What brand/model of phone do you have?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by Roblmich, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. safetydancepants

    safetydancepants New Member

    I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and have had it for about 6 months. It is a monster of a phone -- it is nearly 6 inches long and 3 inches wide. I hardly ever talk on the phone, but I do use it all of the time to access the internet, so the larger size actually works well for me as it is more like a tablet. Additionally, I am a female, so I can carry it in my purse. If I were a man and had to keep it in my pocket, I am not sure that I could have a phone this large.
    For the most part, I really like this phone. The only complaint I have is some of the software that comes loaded on it, that I can't seem to remove. There is a feature called "My Magazine" that pulls up when you swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen -- and it turns out I do that move a lot, on accident. It isn't a useful tool for me, and ends up open all of the time when I am trying to do other tasks. If I can figure out how to remove this program, the phone gets 5 stars.
  2. CrashTester

    CrashTester New Member

    I am still using my Samsung Galaxy S11. it works fine except I was very low on system storage for many months to the point I could not install new apps or update anything. Then I found an awesome trick to free up memory on your Android phone - type the following into your keypad *#9900#

    This takes you to a developer panel and selecting option 2 to delete the dump stack freed around 700mb of data that was clogging up my memory. My phone sprang back into life!
  3. xlanna

    xlanna New Member

    I currently own the white Iphone 4 which I need too seriously upgrade, all of the features are in jailbreaks. My cell has been dropped, water damaged and anything else you could probably think of has happened to it. My boyfriend has the Iphone 5S in black slate and I love his phone, everything seems to be in high definition and the phone is light weight. But I would like to purchase the galaxy S5 because I am no longer a fan of apple and would like to try an android again. No more dealing with jailbreaking a phone even though I love the look of the Iphone 5S.
  4. CootieTootie

    CootieTootie New Member

    I have the Galaxy S3, it is quite a good looking phone and supports all the applications and games that I require; I don't use it for too much other than apps and games, so it is a pretty good phone for that - especially when you can play Flappy Birds on it, eh? :p
  5. iamthetinu

    iamthetinu New Member

    I have an iPhone 3GS but I'm not so pleased about it, mainly because it's very slow. I must mention that this is my first smartphone ever. Before buying the iPhone I had an Nokia 6234(the one with the cool speakers) which was the bomb. Most of my friends have Androids and I must say that I find their phones much better in terms of speed and accesibility. If I had to buy a new phone, I would probably buy the Samsung Galaxy S4.
  6. Artur

    Artur New Member

    I currently have a Samsung S1 Plus.
    Year I know it is not the newest Phone but for me it is ok.
    Because the new iPhones or S5 are good but not for 500$ .
    they have features that nobody need like the S5 hearth beats sensor and so on.
  7. JGroenwald

    JGroenwald New Member

    Currently, I'm using the Nexus 5 and I love it. I had an LG G2, but I love rooting my phone and using custom ROMs, and it's much easier to do so on the Nexus 5. One thing I really do miss about the G2 though is the battery life. It easily lasted me two full days no problem! The Nexus 5 isn't bad in battery, but the G2 was just so outstanding.
  8. alexisfinch24

    alexisfinch24 New Member

    Currently, I have the Samsung Galaxy S III and I would have to agree with everyone else. It is a great device with tons of features that make it very handy to have around. It is my third Galaxy phone. I have upgraded all the way up to this one, and I am team Galaxy all the way. AT&T recently bought my carrier and I am so excited for the change over to happen so that I can upgrade to the S V. Yes, I am skipping the IV because I want the similarities it has with the Galaxy Notes like size and capabilities. You can't go wrong with any galaxy device.
  9. tysovsky

    tysovsky New Member

    I've been using Nexus 4 for a year and a half now, since it launched. I'm in love with this phone. For a relatively low price I got a phone that outperformed almost everything else at its launch time. It would be really hard to make me switch to any other non-nexus phone in the future.
  10. Casey Eaves

    Casey Eaves New Member

    HTC One, M7. I love it. Sleek, sexy and fast. I purchased a slim case for it, basically just scratch protection. Huge clear display. you can't go wrong with it.
  11. Casey Eaves

