What are the things we need to consider in buying a new phone this year?

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    We are now living in a world of hi-tech gadgets, where different devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptop are used. In our everyday living we need them to make our lives and daily tasks easy, quick and painless. Now we can use our smartphone to pay bills, check our emails, our social media accounts, to shop online, and to watch different T.V shows and movies. Is it wonderful right?, to keep our hobbies and our daily tasks in just one device. But are you thinking to buy a new phone this year? Let me give you some tips on how to find a smartphone that is suited for you everyday needs.

    Tip #1: What devices do you use frequently in the past years?

    If you've been using either platform or apps for your daily tasks like checking your emails, watching movies, and streaming to music if you changed platforms, these cannot be accessed.

    Therefore, if you are using an Apple device for the past few years and purchased tons of applications, movies and music, then you must stay to Apple to use their services and stuffs.

    Then if you use both devices, Android and iOS then you can choose the both of them freely.

    Tip #2: Price: Do you need an expensive phone?

    Actually it only depends based on your needs and interests. If you are a techie and using a bunch of features in a flagship device, then you must a buy a sort of flagship phones like iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9, Oppo F7 and etc. But if you need only a phone for checking emails, watching T.V and Movies, and a little bit of photography then you must only choose those cheap phones that are totally worth it.

    Tip #3: You don't need an iPhone

    It maybe hard to understand if your friends and family members are using iPhone, but there are many options that are cheaper and much worth it than an iPhone. Which includes Android Devices, Window Phones and etc.

    So give your opinions and comments in the comment section below.;):)[​IMG]

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