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    After working day after day through the storm, I finally got to come home to my beautiful girlfriend I have been away from for days now.

    Thinking about all the things I would have to do to make up for all this lost time, I walked through the front door and was shocked to see that she had the same idea as me... but she was all ready to go.


    There you were... standing in the living room wearing pink thong with black straps, and a t-shirt that wasn't covering the bottom of your breasts. I dropped my bags and shut the door, run up to you and started kissing you rough and passionate, with all our tongues all over each others faces.

    Then you stopped me. Told me to go and take a shower and meet you in the bedroom.

    I quickly stripped down.

    Naked... Excited... READY for what the night had in store for us, and hopped in the shower just thinking about your beautiful body waiting for me in the other room. My d!ck got hard as I washed my body, impatient with the events that are about to happen when I get out.

    As I finished showering, I came out the bathroom so fast I almost fell down whe I opened the bedroom door.

    There you were, like a prize to behold. On the bed laying down, with your undergarments off and your shirt nowhere to be seen as you exposed your big, beautiful breasts to me. I stepped closer into the room as you held your right leg.

    Then in a sexy, sultry voice your said, "I'm all yours daddy."

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