What can we do to prevent global warming?

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  1. snesz08

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    What can we do to prevent global warming?
  2. For me I think. We should stop plastic bag instead use eco bag or other eco friendly materials. start using renewable energy at home although it is costly but has big effect to help prevent global warming. reduce water waste reduces carbon pollution and pull the plugs at home, specially when not in use it has effect in global warming.
  3. Jeahan08

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    First things first we have to discipline our self. Try to think that if we couldn’t start discipline are then it’s useless.
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    It is really hard to address this problem, Many generations failed to do this and we are still struggling to do so. The main reason is the people who inhabit the planet. The population is growing more every year but our resources are getting thinner, lack of participation and ignorance also gives an impact about global warming and many just really don't care anymore. Although alternatives are being established to minimize its effects, people tend to ignore and keeps doing what they think is the best suitable action for them.
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    If it is global warming, one of the wisest thing to start with is by preventing/reducing the root of the problem. Gas emissions that block natural heat to escape the atmosphere, which causes heat to just bounce back into earth, accumulating more heat than intended.

    Awareness and discipline are the key factors to prevent global warming. By being aware to the situation, people would know which steps to follow in order to improve the current condition of the environment. Discipline serves as the proper code of behavior and to exert effort in accordance to people's own free will. Not because they are forced to act.
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    Global warming for me can't be stop, for me it can only be lessen. Human needs are limitless but our resources are limited, this is the reason why human always experiment, explore and always tried to innovate things in order to sustain our needs. The result of all those things is putting our resources at risk and our beloved earth in danger. We can only lessen the effect of global warming if every one of us do our part in taking action towards this mission. We have to lessen the use of non biodegradable things especially the plastics, lessen the use of vehicles and lessen all those things that can destroy our atmosphere. Plant more tress, help in cleaning our streams, rivers, canals, seas and oceans. Our world suffers a lot because of us, because of being irresponsible to our actions. Educating and spreading awareness to everybody is the key to lessen the effect of global warming.
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    Plant more tree, use less paper, try to carpool if you can.
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    Global warming is a phenomenon of climate change characterized by a general increase in average temperatures of the Earth, which modifies the weather balances and ecosystems for a long time. It is directly linked to the increase of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, worsening the greenhouse effect. Green house effect is natural phenomenon. However, the increase in greenhouse gasses is linked to human activities. What we can do to prevent climate change is a responsible consumption, plant more trees, energy and water efficiency. There are ways tor educe global warming all we have to do is be a responsible human
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    What can we do to prevent global warming is to educate ourselves. That is definitely the best way to fight global warning. We need to know how does it affect us, humans, the animals, the trees, oceans and seas. It's a two system, educating so that we, at least, have notion to be more responsible in handling our garbage's for example, because its one of the causes of global warming. We need to segregate it properly. Don't burn plastics, learn to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover.
  10. We can prevent global warming by planting lot of trees to help the Air circulate properly.
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    The overwhelming majority of scientists agree that human action, manifested through industrial processes, has led to increased global warming. To avoid the apocalyptic catastrophe and the destruction of the planet, we must give up fossil fuel quickly and adopt renewable energy, which will produce 100% of global energy, mainly wind and solar, and transform the economy and society to this end.

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