What browser you use

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What browser you use ?

  1. Firefox

  2. IE

  3. Opera

  4. Chrome

  5. Safari

  6. Other

  1. casscillac

    casscillac Member

    Chome has been working for me even though sometime it freezes up I wouldn't trade it
  2. Kat5040

    Kat5040 New Member

    I love Firefox. It's free, stable, and has great add-ons. It also has a clean interface that makes it extremely easy to use. The only thing I dislike about it is it's automatic updates, but I can live with that.
  3. hayesc0

    hayesc0 New Member

    Firefox is available in more than 70 languages.
  4. ElaineWeston

    ElaineWeston New Member

    Chrome, always. It's the second biggest out there, and it's just the matter of time before they will become the biggest.
  5. halls

    halls New Member

    I use Firefox. I like it because it's simple to use and it has all those extra Add-ons which are useful many times. Whenever I use my sister's computer I use Chrome because she doesn't have Firefox, and I don't think it's bad, it's also very quick. The only one I have stopped using is Internet Explorer.
  6. Lernia

    Lernia New Member

    I love Google Chrome, it is just so simple and fast. I can set all my bookmarks and favorites easy and quickly, but I have used Opera too and it's rather good but not as good as Google Chrome. And I am not surprised that it got most of the votes either.
  7. MannyG

    MannyG New Member

    Chrome, always. Getting Gmail right on the homepage as an option is nice, and having the google search on the home page is just as convenient. They have a great UI and I have come to really trust the Google brand of most anything.
  8. weedov

    weedov New Member

    The fastest and most Flexible browser is Chrome. also i love that bookmarks can be loaded on any pc if you login to your gmail account.
  9. Liberati

    Liberati New Member

    I've been using Mozilla Firefox ever since it came out. Though it's been called a memory hog, I've never had a compelling reason to switch to other browsers. It's simple and works, which is good enough for me.
  10. Kany69

    Kany69 New Member

    I only have used Mozilla and Chrome. But now i only use Google Chrome because it Fast and maybe couse i have to many bookmark in it.:) but still Mozill is good but chrome is better
  11. larkykid

    larkykid New Member

    Been using Chrome for quite a while now, Nice and clean interface. Also like the fact the address bar can be used the exact same as the search box on the google homepage. Sometimes switch to firefox as I had no complaints with that either and it has some useful features.
  12. chernoto

    chernoto New Member

    I started with Mozilla, but it was way worse than everyone told me. I didn't like the interface, how sometimes it would just hang and freeze, and the layot was kind of a turn off for me. So i switched to Chrome, and for the last 5 years or so, i haven't even thought of changing :)
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  13. simplyzachary

    simplyzachary New Member

    I use Chrome. It is most certainly the quickest browser. Also, almost all of the extensions that I liked from Firefox have been ported over to Chrome as well, so I'm not left without my necessary features in a browser.
  14. Dockings

    Dockings New Member

    My primary browser is Firefox . I'm so used to some add-ons that browsing the net irritates me without them. I suppose I could find equivalents for Chromium, but I don't really like Google's interfaces - the last time I tried to disable JS on Chrome at my friend's computer, I spent a lot of time clicking around before I found it.
    I also use Rekonq for Facebook, because I blocked all Facebook elements on other websites and now, Facebook itself doesn't work properly. And, of course, I use Konqueror for HTML5 videos.
  15. theobeast255

    theobeast255 New Member

    I love chrome. I use it everyday. It is faster than IE and Firefox. It is very user friendly.
  16. chris-788

    chris-788 New Member

    I use Google Chrome the majority of the time. Now and then though, I will switch over to Mozilla Firefox if Chrome is having any instability issues. Internet Explorer seems a little outdated to me.
  17. legendmaker64

    legendmaker64 New Member

    Google Chrome. It is the only one really worth using at this point besides Firefox. Even then, Chrome wins by a mile based on speed and features.
  18. snake3scape

    snake3scape New Member

    I used to use a great browser called MineField until they discontinued it. It was considered the fastest browser of all time, but was way too buggy. Anyway a bunch of features you see in new firefox versions are from minefield.

