What are your top 5 favorite movies of all time?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by user94, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. user94

    user94 New Member

    My favourite top 5 movie :

    The Shawshank Redemption

    Silver Linings Playbook

  2. Scarlett57

    Scarlett57 New Member

    This is a tall order, their are so many wonderful movies. I chose movies that I love seeing over and over again.
    1. Coming to America- This is a movie people love to quote. This movie makes me laugh so much.
    2. The Ten Commandments- I love seeing this every year.
    3. Clue- This is a zany and funny movie.
    4. Mummy 2- This is one of those movies where I can not even explain why I love it so much.
    5. Dirty Dancing- I love dancing. I miss Patrick Swayze, he was a great actor.
  3. 5 English movies I loved are the following:
    1. Titanic
    2. Notting Hill
    4.Miracle in Cell No.7
    5. Courageous
  4. kerooov29

    kerooov29 New Member

    shawshank redemption
    the gladiator
    fight club
    new york gangsters
    Truman show
  5. enzotranese

    enzotranese New Member

    In no particular order:
    a. Werckmeister Harmonies - this film by Bela Tarr is pure visual poetry.
    b. Vivre sa vie - uncompromising, visionary, anarchic: c'est Jean-Luc Godard!
    c. In the mood for love - such a beautiful, romantic and elegant film.
    d. A woman under the influence - an extraordinary picture of the complexity of mental illness.
    e. L'eclisse - Antonioni, Monica Vitti and Alain Delon: what a combo!
  6. Arshi

    Arshi New Member

    The shawshank redemption
    Schindler's list
    Shutter island
  7.  James E

    James E New Member

    The Evil Dead 2
    A classic of horror. It throws you right into the action, right after where the first one ends, so you don't have to sit through the typical introduction of characters and plot.

    The Cabin in the Woods
    A must-see for any fan of horror movies. It won't give you nightmares, but its tongue-in-cheek approach is so refreshing that you just can't help but like this movie.

    It is about a cult that tries to reach God through extreme pain. The fact that it is a horror movie that makes your think is enough for me to include it in my Top 5. I wouldn't recommend this to everybody, as it has a bit too much gore.

    The Terminal

    A traveler finds himself stuck in an airport after his country stops being recognized as a sovereign nation. It doesn't sound too interesting, but I've seen it about 7 times for what it's worth.

    Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
    I think this movie is a perfect example of story telling. Every other scene introduces more characters, locations and plot, but it doesn't get stuck or drags on for too long.
  8. paulsevere

    paulsevere New Member

    My favorite top 5 movies :

    1. The passion of the Christ.
    2. Avatar.
    3. Inception
    4. Titanic
    5. Interstellar
  9. Preciouslovee

    Preciouslovee New Member

    1, Friday
    2, nightmare on elm street
    3, love and basketball
    4, holiday heart
    5, the five heartbeats
  10. elybunny

    elybunny New Member

    1. Spirited Away
    An animated film, I can watch it multiple times! I really love the concept, the story, the character designs all of the elements in this movie are fantastic! definitely recommended movie specially if you're a fantasy & magical fan. This movie was created by Studio Ghibli directed by Hayao Miyazaki and not to mention this movie won several awards!

    2. Kimi no Nawa (Your Name)
    Another animated film that will make you cry! I watched it several times and I still cry every time I watch this movie it's a romance, drama & gender bender genre directed by Makoto Shinkai and successfully surpassing Spirited Away's $275 million gross earning earning US $281 million. Yes! it's one of the best animated film I watched and still one of my favorite.

    3. Be with you
    I watched this recently and I loved it so much the twist of the story is mind blowing! a family, romance genre that will surely make your heart flutter.

    4. Avengers Infinity War
    I'm a Marvel fan and always keep track on their movies and this one is my favorite, there's a lot of life lesson I got in this movie plus I love to see all the superheroes present on the big screen!

