more money...[/QUOTE]

    Hello I would advise you to look on or These sites can give you information on current work from home opportunities and on other real sites that you may not know about . I know the sites are legit work at home sites because I have worked for a few of them . There are also other work at home jobs where you can set your own schedule and work when you want such as and There is also a website called , this sites pays weekly via paypal about 10 cents per minute per call , all you do is listen to car dealership calls and sort the calls according to what the resolution was. If you decide that you just want to make a little cash you can also make money listening to music on and musicxray. The only difference between the two sites is that requires that you write a review. just pays you to listen to music.
  9. ahren81174

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    Paidverts is a PTC site where every $1 you invest you get 155% back. The more BAP you have the more money you'll get from the ads you click. You can increase your BAP by clicking on the activation ads and by buying the $1 ad packs, where you'll get 3100BAP for each ad pack bought. Just reinvest the money you get from clicking the ads or if you trust the site enough, you can (and should) invest your own money, maybe the money you make from postloop (; The owner of the site, Jo Cook, also creates daily news posts on the MyTrafficValue forum so everything is transparent and you can see how many people are in each BAP group, how many ads they got today, etc. The post also tells you what the programmers have been doing that day because some of the Paidverts earning are used to maintain/improve the site, by paying the programmers and letting them do their job.
  10. +vibes

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    I recommend that you visit The site will give you a broad list of legitimate online jobs which they regularly update.

    It would also be great if you subscribe to their youtube channel where they give reviews on different websites offering internet jobs. They show there how you can sign up on the legitimate sites they are recommending. They show as well the tasks involved and some tips on how you may earn fast. :)
  11. pinkcadbury

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    There are so many ways usable to make money online from home :

    1.Flip domain names :

    Domain names are valuable internet real estate and some people actually make a nice living off of buying and selling them.

    2.Do online surveys.

    3.Transcribe audio.

    Websites are getting better and better about providing written transcripts for the hearing impaired, meaning that transcriber jobs pop up fairly regularly.

    4. Reseller business

    For reseller business, technical skills are not required. It is very easy and secure paid method business in online. . It is available at . Here, you need to create a reseller account before starting it. After that , you can sell domain,hosting plans,etc.and earn good money through it.
  12. moebi69

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    I think it is very difficult to find websites who promise to pay and actually pay out to members. There are a couple of PTC sites that will pay out. The problem with these sites is you are required to put in a lot of work for very minimal reward. I am currently accessing a site where apparently you can earn money for completing a simple task of comparing pictures. I have only started using the site in the last week where a user visits the site and completes daily work. I can’t say this is not a scam at this stage as it takes 90 days before the site will make the first payment. They then pay on the 5th and the 20th of each month.
  13. ernestineshinga

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    These are some of my favorite websites to earn money. Ibotta, Receipt Hog, Trailers and cash slots. I like being able to earn money by doing some of the some of my favorite things like watching video's, shopping and playing games. All of these websites that I just mention can be very rewarding.
  14. proapp

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    You can try sign up in, in this website you can make earn alot of money with offers services in accordance with the expertise you.
  15. Dusan

    Dusan New Member is one legit website for earning money. But, you must work daily actions, weekly actions and monthly actions. On this website are lessons how to increase your work and your money. Visit this website!
  16. Elkang

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    There are some great money making sites out there but they are far and few between. I must add that all money making online can only happen with hard work and/or investment here are some useful ones: 1/ Online Jobs Free. 2/Super Pay me.
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  17. Porscha Troutman

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    There are plenty of ways to make money online for graphic designers. However, you need to have multiple sources of avenue to make a substantial income. You also have to be proactive. Competition is steep, so make sure you are on your game.

    Below is a list of online places where you can get paid for your graphic design.

    These sites have paying gigs. - Earn between $5 to $50 per gig. They have tons of traffic and you have more room to earn money.

    Here are some freelance opportunities. - $29 to start but if you are a professional you can earn $1000 day designing 5 to 10 logos You can get paid hourly and can set your own prices
    for your work.

    These sites allow you to upload and sell your designs. - You can open your own store.

    Host a class - Teach and get paid. You don't need experience. You can teach any of the creative topics that interest you.

    Once you get 25 students you are eligible for monthly royalties. Teachers average about $3,500 a year.

    They also have a referral program.

    I hope this helped. Good luck.
  18. PeteHubinsky

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    I happen to have studied this a lot, and have amassed a huge list of websites that will pay money. If you want to earn money from skills, you should check out the freelance websites. Websites like and and have many different types (and every changing kinds) of opportunities to provide all kinds of services. These services can range from writing blogs and articles, to answering phones (and logos and other graphic art work you mentioned). They are awesome sites, and many people (including US citizens) can and do actually make a decent living doing all kinds of things on these websites. It really is work however. You could type in "paid offers" or "paid rewards" into your search engine and find some companies that will pay small amounts of money for these things. I actually completed a level of and got a check in the mail for like 28$. It was a lot of work for a little money. I think rather than explore these things, the best bet to really make acceptable amounts of money online is to work on the freelance boards (there are more than I mentioned, just type in "freelance work websites" into search engine and you will find many more than I listed).

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