What are the positive and negative effect of social media to a family?

Discussion in 'Social Networking' started by kelvz1984, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. kelvz1984

    kelvz1984 New Member

    We all have different opinion about this about the negative side and the positive side of social media to a family, tell me your opinion.
  2. Nethmanila

    Nethmanila New Member

    The positive effect of the social media is you can communicate to your old friends and relatives that you didn't see for long time. There are also some people that they lost their family and with the help of social media they only post it and they found their long lost family members.
    In terms of negative effect of social media, family can't have a productive bonding time when they are together because they are all focus on their gadgets.
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  3. sandipghosh1988

    sandipghosh1988 New Member

    positive and negative side depend on person view and thinking. Such as you can share a health tips on social media that will help to careful a person about his/ her health. another side you can viral a rumor in social media that can create panic.
  4. vk25

    vk25 New Member

    The positive effect is interaction with people with whom you can not talk in real life and finding and learning new things. The negative thing and the most obvious is addiction. Teenagers tend to use social media all the time to look at pictures on instagram and talk to other teens all the time, even at night, which makes them lose sleep and they become tired and then start studying less and become worse at school. Not all teenagers are like that, but most are.
  5. Imaginepowers

    Imaginepowers New Member

    Social media can both impact family in a positive and a negative ways. It really depend on how YOU use it. I use social media to stay connecting to my family who live abroad, it’s amazing how phone calls and video calls are now FREE to make across the world in an instant. I use a few social media apps because it has it’s own unique features therefore it’s own use. A few that I use are Pinterest to get ideas for my house decoration and I love discovering new tips and tricks online. I use Whatsapp which isn’t really social media but the FREE phone calls and the video calls, I love!

    I also use inLinx because I get to stay closer and connected to my family. You can easily separate what you post for your family to see and what you post for your friends and public to see. This really helps me because some posts are just not appropriate for family hahahh. Say bye to having different accounts for friends and for family! They have this ‘treat as’ function where you can treat people as family or Linx. If one of your member in the family group decide to add you as Linx. If you treat them as family they will see what you post on the their designated family timeline but not on Linx timeline however if you treat them as Linx. They will see both your family and Linx timeline. The best thing is they won’t know how you treat them as and you can always change this setting. I also get to meet new people online with the chatroom, I can choose gender, age and location of the people I want to chat to as well.

    Negative effects maybe that family don’t talk to each other anymore and just goes on their devices instead of having a meaningful conversation and build a strong relationship
  6. jonjon1980

    jonjon1980 Member

    positive effects one is the healthy discussion who open-minded in a certain topics
    negative effects one is the bashers and haters with non-sense comments and not open-minded to a certain topics

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