    5. Ready Player One
    You'll definitely love this movie if you're a gamer or game developer it was marvelous how the story end with a great twist. I got a lot of life lesson in this movie and I lost my voice inside the cinema because of the thrill and excitement I got in this movie.
  11. ElectorAlexander

    ElectorAlexander New Member

    My Favorite top five movies of all time would be
    1. Battle of Stalingrad- A Russian movies that gave a historical view with a little fiction on the turning point of the second world war on the Russian front, it was a very interesting movie because it show the Russian people in a visualize manner fighting tirelessly for survival until the Nazism was driven back
    2. Band of Brother- War fiction
    3. Titanic- Love and Romance
    4. Avengers- Action
    5. Insurgence- Mysterious fiction...........LOL
  12. MOlivier

    MOlivier New Member

    Fireproof was a great film in its category. I loved it.
  13. MOlivier

    MOlivier New Member

    This is a difficult one, but I will list 5 of my favourites I can think of right now:
    * Nightmare on Elm Street - the first horror movie I remember seeing and although I nearly wet my pants at a tender young age when seeing this it got me hooked on horror.
    * The Crow - I loved the morbidly dark atmosphere of the film, paired with a great story of vengeance in the form of the supernatural. Even the villains are fantastic in their roles.
    * La Bamba - A film based on the life of Richie Valens who died in a plane crash along with Buddy Holly. Makes me cry every time.
    * Crimson Peak - Yet another morbid one. I thoroughly enjoyed Tom Hiddleston as the villain turned to good guy. And of course the bonus of Jim Beaver of Supernatural fame portraying Carter Cushing, father of the film's heroine Edith Cushing.
    * If only - This one always makes me cry while wondering whether whatever decisions we make will ultimately make a life changing impact or whether fate will play out however no matter what we choose.

    There you go.
  14. MOlivier

    MOlivier New Member

    I loved Cabin in the woods. What a twist at the end,
  15. alanamc25

    alanamc25 New Member

    The top 5 favorite movies that I had watched
    1. Titanic - best romantic movies of all time
    2. Ghost - 90's movies that shows what can true love do.
    3. The Notebook - a love story that makes you believe in destiny
    4. Avatar - blockbuster movie that makes love can conquer all things.
    5. Just Like Heaven - a beautiful love story that makes you believe in destiny.
  16. Keeshia05

    Keeshia05 New Member

    The top 5 favorite movies that I had watched
    1. The Notebook - a tragic love story but makes you believe in destiny
    2. A walk to remember - a love story makes you believe that no matter who you are or what you are you still be loved.
    3. John Carter - a fantasy movie who found love in Mars.
    4. Kissing booth - a teenage love story
    5. Doctor Strange - a fantasy movie that gives you the feeling of not losing hope.
  17. Franzel

    Franzel New Member

    For me, it had to be great at everything: cinematography, acting, directing, prodcution design and sound design. My top 5 in this regard are:

    1. Shawshank Redemption
    2. Inglorious Bastards
    3. Red Dragon
    4. Schindler's List
    5. Mad Max Fury road.

    And yet, the list remains quite inexhaustible.
  18. Franzel

    Franzel New Member

    For me, it had to be great at everything: cinematography, acting, directing, prodcution design and sound design. My top 5 in this regard are:

    1. Shawshank Redemption. You can't get a more engaging story were everything works for the good of the story than this. The Production design is simplistic, the perfect reflection of the lives of the people whose lives the story tells.

    2. Inglorious Bastards: Christophe Waltz the perfect villain. He knows what you will do before you do it, and yet he let's the plot drag on, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. The acting especially got me sold on this one. Every single character was interpreted just right.

    3. Red Dragon: Another story with a great villain. When has Anthony Hopkins ever done any wrong? Well, maybe some cannibalism qualifies for that list, right? Wrong! You still love him for it.

    4. Schindler's List: When a man puts everything on the line to make all the money in the world, just to give it all up to save the lives of a 1000... Talk about an arc for a character.

    5. Mad Max Fury road: It's one hot moment to the next. This is one of those recent films that make you love action. The cinematography and the production design especially stand out.

    That's it for my top 5 (top being a little unfair to the so many great movies I love). The list remains quite inexhaustible.
  19. Coollector

    Coollector New Member

    Here are my top 5 favorite movies in no particular order:

    1. Coming to America - I was 5 yrs old when I first watched the movie. Back then I couldn't understand the movie because English wasn't my first language. But I really enjoy watching it. We have a betamax tape of it. I don't why but I got addicted to it. So every summer vacation, I don't miss a chance to watch this movie.

    2. Nightmare on Elm Street - This was the first horror movie that I've watched. The prosthetic was really awesome. This gave me nightmares and made me sleep with the lights on. Even though the acting of some actors where bad, the actor who plays Freddy Kruger carried the movie and makes you forget about the other actors. By the way, I was talking about the original movie that was made in the 80's and not the remake one.