    Chrome is now my new choice. Go chrome!
  19. sentral

    sentral New Member

    I use Firefox almost exclusively. I will occasionally use Chrome or IE if there is something that needs to use those browsers. However, Firefox has been good to me for a long time.
  20. The_Omnigamer

    The_Omnigamer New Member

    I'm a Firefox user myself. I've tried Chrome and just... eh, it didn't really sit with me all that well. I love the appearance and customization capabilities of Firefox, and overall just think that it runs better. Despite what everyone uses, however, I think we all can agree that IE is the worst of them all~ XD. That's just my opinion however ;P.
  21. CorgiPups

    CorgiPups New Member

    Google Chrome for me!
    I love the simple style of it.
    It feels customizable enough while remaining easy to use.
    If I had to pick a secondary browser it would likely be Firefox.
  22. RemTim

    RemTim New Member

    I did a test a few years back. First, I cleaned my computer with Emisoft A-Squared Malware Protection and then visited several high risk websites using Internet Explorer. Then, I ran A-Squared again and found 29 instances of spy-ware on my hard drive. I did the same test with Firefox, visiting the exact same web pages and after running A-Squared, did not find any spy-ware.
    Needless to say, Mozilla Firefox has been my favorite for many years. However, I have been playing with Google Chrome lately and I am very impressed with the speed.
  23. TiffCastillo10

    TiffCastillo10 New Member

    Google Chrome. It has never let me down, I like the look layout and all that jazz. It is also a lot faster on my laptop than firefox or Explorer.
  24. jizzlepoo

    jizzlepoo New Member

    While it'd be a fallacy just by polling, it's apparent that Chrome and Firefox are the best. Probably due to the extensions and speed.
  25. Matthiaars

    Matthiaars New Member

    Safari is still my go-to choice of browser, just because it's built into OSX, so much more integrated than any other browser could ever be, both in the Mac, and in the entire Apple-ecosystem (iPhone, iPad, Mac). And I don't think any browser of Safari, Chrome or Firefox has a real advantage compared to the other, they all have pretty much the same layout and functions nowadays anyway.
  26. Jase

    Jase New Member

    Lol nah, I use most mainstream browsers, I find it's useful to have multiple accounts on things like Youtube and rather than logging out, you can just open up another browser.
    Firefox is my primary browser. Chrome is secondary, Opera 3rd. Haven't actually used Safari before (except ofcourse on Apple hardware)
  27. angan

    angan New Member

    Firefox is my browser of choice. Open source , incredibly customizable , lots of addons to choose from.

    Chrome is nice too but it turned out to be a real pain in memory consumption. Plus i don't like Google's botnet policy and privacy invasion.
  28. pamorim

    pamorim New Member

    When I had my first pc (about 8 years ago) I start with IE (i don't remember the version) and it was a bit slow, then I hear about the Firefox by my friends and one day I decided to install it on my desktop, this browser was really nice, more fast then IE then recently I give it up because it starts to crash don't know why. Now I use Google Chrome about 1 year and so far never let me down.
    Recently I hear good feedback about the new IE 9 but I never tested, I am fine with Crome for now.

    Best regards.
  29. onoeddy

    onoeddy New Member

    I used to use Firefox which I love. However, I've switched to Google Chrome which, in my opinion, is much faster and more stable.
  30. RicoonDK

    RicoonDK New Member

    I am actually quite upset with both Google Chrome and Firefox, they both suck at some things the other doesn’t. Take Chrome for instance, you can’t chose weather you wish to open a file you are downloading, or simply save it to a specific place on your hard drive – you know, like the feature IE have had since the birth of mankind. Firefox has several add-ons that manages to implement this feature, but such a thing does not exist for Chrome.

    Firefox on the other hand has a poor Private Browsing mode, in which it saves and closes your entire session and opens a window where you can browse privately. Therefore, you won’t be able to be online Facebook and have a window with private mode open at the same time.
    - I have chosen Firefox for the time being

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