What are you thankful for today? ♥

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by ChildishGirl, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. DJSimmy

    DJSimmy New Member

    I am so thankful and grateful for everything God has given me every day of my life. The food, shelter, family, friends, the happiness, the beautiful nature, and the amazing overall life that has been bestowed upon me, I am very thankful for.
  2. Leedah

    Leedah New Member

    I am thankful for the to work from my home and have my daughter next to me. I'm a mom first, therefore any type of work that I do will always be for the enjoyment of myself as well as my child. I am also thankful for being allowed to wake up everyday with the use of my arms and legs. Some people will not have this chance.
  3. plissken303

    plissken303 New Member

    I am thankful for my health my family's health. My dog health he is also a member of my family. Having a place to sleep, eat and being able to take a shower the basics .
  4. sarita

    sarita New Member

    I am thankful just being alive and having this day to try and make life a little better not just for me but for others as well. I am grateful that today, my children, my grandchild and I have a roof over our heads, and three meals to eat. Thank You, Lord for all the people and reasons that make this my reality today.:love:
  5. Sir Thomas

    Sir Thomas New Member

    I am thankful, that I am feeling good, that I am healthy and that I am still having vacations.
  6. mountainbrown

    mountainbrown New Member

    I am thankful for my family. Even though at times they drive me crazy, I find it's important to remember that even with the sibling rivalry, bickering and snarky attitudes, that we love each other more than the world itself.
  7. ninamsc

    ninamsc New Member

    Definitely thankful for finding this topic and question! Made me think more positive about life. Actually, when you think a second about it, you'll find many great things that happened that day. :)
  8. Yolandi

    Yolandi New Member

    I live in a country where we are surrounded by poverty. So I am thankful on a daily basis for a roof over my head, food, work, a loving family. I am thankful that my kids are healthy, and can go to school and get an education. I am thankful that I am healthy and can provide for my kids. Because every day I am faced with those parents who struggle with the basics.
  9. danae1992

    danae1992 New Member

    I am thankful for my job; I have a lot of bills that are in Collections from a few years ago and it is a great feeling to be able to catch up and pay them off :) I am also thankful that I was finally able to start back in school again, I realized I want to pursue a degree in Social Work. Also thankful for another day of living!
  10. mobilemarketingmom

    mobilemarketingmom New Member

    I am so greatful for my kids. I am greatful for my wonderful husband. I am also greatful for the ability to work for myself in the comfort of my own home.
  11. Beats88

    Beats88 New Member

    Thankful for the food, shelter and company i have in my life. I am also thankful for my current job taking a risk and employing me thus giving me a helping hand towards the career of my dreams.
  12. tipay

    tipay Member

    i am thankful for the blessings that i and my family is receiving everyday it may not be that much of a blessing but it made us survive for the day.I am thankful that no member of my family and friends are ill right now .,and most importantly i am thankful because I woke up and I am alive ;)
  13. Nina Karel Frio

    Nina Karel Frio New Member

    First, I am thankful to God for without Him I am nothing. I am grateful for my family and friends for giving me their unending support. I am thankful for all the trials that have tested me and molded me to become the person that I am today.
  14. PlatypusFeet

    PlatypusFeet New Member

    I am thankful that I am able to decide what I want to do tomorrow. Most people don't realize that life starts to suck more when they find their life being dictated for them, whether it be by a boss, loved ones, or even children. I'm glad that I can choose whether I want to make something of my life, or completely ruin it, because not everybody gets that chance.
  15. Alexander Colby

    Alexander Colby New Member

    I am thankful for so many things. I am thankful that I'm in good health. I broke up with my girlfriend a few months ago and I am thankful that my mother has let me move in with her temporarily. I am thankful that I have food everyday. I am also thankful that no matter what setbacks and obstacles I face, I can get up everyday and try again. These are just some of the things I am thankful for.
  16. youryellowbird33

    youryellowbird33 New Member

    I'm thankful that my family is doing well health wise, and that I have a healthy baby boy and a committed boyfriend that works hard to take care of us and supports me emotionally as well. Not many people get to live with their best friend, and I consider myself fortunate to have met him at this point in my life as opposed to later. :)
  17. latollyah23

    latollyah23 New Member

    I am thankful to be living and breathing with my life, health and strength!
  18. Kita

    Kita New Member

    Today I am thankful for God, he woke me up this morning to be able to continue living this life on earth with my husband and kids, which I am also thankful for!!!!
  19. Annsal

    Annsal New Member

    I am thankful that my dentist was able to restore my fractured filling without causing pain. She did not even charge me for it!
  20. nilennovy

    nilennovy New Member

    There are so many things I am thankful for. I am thankful for healthy family members. I am thankful we have a house to live in and cars to drive. I am thankful we have plenty of food and fresh drinking water.

    I am thankful we have jobs that provide and that everyday we make new memories as a family. Now if my children would listen better I would really be thankful for that!
  21. Pasy

    Pasy New Member

    I am thankful for being alive and for being given the strength to come back from an awful back bone and spine injury. I am thankful for the best family and friends one can have as well as for all the love I receive each and every day.
  22. holli

    holli New Member

    Today I am most thankful for my 2 beautiful daughters and my husband. We recently lost my husbands oldest son to suicide and I have learned to never take your time with your children or loved ones for granted. Always let them know they matter and just how much they are loved. I am also very thankful to have my job. My husband went through 2 job losses over the summer after being with one company for 8 Years. Jobs aren't so easy to come by these days.
  23. DianaV

    DianaV New Member

    I am thankful for my wonderful parents who today gave me the most beautiful present of all time: a book they both wrote about me. It is about a race of aliens similar to humans, but with no emotions. In their story, I am the little alien that ends up teaching the whole race how to love. I've been crying all day and I can't find the words to express how much I love them.
  24. ladymiss

    ladymiss New Member

    ^ Awww that's so sweet. :)

    I guess I'm just thankful for the life my parents gave me.
  25. Abdul Rahim Hasan

    Abdul Rahim Hasan New Member

    I am thankful for everything.

    I always believe in the saying "count your blessings and not your troubles". If you really start counting all the blessings you are blessed with, you will find that they are countless.

    I think we need to count our blessings and be thankful to everything what we have. An attitude of gratitude goes a long way in living a peaceful life.
  26. Bonyi

    Bonyi New Member

    I am thankful to God for the kind of life He has given me. It's a life of joy, peace, victory, fulfillment. It is a transcendent life, Zoe- the God- kind of life.
  27. Bonyi

    Bonyi New Member

    Sure He is. Without Him we can do absolutely nothing!
  28. Elizabethr6144

    Elizabethr6144 New Member

    I am so thankful for my husband and my kids. I am a stay at home mom and words can not describe how thankful I am for being able to watch my kids grow everyday. This is something that a lot of moms never get to experience, so I am so thankful for my loving husband who allows me to do so, and my wonderful kids who brighten my life.
  29. Danna Brown

    Danna Brown New Member

    I am thankful for my Lord and savior Jesus Christ, my husband, my children, and my life! Its good to be thankful.
  30. dargordon11

    dargordon11 New Member

    I'm thankful for having a day off from work today. I am happy to be getting a lot done around the house. It's so easy to let things pile up, and I'm finally getting rid of some of the clutter. Of course, I'm thankful for much more, but sometimes being thankful for the smaller things can give a person a lot of happiness.
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