What are your favorite game(s) on your mobile phone?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by dollbbylove, Dec 24, 2018.

  1. dollbbylove

    dollbbylove New Member

    I've notice that there's more adults who do not enjoy game consoles or PC games that much, but they do enjoy maybe a game or two on their mobile phones.

    What are your favorite game(s) on your mobile phone?
  2. MrClean

    MrClean New Member

    I used to scoff at mobile gaming since the market is over saturated with thinly veiled Skinner boxes designed to milk your wallet dry. However, I believe mobile gaming has become much more appealing to gamers in recent years. My top three games on mobile as of 2018 has to be Civilization 5, Pixel Dungeon and Hearthstone. I prefer turn-based strategy games.

    Originally made for PC, Sid Meier's Civilization 5 has been ported to the mobile market with absolutely stunning results. The intuitive touch screen controls, amazing high quality graphics, and smooth 60 FPS gameplay provides an extremely immersive and full-fledged gaming experience. It truly feels like the game was made to be played on mobile. For those unaware, Civilization 5 is a turn-based strategy game where the player is tasked with building their own civilization from the ground up. To make things more interesting, you are pitted against other bots/players with the same goal. You can choose from 25 different leaders each offering their own upsides. Since there are multiple avenues to victory, Civilization 5 offers endless replay value and strategic depth. The turn-based nature offers utmost convenience allowing you to pick up and play whenever you want.

    Pixel Dungeon seems unimpressive at first. A roguelike with pixel-art graphics isn't a groundbreaking concept. Just to be clear, a roguelike is a turn-based RPG with a procedurally generated environment, and permanent death as a core mechanic. However, no other roguelike on mobile comes close to Pixel Dungeon's execution. The game play is grueling, almost to the point of unfair. I don't want to say too much about it because an important part of the experience is having to face the unknown. Each misstep could result in permanent death, undoing all your progress, but with each death is a learning experience. I recommend going in blind at first and then when you're really stuck, looking up strategies online. It is free on Android/Windows so there is no excuse to try it out.

    Hearthstone is a free-to-play digital collectible card game(CCG) based off of the most successful MMORPG to date, World of Warcraft. The previous two choices are single player offline games, Hearthstone is a multiplayer online game with singe player options only available online. Fortunately, this game will not eat up all your data. However, it will eat up a ton of storage clocking in at 3.14 GB of space on my phone. Hearthstone is a fairly difficult game to understand if you're unfamiliar with card games. Basically, it's a 1v1 card game where the players battle it out with their own 30 card decks.

    When you're completely new to the game, you'll have a mostly empty collection of cards making it difficult to build a powerful deck. The only way to build your collection is through packs. Packs can be bought for gold or real life currency. Gold can be earned for free by completing daily quests within the game.

    There are also unique single player modes with exclusive cards that can be replayed endlessly for free. I'd recommend new players start with the single player content. You'll be able to play with a large amount of cards even without a large collection.
  3. gembanawa

    gembanawa New Member

    I only play Mobile Legends : Bang Bang nowadays. But back then I used to play a lot more games like Clash of Clans, Final Fantasy Series and some casuals like Candy Crush.

    Most of the games in mobile now are money holes. You can't progress if you don't pay. It is just ridiculous how much money you need to invest if you want to continue being competitive. That is why I only play Mobile Legends now because I can enjoy it without paying a single cent on it. Sure you can buy heroes or skins, but you don't need it to progress. You just need skills to be able to compete.

    Clash of Clans is also one game where I didn't need to use money to be successful. Time is all you need here and sometimes a good strategy. It also helps that you have a lot of friends when playing because they can help a lot to progress.

    Final Fantasy and Candy Crush are games that I only play sometimes in mobile. I didn't invest a lot of time here and only play when I feel like it. Final Fantasy for the nostalgia and old times sake and candy crush to waste away time when I need to wait for something. Nevertheless, I had fun playing them.
  4. Scyllune

    Scyllune New Member

    Mobile games are so versatile, to be honest. My mother likes to look for puzzle games and trivia generators, while my father's fond of those old-style shooters. Personally, I'm currently fond of Pokemon: Go and Ragnarok Mobile.

    Pokemon: Go is actually a deceptively healthy game. Suffice to say, I've been walking a lot more in an effort to locate the critters on the map. There was a rather nice, overcast day during the summer when I walked close to twenty kilometers just trying to capture pokemon. It helped that when the game first came out, there was something of a craze and it was a lot safer to move around in groups. I had walking buddies that I met those days. I still go jogging with some of them, even if it's not for the purpose of catching pokemon.

    Ragnarok Mobile, though, is a nostalgic game. I remember playing the old PC version back during my grade school days. It's just nice to see a call-back to an older age of gaming.

    I've been thinking of starting Fate: Grand Order again, though. I lost interest in it a year ago but there's always time to fall in love again.
  5. vachnam05

    vachnam05 New Member

    There are a lot of games which are rising and we can't deny that mobile games are popular nowadays.
    You can play it anytime and anywhere. You can even play games with or without the require of internet.

    Here are some of my favorite mobile games that I played and still playing.

    Brave Frontier (Global) - A turn based game with amazing story line and unit designs. This game has been running for 5 years and I'm still playing it. It's a F2P(Free-to-Play) game which is very good for all players. What I really love about this is the design of each unit that is available in this game.

    Ragnarok M: Eternal Love - An open world MMORPG and is popular as of today. The games is based on the PC version of Ragnarok Online with a twist. The games itself is already fun to begin with. It feels like you are playing the pc version of it. The Pet Adventure and Pet Labor system really caught my attention because of its unique style of acquiring EXP and Items. The Quest system helps in terms of level up and the crafting system is a new feature in this game compare to the old one.

