What did you have for dinner last night?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by PeterStaunton, May 14, 2017.

  1. ow17

    ow17 New Member

    I do not think that this is a strange question, For dinner, I had some pizza from little cesars $5 hot n ready can't go wrong!
  2. Ommyk

    Ommyk New Member

    Good question. I had brown beans made into a porridge. I had it mixed with ripe plantain and grilled chicken by 1 am because I got back from work terribly late. In a nutshell, I had beans and plantain mix with grilled chicken. You can enjoy it better with soaked cassava flakes. Yummy
  3. peablaze

    peablaze New Member

    I actually love this question, not because it is a lovely question to ask but, because someone cares enough to ask... I am a native of Nigeria, and yesterday my dinner was Vegetable Soup with Pounded Yam.

    The soup is one on Nigeria's favourite delicacies. It consists of various vegetables which has the needed nutrients required by the body to function efficiently. Vegetables such as Waterleaf and Fluted Pumpkin leaf is used to prepare this wonderful soup.

    The soup is quite easy to prepare but, it is time consuming because, you have to make sure the vegetables are prepared before commencing the cooking process. I actually enjoyed my dinner yesterday.
  4. Incredibleauthor

    Incredibleauthor New Member

    Seeing lots of people replying to this thread makes it more interesting.Food is one of Man’s primary necessity so shying away from it indirectly means you don’t need it anymore.
    It’s a lovely question you asked and many people reading through the replies are introduced to the various food they haven’t heard of before, me inclusive.
    I ate hot spaghetti filled with different sea food.It was really delicious!
  5. Geobbals

    Geobbals New Member

    I had a friend over for a few drinks and we ordered cheesesteaks from a sub place down the road that we hadn't tried yet. Bread was a little dry, but it was exactly what I wanted from the meat and cheese. I'm a philly "purist" so I don't put a lot on my subs, so the meat has to be nice and juicy and this place nailed it.
  6. Mayet14

    Mayet14 New Member

    Last night I had chicken curry and bread for dinner. Yummers!
  7. Patricia A Henley

    Patricia A Henley New Member

    Hot wings, my hubby works at a wing place so he brings me wings whenever I want them lol

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