    3. Hell Raiser - After watching nightmare on Elm Street and all its sequel, I got hook up on watching horror films. Another great horror film in the 80's. Hell Raiser has an awesome prosthetic and visual effects. After watching this I don't want to touch any box or cube. :laugh:

    4. Speed - An action film. The storyline was awesome and how they filmed it was great.

    5. The Cure - This movie made me cry. The script was great and the storyline was awesome.

    And that was my top 5 favorite movies. Hope you guys like it. :)
  20. Opgirl2230

    Opgirl2230 New Member

    My top favorite movies of all time would have to be:

    1. I like it Like That: Its a romantic movie about a couple who really love either.

    2. The Goonies: This movie is classic and just takes me back to my childhood years.

    3.Ferris Bueller's Day off: I just love this movie and got some great ideals about skipping school to have the day off from school. What was really funny about this movie is that the principle spent the day trying catch a kid skipping school, instead of just staying at school and doing his job.

    4.House Party: I love this movie and can watch it like its my first time. How kids got together and planned a house party, everyone had a talent the DJ, dancing, and getting drinks.

    5. Forrest Gump: Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what your going get. I love this movie so much and I loved that it was long.

  21. Jennawatters64

    Jennawatters64 New Member

    My top five movies of all time are :
    The Lost Boys
    Pearl Harbour
    Never Ending Story (the first one)
    The Labyrinth
  22. Maj1994

    Maj1994 New Member

    My top five movie of all time are
    1.Black panther
    3.Wrong turn
    4.London has fallen
    5.Final destination
  23. SilverMoon12

    SilverMoon12 New Member

    This will be a little challenging considering the many movies I've truly enjoyed.
    1. The Outsiders: Most movies that are set in the 1960s either have a hippies theme, or displays an Old Fashioned atmosphere that leaves you with more of a 1950s impression. The Outsiders give movies that are set in the 1960s a complete makeover. A drama with plenty of action, put brilliantly together with an All-Star cast.
    2. Blade: The first blade movie was the best vampire movie I've ever seen.
    3. The Godfather: Many critics would agree that out of all mafia films, this one did the best job depicting the customs and culture of the mob.
    4. My Bodyguard: Everyone loves a movie that displays a kid that's just trying to fit in, finally standing up to a bully.
    5. Star Wars: In my opinion, this film was the best science fiction movie ever created. George Lucas is genius! He single-handedly changed the film industry forever.
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  24. 0strich0377

    0strich0377 New Member

    My top 5 movies of all time would be...
    1. Bourne movie series. I've seen it a lot of times and still enjoy watching it.
    2. Sherlock Holmes movie series. The Robert Downey Jr. movie's most especially.
    3. Hang over movie series. This comedy movie made me lough pretty hard.
    4. Riddick movie series. A very good movie.
    5. Ip man movie series. Something different from ordinary movie.
  25. jeffzod

    jeffzod New Member

    Avengers : Infinity Wars
    Mission Impossible : Rogue Nation
    The Hobbit
  26. lessurmitch

    lessurmitch Member

    These top 5 movies are my favorites of all time:
    1. Orphan
    2. 12 Years of Slave
    3. Theory of Everything
    4. Frozen
    5. Hacksaw Ridge

    P.S. You really have to watch these. You'll miss half of your life if you don't. ;):cool:
  27. John0520

    John0520 Member

    My top 5 movies are:
    1. IT
    2. The life of Pi
    3. Stranger things series
    4. Sherlock Holmes series
    5. The martian
  28. Angelyn023

    Angelyn023 New Member

    My top five movies you should definitely watch before anything else:
    1. Forest Gump
    2. A Dog’s purpose
    3. Big fish
    4. The master showman
    5. Life of pie
    P.S these are not love stories but there is live shown in these movies.
    I recommend these to thise looking for movies that inspiring but intertaining at the same time.
  29. labliw120617

    labliw120617 New Member

    thats is my all time favorite
  30. FredCess

    FredCess New Member

    Since I am a fan of a Horror Films, so I listed below the top 5 of the best horror movies for me.

    1. Conjuring (all chapters)
    2. Insidious (all chapters as well)
    3. Lights Out
    4. Sinister
    5. The Amityville Horror

    I am also considering these movies: OUIJA, Exorcist, The Dead Silence, The Descent 1 and 2, The Ring, The Grudge and Shutter.

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