What can you say about traffic in the Philippines?

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  1. Marcosdc

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    Traffic in the Philippines. What's you thought? Is there a solution to this? Is it too late for subways.
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  2. marcbarredo13

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    The traffic in the Philippines is worse and it will require cooperation for each of one of us. The platforms of Metro Manila Development Authority are not working because of irresponsible drivers that do not cooperate with the road laws. If each of one of us and the drivers cooperate with the laws, we will maintain the flow of the traffic but this do not happen because most drivers change lanes more often and this minor effort will disrupt the flow of the traffic which causes heavy congestion.
  3. Warren1967

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    It is one of the worse places on earth to drive or commute. I remember working in a far off place that I had to wake up at 3:29 in the morning just to make sure I get a ride. I f you wake up late then you arrive late. Even if you work near your home, you have to leave early to beat the traffic jam. Traffic here is a pain.
  4. Anjin

    Anjin Member

    As a filipino citizen, traffice in the Philippines is so bad. I have a job and I have to travel 2-3 hrs everyday just to go to work. But during holidays, this travel time only takes 45 mins. to 1 hour. Becuae of congestions, roads became narrow, and people has no discipline. These things make tha traffic in the Philippines so bad. Government is always trying so hard to make our life easier when it comes to traffic but the people are not cooperating. If only citizens are cooperating, sacrificing little things for the better and seeing the big picture government wants die our economy, we can eliminate terrible traffic situation.
  5. pbraun

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    It is very annoying. I hope the government will build necessary infrastructures to aide traffic.
  6. It is worse of the worse. I think they should implement the effective ways to aide traffic especially in Manila. Super duper traffic.
  7. MikeyB

    MikeyB Member

    All I can say about that is that the real root cause of it, is BAD Urban Planning. Observe: Too many malls, condos that doesn't cater for the average joes let alone the poor; condos, that are made to make more money by catering only for the rich, eating too much space in the cities and pushing to majority of average Filipinos out in the far-flung province and make them commute all the way to work in Metropolitan Manila. Very, very BAD.

    Much worse, is that Filipinos are very shortsighted when it comes to population control. Population Management through sound family planning practices is the main key. Always check the rule of Supply and Demand: The more people (demand), the more resources are consumed (supply). Conversely, less people equates to lower levels of resources consumed.

    As long as you cannot stop the population growth and allow bad planning of your cities to flourish, don't expect any solutions - long or short term - in sight.
  8. kirbycorpin02

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    Traffic in the Philippines is really bad. Manila is one of the cities in the world that has the worst traffic. Along EDSA which is Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue is the largest highway in the Metro. Bump to bump cars and accidents are the most common scenario. From home to work, it will take me 4 hours to travel. For that time, I can already travel from Manila to Baguio (mountain province in Northern Luzon).

    As the population grows, the volume of vehicles on the road is also increasing. Expect pollution on your road. Billions of Peso is lost every year because of the heavy traffic. Many people tried to think of ways on how to ease the traffic, but none of them become successful. You have to expect the traffic during rush hours. From 6 AM to 9 AM and 5 PM to 7 PM. You need a lot of patience when you are travelling along the busy highway in the Metro.
  9. AprilDeOcampo

    AprilDeOcampo New Member

    The traffic in the Philippines is really terrible. Since we can't increase the roads, we must limit the number of vehicles that are going out per day. It took me 4-6 hours travel time going to and from work. This is frustrating.

    More convenient public transportation should be implemented and private vehicles should be controlled. If public transportation could be improve, I'm sure more people would prefer to commute to save on their gas and parking expenses.
  10. yhanmar08

    yhanmar08 Member

    Traffic in the Philippines is the worst in world. It takes always 6 hours when we are going outside specially in the city. That's why so many people who is struggling everyday in a traffic. And they force themselves to ride to train even though it is full.
    My husband when he commuting in that time he go to work so early in the morning and come home latr in the evening. But now he have a motorcycle it was easy fot him to travel and he have more time now to our family.
  11. bnnyjhnn

    bnnyjhnn Member

    It's very abominable. No matter how the government look fot a solution to lessen the problems, none of them are actually working. Why? Because people in the Philippines are fond of complaining. They complain that the government is bad where in fact they are also not doing their jobs as a Filipino citizens. If only the people and the government will work in harmony, then this simple problem in our country will be solved in no time.
  12. GaryNewman

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    I believe that traffic in the Philippines is just mainly due to overpopulation. We have many modes of transportation aside from cars (i.e. jeepneys, MRT, LRT) but it is still very hard to deal with traffic because there are just too many cars in the road. I have thought about this a few times, and I believe it is because more cars are being bought than they are destroyed or thrown into the junk shop. For one, Filipinos want to make use of what they have. They would not want to replace something that wasn't broken, and if something WAS broken, there would be always a way to fix it. Plus, buying a car would be much more expensive than having to do repairs on an old car. Second, I guess it can also be attributed to the fact that even when car owners pass away, their relatives may "inherit" the car and claim it as their own, rather than disposing of it because it would be a waste. More and more people are becoming professionals, and this entitles them to owning a car that their parents would give them, even when they have their own personal family vehicle. This, multiplied by the many families that do this, really contribute to the massive amount of vehicles there are on the road today.

    To close, I believe that traffic in the Philippines would be hard to resolve, with the multitude of cars romping in the streets, both brand new and almost non-functioning alike.
  13. ikobaliko

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    It depends on where you are from. I am from a city outside of the capital of the Philippines, and traffic is not that bad. Lack of discipline of drivers mainly causes the traffic in the metro and also overpopulation since people from the provinces try to find their luck there because there are a lot of opportunities for you to land a job.
  14. jar1997

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    Traffic in the Philippines is getting worse as time goes by and a proper solution is far from reality. Average travel time for 5 kilometers is 30 minutes and could even reach 2 hours during rush hour. The number of private cars on the road are increasing since there is a lack of proper mass transportation system such as buses and railroad systems and roads only have two to three lanes on each direction. The root of this problem is poor urban planning, both private and public organizations are only concerned with the profit and disregard the social impact that their buildings and properties have.

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