What cell phone do you have now?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by jackeatspies, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. Jr8803

    Jr8803 New Member

    I currently use and iPhone SE in the color rose gold, and it has 64 GB. It is a great size because you can easily hold it in one hand but it is not super small. Also, the storage is great. I have enough room for all of my pictures and apps. Plus the camera is great. I can take good quality photos without the hassle of carrying around a camera, or having to buy one. I would most definitely recommend the iPhone SE with 64 GB.
  2. jasmine adams

    jasmine adams New Member

    Right now I am using the Samsung Galaxy J7 and I must say when in the store I really wasn't down for buying it right off the bat. At the time I happened to be looking into the Galaxy S7 but the price tag was insane compared to this device with basically all of the same features. Minus things such as the new OS, and other apps made specifically for that device only.
  3. Marrow

    Marrow New Member

    Well I have a iPhone 5s , but the 6 is most definitely coming soon .
  4. adan cumayas

    adan cumayas New Member

    I am using a Cherry Mobile product, the "Omega Lite".
    At first I doubted it's quality, but when I've already used it for months, I've seen it's value.
    The battery life is long, that I can play games and listen to music for long period of time without draining it.
  5. murphies

    murphies New Member

    My current phone is innjoo one 3G, am really surprise it lasted this long, because my expectation was not much when i bought it two and half years ago, i needed an urgent phone then, and it was the only phone with my required specification that fits into my budget then, but surprisingly my phone is still working as new, only has some scratches due to wear. its actually a replica of iphone 5, almost the same size and look, except for the OS, it runs on android 5, looking to buy another innjoo soon.
  6. vinchie09

    vinchie09 New Member

    I'm currently using my Samsung Galaxy S4, i'm using this Almost 4 years for now. i loved this phone it gives me happiness every time i use my phone. and easy to update, no logs on games, Definitely Clear Camera, very good in Sounds, High internal storage capacity, Super thin easy to use. my other phone was broken but this is still in good condition, if this phone gives me a problem in his long term for me, i will assure to buy again another phone like this.
  7. MadeInEsca

    MadeInEsca New Member

    I used to be a Samsung fan until my Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini suddenly died one day. I had to replace it with a cheaper phone because I didn't have much money at that time, and I ended up buying a Blu 5.0 HD. I thought it was going to suck, but after a couple days using it, I totally fell in love with it. It's actually a really good brand if you can't afford to spend a lot of money on a smartphone.
  8. Joselito

    Joselito New Member

    I am using my Samsung DUOS model GT-S5282 for four years now.
    And am still loving it, never gave me problems whenever I use my browser or downloading some apps.
    The camera is still in good condition, whenever I use it on taking pictures or recording some videos.
  9. youdontknowmyname

    youdontknowmyname New Member

    I currently have the LG G6. I want to also get the Mesiu pro 7. Even though I don't need a second phone I will get one for when I am way from the house. So instead or worrying about my main phone becoming low on battery and using the power bank I can use that. carrying both phoneS seem more of a better idea.
  10. Lord78

    Lord78 New Member

    I use Samsung J2 now and I used to have Huawei smartphones before buying Samsung.my new smartphone has a bigger screen and better camera and higher version of Android OS and I really enjoy using it.maybe I will buy an iPhone next year!!!
  11. Danghole

    Danghole New Member

    After always using Android I decided to by the iPhone 7 Plus for my latest phone. I'm not super interested in the whole iPhone vs Android debate, I just like to have a fresh UI to deal with or I simply get tired of my phone since I spend os much time on it. After using Google, Motorola, HTC, and Samsung, I was really only left with Apple and LG as the two I haven't had and with LG not having a quality phone out a the time, I went with Apple.
  12. xagiate

    xagiate New Member

    Currently i have an iPhone 6s. Well my love for the iPhones started when a friend introduced it to me. It was a shock because i have never seen something like it. The next day i went to a book store and bought my first objective c programming book. I started creating apps and understand better the structure of the operating system. The biggest advantage is the Butter smooth interactions as you use the interface of the iPhone. Great apps supported and all programmers embraced it. Since 2009 i have an iPhone and i don't think i am going to change to and Android phone in the near future.
  13. CMW0405

    CMW0405 New Member

    I have an iPhone 6+. The phone is a bit larger so I have to remember to remove it from my back pocket before sitting. I am an App junkie and have a lot of apps on my phone. The camera works wonderful and I use it constantly to take pictures at home, at work and when I am traveling. I have found the battery life to be an issue as the battery seems to not last very long between charges. But for the most part, I really love this phone.
  14. Wizkha

    Wizkha New Member

    I currently have a Huawei Ascend P2, I think it was a good phone when it came out in 2013, but nowadays it's just a piece of trash, it freezes all the time, it heats up with any app I run on it. However the screen is intact and the phone has fallen like a hundred times, and has an excellent battery life. I can go a full day and the phone's charge is at 20-30%. These are the only things I can find that are good in this phone, the rest is just bad. I would not recommend this phone if you have many apps of social media or games, it will blow up and die.
  15. VerbatimTim

    VerbatimTim New Member

    Sony Xperia X. I'm a little annoyed because it was supposed to be the forerunner and get all the updates going forwards, and now it's been shifted off the roster in favor of the XZ. Gets android updates after everyone else, etc.

    It's a lovely phone and the UI has a nice feel to it, but it does crash a lot.
  16. Rodel Langcao

    Rodel Langcao New Member

    I'm currently using my 2 years old Sony Xperia V3+ which still functions normally aside from times where there are random clicks happening even without me tapping on the screen. I'm actually just waiting for it to completely go nuts before I can replace it.. Mother's rules.
  17. Ianmash

    Ianmash New Member

    i do own a Tecno cx is the best phone i have used from this company is all rounder phone ....i love to pieces ....runs smoothly and i love love the camera is why i bought it
  18. pandooh

    pandooh New Member

    I have an Iphone 5s since I just lost my android phone. This was handed down to me by my sister. I am eyeing on some good android phones but money is always the problem so I have to stay with my current phone and be contented with it. It's still working, though the battery drains faster than the normal so I have to plug it all the time with my powerbank.
  19. shreeprasad

    shreeprasad New Member

    Iam using my android smartphone Infocus m2 since two years.
  20. Emsss Asug

    Emsss Asug New Member

    Right now I have a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime. For me it is the best model compare to the other brands launched on the same date. The storage is good enough for my usage. The battery is also good it can last up to 2 days if you do not use Wifi or data connection. The camera is also great. The physical appearance is very good, it looks like an iPhone from afar , the body is slim and also it is not as heavy like other phone. The processor is great, it runs smoothly and doesn't lag. It is awesome for its low price compare to others.

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