What are your thoughts on GMO's?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by wolfpacklovin, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. wolfpacklovin

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    Do you purposely avoid purchasing genetically modified organism(GMO) products or do you generally not notice any difference between the two?

    I usually purchase organic foods from brands that are against GMO. I feel like our food should be pure and not full of chemicals so I try to support the brands that share my views. Which also means that I had to cut out a lot of the pre-packaged foods considering so many ingredients use GMO. Just because it's labeled organic, doesn't always mean it's healthy. I've also notice an extreme difference in taste between organic fruits/vegetables compared to non-organic produce. Which amazes me because it brings me back to when I was a kid, and gets me all nostalgic. :love:

    I try to eat grass-fed meat too and I've noticed since my household made the switch, my hubby has lost a lot of weight. So that's pretty neat to me.:)

    It's amazing how different types of food can make such a difference in your health! Would love to hear everyone's opinion. :)
  2. AnaKatOK

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    Yes, we avoid GMOs in our household as well. It does make sense that if you eat grass fed, pastured food your body will receive more nutritional benefits so you won't feel the need to snack and have cravings as often. I try to purchase from the local small farmers and markets first before going to a bigger chain.

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