    Casey Eaves New Member

    I recently bought my wife an S3, and she loves it, upgrade from her old Droid Inc. As I was setting it up for her, I was getting a little jealous, but hey, I've got an HTC One.
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  12. CosmicGhost

    CosmicGhost New Member

    I have a Huawei Ascend Plus because I'm a cheapskate and it was what I could afford at the time. I want to upgrade eventually, though. My current phone is a bit iffy at times but it does its job well enough.
  13. randomyze

    randomyze New Member

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. I know it is a tablet but I'm kind of stuck with it. I will be upgrading to an iPhone 6 this September. Tab 2 has a 7" screen. The display is okay considering it is about 2 years old. It is great if you watch a lot of movies on your phone.
  14. gaeusi

    gaeusi New Member

    I have an iPhone 4S at the moment, but I hope to upgrade soon. I have mixed feelings about iPhones. They are simple and the OS looks nice, but my battery life is awful since the upgrade to iOS7. I can kill all my apps and still have the battery slowly trickle away to nothing. It also tends to freeze up on me fairly often, as well as having several apps simply crash, seemingly at random.

    I hope to get the Galaxy Note 4 once it is released, though I may go with a Galaxy S5 if my iPhone gives out completely before then.
  15. morgansophia

    morgansophia New Member

    I currently have the iPhone 5. I actually haven't had any problems with it, though I know many people have. It works well, though it lags on occasion. I mostly use it to edit photos for Instagram, listen to music, text, and call. The iOS 7 system is easy to use, and slightly better than iOS 6. The camera is okay, I wish that it took clearer images.

    iPhones are easy and simple to use, and Apple has a fairly reliable support system.
  16. irenesgarcia2

    irenesgarcia2 New Member

    I have the Samsung Galaxy S3. I had heard a lot of bad reviews and was skeptical about getting it at first. I then broke my LG Optimus G and tried another LG phone but it only last 1 day. That's when I decided to get another Samsung and I am so glad I did. My LG was pretty durable but one tiny hairline crack and the whole screen is unusable. My LG was pure touchscreen like most phones now a days, so it was basically retired. I had my New Samsung Galaxy S3 less than a month and already shattered the screen yet I can still use the screen. It's broken underneath the sticky screen cover I put on after I shattered it to prevent shards from coming off on my fingers. My first Samsung Galaxy is still in working condition today with only a few nicks and scratches. I gave it to my nephew when I decided to upgrade. Less than a year and 6 phones later, I've decided to stick with Samsung Galaxies. I will soon be upgrading to the Samsung Note 4! :D
  17. mnuel21

    mnuel21 New Member

    My current phone is a Google Nexus 5 which I acquired a couple of months ago. I am most certain that this is the best phone I had ever owned. It is lighting fast, every single application I have downloaded runs completely lag-free, its Quad-core 2.3 GHz CPU along with its 2 GB RAM makes it perfect for demanding apps and games. The Nexus 5 it is not only fast but its ergonomic design makes it nice to the touch. It has a 5 inch display which is plenty of space for people with clumsy fingers, but it is still compact enough how to fit in your pocket.
  18. gracej25

    gracej25 New Member

    I have an LG G2. I bought it due to better specs than the S4, especially battery life. It does have awesome battery life and was super responsive at first, but after 3 months the screen is messed up. I have a dead strip at the top of the screen where buttons such as "install" are in Google Play. This means I have to rotate the phone to landscape to install new apps. The "knock on" also does not work so I always have to hit the button on the back to wake the phone. This is difficult sometimes when it is in my car mount. I need to take it to TMobile to get repaired, but I read they charge for a loaner while they send phones for warranty repair. I don't want to be without my phone for too long.

