What are the postloop benefits?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Gempot, Jun 3, 2018.


What is the reason you work on postloop?

  1. For earnings?

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  2. For your career enhancement?

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  1. Gempot

    Gempot New Member

    At first im thinking of the better thing that i can make money on internet. At first i am busy on my networking but i cannot earn a lot but here i am fan of expressing my self and happy earning
  2. Austhalina

    Austhalina Member

    Postloop has many benifits it helps other people having and idea or knowledge about some situation or question. If you dont have work and your waisting your time just on internet doing facebook. Why dont you just spend time in postloop to express your feeling give advice have opinion about certain topic. So that we could share ideas to other whos reading it. While doing this, u can earn. So its not a waste of time using postloop. U help other people by sharing your thoughts while you are earning also. So its a win-win situation. Postloop really help us.
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  3. Fumioks

    Fumioks New Member

    That's why I thought so too instead of browsing through facebook and making comments there. Why not do postloop? You earn money and share ideas with other people. :)
  4. james11kyrie

    james11kyrie Member

    At the first I signed it up just for a earning money but I realize that post loop is helping other people to get more knowledge, tip, guide, and sharing experience that happen to their everyday life. Not only by that you also enjoy every topic on the forums and gaining friends

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