What are you thankful for today? ♥

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by ChildishGirl, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. ChildishGirl

    ChildishGirl Member

    JESUS IS ALWAYS #1 in everything you do!
  2. Dark Emperor

    Dark Emperor New Member

    im thankful that im still alive and that I had a great time playing paintball with my friends for the first time.Im also thankful that the week is almost over :)
  3. ChildishGirl

    ChildishGirl Member

    Are you still studying or working?
  4. lotzalove

    lotzalove New Member

    I am thankful that God gave me another day to enjoy the beauty of His creations. I am also thankful for the good laughter me and my friends have shared as we walked home from school.
  5. Trisha Tan

    Trisha Tan New Member

    I'm thankful for my family, my friends, almost everything God has given me! All around the world, there are people who are in far more worse situations than I am in, and I am always thankful because of that fact. I understand that sometimes life will bring challenges into our lives, but it is also another way to be thankful for, because challenges can help us develop into a better person. So everyday , whether its good news or bad news, problems or solutions, let's be thankful :D
  6. Deanna

    Deanna New Member

    I am thankful that I've got this roof over my head, was able to pay my bills from last month and that i'm not starving to death. Life has been tough, but God has been helping me get through every step some how. I recently recovered from a devastating IBD and i'm just darn happy to be alive right now for the most part. Every day that i'm still here is truly a blessing :).
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  7. pwcross

    pwcross New Member

    I have a two-year-old son, and he makes it very easy to remember my gratitude everyday. I just picked him up from preschool a couple hours ago, and he came skipping out of the classroom, wearing a giddy smile that took up his whole face, holding a flower he'd picked from the garden for me. That's what I'm thankful for today!
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  8. fiel

    fiel Member

    I am thankful for today because there is a God who always watches over us and I am also thankful because I have a very loving and supportive family. :)
  9. fairy_ninfa

    fairy_ninfa New Member

    I am thankful that God Almighty has given me another day to enjoy the things around me. I'm grateful that I have a wonderful family. My friends never fail to make me smile, that's another. I'm also thankful for the strength He has given me to be able to do my daily tasks.;)
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  10. fiel

    fiel Member

    I am very much thankful today because finally after long hours of sitting in front of the computer clicking countless ads on various PTC sites, my efforts has been finally paid off. I already made two cash payouts and right now, I'm still waiting for my payments to arrive on my paypal and alertpay accounts. :)
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  11. Sandee Einboden

    Sandee Einboden New Member

    Every day or night at least once a day I remind myself of what I am trully thankful for. Mostly I do it for what I am thankful for that very day. Each day we tend to forget the thing's we are so blessed with as we want or need it can feel like so much more. Today I am thankful both my teen's made it to school & back home safe & sound. I am thankful my one year old was not a terrible two today & that I've been accomplishing more work today then I did the last two days. I am grateful for money to get diapers, food, pay for phones, internet & a roof over heads.
  12. AngelaPDX

    AngelaPDX New Member

    I'm thankful for the Chinese food I just picked up from the place down the street. I'm thankful I have a roof over my head. I'm thankful for the wisdom and strength my mother gave me. I'm thankful for the little dog lying on the sofa next to me. I'm thankful I am strong and determined. I'm thankful I never give up hope.
  13. diana83

    diana83 New Member

    Wow, so much to be thankful for when you think about it. Mainly of course that I and my loved ones are fit and healthy, and that although money has been tight recently we always have enough for our needs.
  14. Trudy T.

    Trudy T. New Member

    I'm thankful for my family - to have a hardworking husband and to be able to stay home and raise my children.
  15. catnhorsegirl

    catnhorsegirl New Member

    I'm very thankful that one of my co-workers sent out a very kind email to her staff about what I do at work and how I contribute to the wellbeing and bottom line (I'm a grantwriter) for the non-profit organization that I work for. Over the past day or so, I've felt a bit unappreciated. Her kind words (and those of her staff that emailed me to thank me) really made my day!
  16. Fren

    Fren New Member

    It's November 11th - and I'm thankful for all service men and women who have put themselves into danger.