    Reading other forums such as XDA it sounds like the "knock on" feature stopped working for many people and they needed to exchange the phone. As much as I like the G2 I would not recommend it.
  19. Munchies

    Munchies New Member

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Young model. I think it is one of the cheapest smartphones with Android on the market, but I really like it because applications run really well on this phone. A minus would be though the camera, because it has only 2MP, but I'll manage it until I'll have more money to buy a better Samsung model.
  20. Isaelie

    Isaelie New Member

    Samsung Galaxy S2. I grabbed it used/refurbished for an absolute bargain, and it has never let me down. My plan is to do the same thing when I can get an S3 or S4 second-hand, for a great price. Android all the way!
  21. tatt00m0mm3

    tatt00m0mm3 New Member

    I have just recently upgraded my Samsung Galaxy 3 to the new Samsung Galaxy 5. It took me about a month to decide between the HTC M8 or the Galaxy 5 because they were so similar in regards to just about everything. The reason why I purchased the Galaxy 5 instead was due to the fact that I had already had a Galaxy and I loved it. So I figured why try something different stick with what you know. I think that the Galaxy phones are absolutely amazing, there are so many great things that you can do with it and the Google Play store is great too. The only thing I really don't like is the front facing camera it tends to be a little grainy.
  22. bjy1997

    bjy1997 New Member

    I use an HTC One which I purchased last year as my day-to-day phone. Overall, everything's fast and fluid, and of course the screen's great. As a developer, I love the fact that the bootloader was extremely easy to unlock. The only negative I can think of is it seems to have a slight heat issue, aka whenever 4G and GPS are both turned on it tends to get hot very quickly. I bet that was just an issue with my individual phone though (not all HTC Ones)
  23. flamingor

    flamingor New Member

    I currently have the Nokia Lumia 521 and honestly cannot wait to get a new phone. The Lumia has so many flaws in the software and sometimes calls would get dropped. When compared to the App store, the Windows marketplace has nothing to offer better. The only reason why I bought this phone was the cool light blue color its had. I have decided to get an Iphone once my two-year contract with ATT has ended and hope it will be a more decent phone that this.
  24. sasamidanielle

    sasamidanielle New Member

    I have the iphone 5c in blue. It is my second iphone and I'm not sure if I would like a phone that wasn't an iphone. I had an android before I got the iphone 4 and I liked it well enough but I liked my iphone better. My phone gets really good service and is very fast. I did learn that the operating system on the 5s is slightly faster than the 5c but I don't know anyone with a 5s to compare it with. I haven't had any problems with any of my iphones and would recommend it to anyone.
  25. Diana Grace

    Diana Grace New Member

    I absolutely love my iPhone. I've had one from the very first model and plan on upgrading to the 6 when it comes out. I'm currently using the 4S. I love the integration between my phone, laptop and iPad. No matter what device I'm using, they are all in sync and I can access all of my files from any device.
  26. fortyx8

    fortyx8 New Member

    I have a samsung galaxy 4 and I love it its a big part of my life and goes everywhere with me I love the bigger screen and can set the text perfectly for my bad eyesight its perfect for me.
  27. soconfused

    soconfused New Member

    I have HTC One and the battery life is killing me! I've been an iphone user ever since I had my first phone, which was about 5 years ago. I've tried switching to Samsung and Nokia, but I always come back to iPhone. This time I had to stick with my HTC contract, or I'd have thrown this away and went back to iPhone a long time ago!
  28. Alison H.

    Alison H. New Member

    I recently upgraded to an iPhone 5c. I was told the iPhone 5s is all the rage these days, however, my iPhone 5c does have 32 glorious gigabytes and a nice green cover. That's sadly about as technical-savvy as I get (sad, right?).
  29. JudyCap

    JudyCap New Member

    I have the Iphone 4 have updated it a couple times on and online update. Am not real sure it it turns it into something newer or not. The Update this morning made it sound like it would be like the Iphone 7. I do like it whatever it is. Before I had several Nokia's, and I am not really sure of what I did have. It was when my last phone, from Walmart, that I had gotten for Straight Talk decided to bite the dust that my Daughter insisted that I let them put me on their plan~ they got the phone for me. I don't pay anything, I am just careful that I don't sign up for anything that costs money.
  30. RGoodwin

    RGoodwin New Member

    I currently own an iPhone and an iPad. The other 3 members in my household (spouse and two children) all have iPhones as well. I think it is the easiest smartphone to operate and love how the iPad and iPhone work seamlessly together. I am hoping for a bigger screen size for the phone, but that is the only complaint that I have.

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