What Articles Interests You?

Discussion in 'Magazine Article Writing' started by Warren1967, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    What topics or articles in magazines or newspapers interest you?
  2. Miah123

    Miah123 New Member

    Topics in magazines that interests me is about lifestyles specially if it features house tour. I love reading about the success stories of a person that it really boosts my determination to become a successful person also in the future. It makes me think that I can be more and I can do more to achieve the success that a person in a magazine achieves. I honestly even daydream once I read about the positive articles in a magazine.
  3. yetyet

    yetyet Member

    Articles regarding current events. They really caught my interest, it's through them I knew what's hot and what's not. It's very important for me to know what's going with the world in all aspects. We should not be blinded by the fancy things only that this temporary life offers, for me we have to know the real situation and problem also in this world. This world has been through a lot and by being aware of what's happening we can have or create an idea on how things like climate change may be reduce. Awareness is very important on today's generation, it's the only thing that can save us from ignorance. Doesn't need for us to be educated to be aware or to give full attention on it, every individual has to be aware and has to participate in everything for the good of this world. Knowing current events is a must.
  4. Lasheen123

    Lasheen123 Member

    Articles regarding the latest news, they keep me up to date and aware of what is going around the world. Lately, articles have been one of the vital ways in transferring news. Not only that, but also one of the fastest in spreading.
  5. AlexM23

    AlexM23 New Member

    Gaming news, Fashion and Diy craft articles to Landscaping and Life lesson articles.
  6. nheilm2020

    nheilm2020 Member

    I love an article about the reality of life.
  7. Sabrina92

    Sabrina92 New Member

    I like to write articles on real life questions. Recently I wrote an article on Importance of time to spend for God.
    People often say that “Christianity is not a religion: it’s a relationship.” The point of that statement is that our righteousness isn’t based on ritualistic behaviors and practices; the Christian faith is about our relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
    This means that we don’t pray because God demands it as a prerequisite for salvation. We pray because we want to be united with God. People don’t speak to their spouse because of a contractual obligation; they do it because good communication is how they maintain a healthy relationship. The same is true for our relationship with God.
    A quiet time (or devotions) is an expression of this truth. It’s a regular appointment that we keep with God that allows us to block out other distractions and focus on our connection with Jesus through practices like prayer and Bible reading. But like all Christian disciplines, maintaining a regular devotional time in and of itself isn’t the point—maintaining a close connection to Christ is.
    Here I will elaborate some benefits of quiet time which you spend for God only.
    1. Like pushing myself to get up in the morning and go to the gym when I don’t feel like it, following through with quiet times builds self-discipline. I have other things vying for my attention, but every time I say “No” to those other things, I build a disciplined character. And as Paul tells Timothy: For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. —1 Timothy 4:8
    By setting and adhering to my quiet times, I am training myself to practice self-control, and I am doing it by following through with a habitual behavior that’s incredibly beneficial to me spiritually.
    2. When God created the universe, he created certain patterns. Every time the earth travels around the sun, we experience a year. That year is made up of seasons of birth, growth, harvest, and dormancy. This rhythm is incredibly important to all life.
    A quiet time helps us to maintain our connection to Jesus by establishing a regular rhythm in our own life. I not only have a weekly cadence of corporate worship, but a daily one where I sustain my own personal relationship with Jesus.
    3. When I have a stable connection to Jesus built upon our daily practice of spending time with him, God’s presence becomes more central to our everyday behavior. It becomes easier to stay mindful of his existence and nearness throughout my day.
    On the onset, I was puzzled how would I require quiet time but really it doesn't take too much. Following are things to start my devotional habits on the right foot.
    1. When I make a commitment to try and work in a regular quiet time every day but don’t establish one consistently, other things will crowd it out. I often find myself regularly thinking, “It’s just not going to work out today. I’m going to have to just make sure it happens tomorrow.” Before too long it will become a good intention that never materialized. Scheduling my quiet times like I would an appointment makes it harder for life to interfere. Spending time with God in the morning starts your day off right. I absolutely pray over the other appointments and events I have coming up and charge into my day spiritually empowered.
    2. Certain personalities might want to consider creating a space that gets them into a devotional mood. Maybe that could include candles or certain music. In my case if nature helps me to connect with God, maybe it would be helpful to have my devotional space near a window looking outside. This is the key to pick and create an ideal space for my quiet times. For quiet connctio I want to find a good location where I'll l be able to focus with as little distraction as is possible. I find a particular room in my house, or in my favorite chair. It doesn’t really matter as long as it’s not a place where I am going to be so comfortable that I end up falling asleep or getting distracted by other things.
    Here are some of the disciplines that could be part of your devotions and some ways you can incorporate them.

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