What are the most important books that value to you the most?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Plekers, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. Plekers

    Plekers New Member

    There are a lot of books out there some are useless some are important, some use for entertainment, etc.. i think for me the most important books are about science because its part of our evolution. It also help to discover new technology and advance further in terms of almost everything.
  2. edwnav

    edwnav New Member

    A book that influenced me a lot in regards to introducing me to certain beliefs and types of humor was "Going Too Far" by Tony Hendra. I bought it on a whim when I was 13, and it really educated me on the history of 20th century satire and the trouble that people such as Lenny Bruce had to face for their art. Hendra makes a lot of points that still stick with me, particularly his attitude of preserving the dangerous creativity of the underground. It's been forever since I lost it, but his sentiment that once something shows up on television, it has lost its bite. It has become safe and commercially available. Perhaps dated, as it is from the mid-80's, but I still think back on it as I believe a lot of it could still be applied to the climate today.
  3. The books that influenced me the most are feminist classics, and Aung San Suu Kyi's Freedom from Fear. Books like these are deemed important because they spread ideas of democracy and women liberation, and effect changes in the society, constantly helping the human race move forward. I found feminist classics like The Feminine Mystique still relevant to modern living, and it has helped me understand my aunt's depression when she was stuck at home with two children: my teenage-cousin who had gone off the rails, and my younger cousin who liked throwing tantrums. It also helped me understand myself better. I learned to see the world in a different light, and to develop a new understanding of sex, gender roles, and the notion of womanhood. Reading feminist classics like The Feminist Mystique is truly life-changing for me.

    Freedom from Fear gave me the courage and persistence I needed to get through each day and make peace with myself at a time when my country was undergoing a phase of change. I saw my class-mates going on strikes and camping out on the streets to fight for democracy, some of them were assaulted by pepper gas and tear bombs. I was depressed and devastated then, and being the strong-willed idealist that I have always been, I failed to decipher the police's actions, nor the government's clamping down on the protesters. Aung Sann's book helped me get through the struggle and face every day. In the book, she detailed her own struggle with the Myanmar government, and criticized the cruelty of police. Reading her book reaffirmed my beliefs, and I found a light in the words she said--the light that showed me the road to peace and faith.
  4. redpearL1

    redpearL1 New Member

    The Bible. Did you know that the Bible is a mini library? The Bible contains a total of 66 books. 39 are from the Hebrew scriptures, and the rest, 27, is in the Christian Greek Scriptures. These books helped me become a better person and enjoy life and be happy even if this world full of hatred, injustice, violence and many other negative things. It gives hope to those who have given up on their lives.
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  5. Jonas700

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    Nonfictional books, mostly talking of health tips and diet.
  6. donamis

    donamis New Member

    I have read The Alchemist thrice so far and each time proved different in the inferences it gave me. It helped me pursue some major decisions in life confidently.
  7. enilanyer

    enilanyer New Member

    For me, it's the dictionary. Because I won't be able to learn the correct spelling, grammar construction and pronunciation without the help of any kind of dictionary. There are also translational dictionaries for others who are having difficulties in the English language.

    When I read other books and I encountered a new word, I immediately check it up in the dictionary and I gain knowledge at the same time.
  8. abesantana1

    abesantana1 New Member

    Be Here Now by Ram Dass is a life changing book, id recommend to anyone.
  9. nichole-yc1F

    nichole-yc1F New Member

    The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. This novel could actually be thought of as a children's book because of the way it was created but the message it cobveys about life and nature is really unquestionable.
  10. Lady_Seah

    Lady_Seah New Member

    There are no specific books that are the most important to me. But I make sure that the books that made me laughed, cry and inspired are the ones I keep to my shelf. They are my babies and I make sure that they are dust free and covered each with plastic covers. Call me crazy but when I love a book, I just don't buy a hard copy but I also purchase an E-book.

    Whenever I feel lonely, sad or have nothing else to do, I read one of my babies. And I really get mad or didn't want to be disturb when I'm reading. Most of my books are about romance, fantasy, and adventure.
  11. Nabanaccountko

    Nabanaccountko New Member

    Dictionary cause this gives you more vocabulary words that you might not encountered yet.
  12. Jeedae

    Jeedae New Member

    One of the books that has been of great value to me is Before You Do by T.D. Jakes. The book teaches how to get on the right path to making decisions that you will be proud of for the rest of your life. The book explains some ways in which we can protect ourselves from the highly expensive and emotionally devastating consequences that we may live to regret. The author talked about the five crucial components in making decisions in a relationship. He also gave insight on how to reflect, discern and decide the next step to take to have a strong and enduring love, marriage and family.

    You will gain a lot from this book because the author takes a spiritual and practical approach to explain the emotional issues such as the outside influences on our relationships, e.g coping with anger; negotiating high profile life; baby mama or baby daddy; financial concerns, parenting; and so many more.
  13. paulsevere

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    As Redpearl1 mentioned "Bible". Yes, the Bible contains 66 books written by 36 to 40 authors over the period of 1600 years. Bible is written by different types of people from different part of the world. Most printed, Most translated and read by many.

    It changed my life and the bible add value to my life daily while reading it. If I am not wrong, the Bible changed many lives compared to any book on planet earth.

    Bible provides...

    Revelation, inspiration and illumination.
  14. moonchaser29

    moonchaser29 New Member

    Bible is the most important book in this world. Ordinary books will give you information but the Bible will give you a huge transformation. If you want to be knowledgeable, the read the Bible. It doesn't matter how long you will finish this book as long as you read it with heart and you apply it to your everyday life. Its inspirational and motivational book. There is no greater teacher than our LORD. I love reading the Bible again and again. Be inspired and empowered.
  15. sammiii

    sammiii New Member

    For me, it's The Bible. It's one of the books that gives me life lessons. Something that I can apply in real life. It also has lots of inspirational stories. It's such a big help most specially in this modern time. Having courage, faith, and love are just some of the things it encourages us have. Reading it makes me feel fulfilled at some point. And as Christian, reading The Bible makes me feel closer to God.

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