    Whilst I am pro-peace I always think of the ordinary service personel who are out there in front of the guns.
  17. tinkerbulilit

    tinkerbulilit New Member

    Each day is a brand new opportunity to be thankful of. I thank God for always letting me get up each morning and be able to see how beautiful life is. And I know that whatever trial we may encounter, He is always there for us, to guide us and to help us in every step of the way.
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  18. Momof4

    Momof4 New Member

    I am thankful everyday of so much in my life, but mostly, the roof over my head, the health and well being of my four beautiful children, husband and family and that those around me do not have stress on them that is wearing them down. We should all be thankful for LIFE because it is so very precious!
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  19. Joylynn

    Joylynn New Member

    I am so thankful for the men and women of the armed forces, they are willing to sacrifice so much for my freedoms. I don't think that we take enough time out of the day to realize without them I wouldn't be enjoying the activities and rights that I do.
  20. mandul

    mandul New Member

    I am thankful for being alive and for having wonderful people around me. I have always been a negative thinker who got discouraged by difficulties. Now I'm thankful for knowing how important it is to be thankful.
  21. aprilonbloom

    aprilonbloom New Member

    I am so thankful that God is guiding me always. I am thankful that I have no illness too.
  22. La Parisienne

    La Parisienne New Member

    I am thankful for so many things in my life but above all, I'm so thankful for the miracle baby boy that I have and who just got 1 this month ... He is my little sunshine and every smile he makes just brighten up my day ! :)
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  23. EvieMonroe

    EvieMonroe New Member

    Today, I am thankful that I have family, a roof over my head and food to eat- Clean water, a bed to sleep in and healthy children too! There is so much to be thankful for, I couldn't even list it all if I tried. Now, I just need a solid job with benefits, the success of a career and some self-esteem, lol!
  24. luvmypets

    luvmypets New Member

    I am thankful for Jesus!

    I'm thankful for my son,apt, food in my fridge, my SUV, my jobs, my pets... and now this forum!
  25. Sherry36912

    Sherry36912 New Member

    I am thankful for many things in my life, but what I am most thankful for is that my family is happy and healthy. I am happy when they are happy and so I thank God everyday for his blessings.
  26. syncytium87

    syncytium87 New Member

    I'm grateful that despite the problems I have encountered and still am facing in life, I still have reasons to smile, like great love, great friends, great family and relatives and a wonderful health. I'm trying to keep a positive outlook and feelings so that I may welcome more positive energy that the universe has to offer. So, I am just really thankful about the things that give me a reason to wake up each day.
  27. Kimbry Parker

    Kimbry Parker New Member

    I am thankful for my two beautiful kids, my husband and all of my family. I'm thankful that my husband finally has a job after two long years of being unemployed. I'm thankful for all of the people in the world that do so much to help others. I'm thankful for today in general!
  28. Ruby

    Ruby New Member

    I'm pretty thankful for my home today and my wonderful husband.
  29. Blazer

    Blazer New Member

    I'm thankful for being able to be alive. I often reblog anti-suicide pictures on my Tumblr; there was one such saying "PLEASE DON'T KILL YOURSELF TONIGHT" on a massive cardboard sheet. I've decided to start living for those who've taken their own lives - it wasn't their fault. Many of them are actually pretty nice people once you get to know them. I know this because I chill with a lot of people who're kind of emotionally connected to me, in a way - we just hang out in this park downtown.

    Oh, y'know, just going off on a tangent. But yeah, back to my main point. I'm just thankful for being alive and the people who support me. <3
  30. GhostWriter

    GhostWriter New Member

    I think that is a very good question. Its something I should start to ask myself everyday. But honestly I am thankful for the opportunities God has granted me with. Im thankful for being able. And that is simply it. I know i wouldnt be able to do most of the things that I do without him. I al also thankful for having a good boyfriend. A good boyfriend doesnt want anything but the best for you. They are motivators. And they are like a bestfriend in many ways. Im excited to be able to post on the forum topic. You just made my day. Thanks!

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