    DJ Max Technika Q - Based on the popular arcade game DJ Max Technika is one of my favorite rythm game. The game is easy to play with various songs with different difficulties to choose from.

    Cytus I & II - Rythm game with a similar gameplay like Technika. Another popular rythm game that I love.

    To end this, most of the new games are really good and worth trying to play. I can say that mobile games are the newest trend in terms of gaming.
  6. cheychan

    cheychan New Member

    Currently, I'm playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. At first, I've only heard of the game, seen it on my news feed a couple of times, but I was actually never interested in playing it. But then, most of my co-workers were playing it and they seem to enjoy it, so, I tried the game. I was really sloppy in the beginning but I got used to playing it by now. There are number of modes which you can play, it's an online game, MMORPG style, that lets you battle with different players across your country.

    I also played Cytus I before. I really liked that game as well. It's more on music, where you have to follow a certain beat and make sure you don't miss type of game. I prefer that this will be played using a tablet for a bigger screen and a much better gaming experience.
  7. Aglotz

    Aglotz New Member

    I have a game named stomp, you can get it on the app store but it is not that popular. I like that it has its own unique style and it is by no means simple.
    I would love to say that stomp is my favourite or bring up that ffvi is now playable on mobiles. Putting aside ports and games from consoles that have been changed to play on touch screen, I think most can agree that pokemon go is one of the best. You have to get up and walk around, you can't stay in your house and expect a Mew. One of my best memories is walking around Copenhagen competing with my gf to see who could level up fastest and get the best pokemon.
  8. gcee

    gcee New Member

    The mobile games i've ever play is Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor. I don't know why, but these two is very interesting for me. I am playing because my husband taught me and my influencer also. at first i dont know how to play, what build i will put in most of all is the strategies. and time goes by everyday playing makes you good in game. Oh! The most sad part when playing online games is the connection, its getting Lagging and make you AFK(away from keyboard) resulting for loosing the team.
  9. Kiingmaanii

    Kiingmaanii New Member

    Whrn i did play mobile games i was always on Madden. It was something i would always play during school competing in h2h with my friends and trading players to rank up. It was actually addicting and for a brief minute more entertaining then console Madden.
  10. StunningCunning

    StunningCunning New Member

    Design Home is my favorite mobile game. The graphics are great. It is a lot of fun to design living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and outdoor living spaces. The game is definitely not without problems. Customer support is consistently poor and it is difficult to play the game without spending real money.

    Juice Jam, Cookie Jam, Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Soda Saga, and Candy Crush Jelly Saga are also mobile games that I enjoy.
  11. fonikintomata

    fonikintomata New Member

    Mobile legends and era of celestials are two of my favorite games

    too much things to do,to much updates,new champions and events...these two games are very addicting and that makes them my favorite games:laugh:
  12. I'm new to Phone games since i usually play games at my PC but right now i'm loving Mobile legends. I personally like MOBA games so it was easy for me to get hooked to ML.
    I also like the Mobile version of ragnarok( ragnarok eternal love) too but my phone's too weak to handle it.
  13. gailxxlim

    gailxxlim New Member

    There aren’t a lot of local two-player games for mobile devices so whenever one comes out we always jump on it to see how it is. Duel Otters is a ridiculously fun and adorable versus game. You compete against your friend in a series of mini-games that would feel right at home in Warioware. The one who gets the best out of 3 wins. The games last a maximum of 30 seconds so you never get too bored. They’re all fast-paced and will have you tapping the screen furiously to beat out your opponent. My favorite mini-game is the air pump. You have to pump the air into your opponents head quickly to explode it. Don’t worry, this isn’t like Happy Tree Friends so there’s no gore here. You can choose your own level or just go for random if you want to be surprised.
  14. anhumphrey

    anhumphrey New Member

    I've noticed that a lot of older console games are being ported to mobile recently so I've been enjoying those. I'm not a huge mobile gamer but it's cool to be able to play classic SNES and PC games without having the actual console (or a computer that runs Windows 98). Old School Runescape was recently released for mobile for those of us who are ancient enough to remember that! I also recently downloaded Secret of Mana, originally for the Super Nintendo. The company who released that also has classics like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 7 for mobile and the controls are surprisingly smooth considering that the games were originally meant to be played with a controller. I definitely recommend them for the old school gamers here.
  15. jimmy540

    jimmy540 New Member

    recently i play (sim city buildit) its pretty cool you build your own city from nothing ... build houses , goverment buldings , factories and produce items to use it , stores , parks , and making money be trading and development of your city and always expanding your city and have more population live at it
  16. VanessaIsabelle

    VanessaIsabelle New Member

    I was a gamer and played a lot in my phone. I was addicted to Clash of Clans way back in 2013. The game was so interesting for me that I always stayed up late at nights. Even at work I am still playing secretly during breaks or if I am commuting to and from home to work.

    My addiction was high and I was purchasing gems to speed up my gaming and boost things from buildings to troops to research. I also join inter clan games and trophy push for a gem price. So basically, I am a bit stressed from life and in my very active gaming.

    However, things have change. A lot of my clan mates stopped playing the game. We also had a conflict with one another due to changing preferences which led to clan break up. This made me reduced my gaming time and the interest in the game waned up. You see, I consider my clan mates my family.

    I now only play with Candy Crush, Word Twist, Design Home and Farm Heroes Saga.
  17. malkiqtiogari

    malkiqtiogari New Member

    The best game for me is Brawl Stars. The game has a lot of game mods and a lot of different characters. The variety is great. It's a very addicting game!
  18. elai19

    elai19 New Member

    Before I am so addictive in. Clash of Clans. But when the Mobile Legends arrived i switch to that game. And it is more addictive than Clash of Clans. So I uninstalled my Clash of Clans app and Account and create a Mobile Legends Account, so Lets play guys if you want.

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